Compared to George W. Bush, Obama demonstrates W didn’t stand for Worse

War, Rights, WealthMedia voices this morning are positively giddy with Obama’s extension of tax cuts for the rich. Probably anticipating a hefty Christmas bonus. Today would be a good time to apologize to Debby Downers you vilified in ’08 because they cautioned that Barack Obama was not the change you wanted to believe in.
I wasn’t among them, I didn’t have the temerity to rain on everyone’s hopeful desperation. Today I have to laugh. LAUGH. We traded in a thieving bumbler for a hypocritical lying bore who’s only changed gears on corporate graft, a higher gear. The heist Obama just pulled for America’s rich leaves absolutely no question whom he serves. I mean, he can pretend to be thwarted at every turn, the wars, Guantanamo, DADT, but in this case, he’s plain shilling for the other side, telling regular Americans this is a good deal for them.

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34 Responses to Compared to George W. Bush, Obama demonstrates W didn’t stand for Worse

  1. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Bush and Sarah Palin are probably happy to read this post

  2. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    They (the Democrats) always say that they are defending you supposedly against something so very very much worse, but when in office, they always cooperate with the very very worst!

    Some unfortunately seem genetically incapable of understanding that two sides of the same coin does not make a football game with two teams battling it out against each other. Ed, I’m talking about you and Brother Jonah here. Both of you are like stuck brakes… You’re just not going to stop the Republicans because you’re pushing the Democrats!

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Once again a reminder that the Democrats means the people. Not the party leaders. There were 70 million of us who voted for real change. 70 million is a lot, taken in any context. That’s more than the combined total of people in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    48 times the number of active duty and reserve U.S. military.
    And even with an aggressive censure of soldiers voting against the Ruling Party, a majority of the military vote went Democratic.

    Either the people have power, or anything you or I or anybody else says or does is moot and we would end up slaves until death anyway. Just sit quietly at home until the TeaBag/Minutemen gestapo come to take you.

    And Tony, aren’t you the one who has been constantly berating us for not being more accommodating to the Republicans, TeaBags and other Right Wing Extremists? Which did you actually want, for us to bend over the sink for them, or not?

    You criticize the street level Democrats for not politely dropping our pants, and all the while criticizing the Congressional and Executive level democrats for doing exactly that.

    I still see not one little bit of rationale for being accommodating to people who have expressed a desire to kill us, if they catch some of us out alone or badly outnumbered. Like they did with Bill Sparkman. Or do Browshirt-style beatings, again if they happen to have the victim cornered and outnumbered, like they did at the St Paddies parade, and Rand Paul turning his Retarded RepubliGoons on Lauren Valle for daring to bring up the corporate ownership of his campaign. Or Sarah Palin having the Arizona PIGS do the same for people who dared speak up against Her Royal Satanic Majesty, while and at the same time telling us “don’t sit down and don’t shut up”.

    Screw being nice to that kind of Retarded Goon.

  4. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Jonah, first of all I wish you a happy holiday season this year. I wish you personally the best! But now to reply to this …

    ‘Once again a reminder that the Democrats means the people. Not the party leaders.’

    No, I do not agree with this at all. There is some truth to it, YES, but certainly the tea baggers are also people too, even if they are out there following Republican leaders, by and large.

    The same is true about you Democratic Party voters, but so what? People following leaders who will hurt them is certainly nothing new in the world. You Democrats follow and promote leaders who are destructive to us all, same as the Republican voters do. You actually have more similarities to them than either group of you wants to admit to.

    I think that the entire crux of our disagreement is that you continue to not see the Democratic and Republican Parties as being two sides of the ruling class gold coin. Instead, you insist on seeing the Democratic Party as being in polar opposition to the Republican Party, though it is most certainly not.

    The two parties cooperate and make government policies TOGETHER. Where you go astray is with your TV set, Jonah, because there the propaganda machine keeps telling you that they are struggling against one another, and you buy this poisonous kool aid LIE in wholesale quantity.

    The media is simply tricking you into thinking that something is taking place when in reality, it is not. They do this all the time, as you well know, but somehow you refuse to see how they are doing that when they sell you on the Democrats as being oppositionists, when the DP jefes are for ‘bipartisan cooperation’ witht eh Republicans. They share from the same pitcher (of corporate money), Jonah.

  5. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Tony we all know you are a communist.
    I’m surprised you still keep visiting this blog.
    You hate America, you have even said so yourself.
    You want everyone to kiss your ass and support you, and you also pick fights.
    That is why you are no longer posting anything on this site, that is why no one wants anything to do with you.
    Why don’t you do us all a favor and move to North Korea and see how much you can get away with doing there.
    You obviously want to do away with elections and everything else.
    You can’t vote in North Korea, so again, I think you will love living there.
    Let’s see how long you last in that country.

  6. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Ed, the Democratic Party voting ‘liberal’ and union man, starts raving like the worst and most rabid red baiting Tea Bagger Republican possible. It only goes to show that the liberalism of many Democrats is superficial and totally skin deep.

    Happy Holidays to you, Ed.

  7. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Hey! And speaking of Democratic Party liberals who are not so very liberal we come to Joe….

    No, not Joe Lieberman, the on again off again man donkey, but the other Joe.

    ‘Julian Assange like a hi-tech terrorist, says Joe Biden’ at

    Just look at him point his finger like a gun and make his stupid face! These so-called liberals are just too, too much! Makes one want to pie most of them in the face!

  8. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Tony, as much as you say you hate this website it amazes me how much you bitch and moan on this website.

    These Videos are just for you.

    Here is another video too

  9. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Signs that you are a Right Wing moron, Ed…

    1) ONE- you red bait people like you were some little fascist Joe McCarthyite back in the ’50s.

    ‘Tony we all know you are a communist.’

    McArthy Era is over, Ed. You arrived decades too late!

    2) You try to out your ‘commie’ enemies to others by using their last names loudly as you publicly denounce them, again and again. (Reminds me of when the Gagzette used my last name to denounce me personally as being an antiwar demon in an editorial here in Pentagon Springs several years ago.)

    3) You tell people that they must be haters of America as you state yourself to be what?… the great big ‘liberal’ patriotic ass,,,??? O’bombers big local union guy???…

    ‘You (Tony) hate America, you have even said so yourself.’

    OH this must be a BIG CRIME according to Mr. Ed??? Tony hates American culture and Ed must love it ever so as he works for pennies at Kroger! Good company union man Ed working hard for ‘Labor’ all the time! Sad… Thinks building the union is calling others ‘commies’!

    4) Right Wing Moron Ed tells others they must love America or to leave it!

    ‘You can’t vote in North Korea, so again, I think you will love living there.’

    Ed, can you tell us why you are supposedly any different from any of the idiot Republicans living in the Springs? Is it because you vote for O’bomber and think that you somehow the Big Donkey union liberal Da Man? You’re not, Ed. Sorry… You’re more the Archie Bunker type except dumber and more mentally off…

    This is my last response to you because I don’t like stinking up the blog any more with you in this manner. No matter how big a mess it already is… YOU add an even skunkier aroma to it with this sort of stuff… You’re youtube videos are sad stuff and can be admitted into evidence at your incompetency trial, Ed.

    Merry Marxmas, Ed… And a happy new State to you! Heil Mao! (you little ol’ lunatic, You!)

    Now go open your big Kroger Company Xmas Bonus, Dude! And be happy with it! Yuh Love America unlike Evil Commie Tony!

  10. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Is that all you got?

  11. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    I guess you like that welfare check pilaerecto, Now I know why you’re pissed off. Obama didn’t give you a raise in your welfare check.
    It sucks to be you

  12. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Hey Pilaerecto, if you have any kind of spine, come on over to my channel and talk smack.

    You probably have no spine since you don’t have the stones to reveal your real name.

  13. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Without condemning Democrats as a whole, the representatives took a sharp turn to the right once they were elected.

    Even with the protest vote boycott, even with ÜberKonservatisch NeoCon Bob Balink using every dirty trick to suppress any liberal votes, like moving the polling place for the Westside, the single most mellowed-out hippie domain in town, across the highway, up a steep hill with no sidewalks, and into a warehouse district, as far from the center of population as you could get and still be on the westside… (Seriously, I challenge Balink to be strapped into a wheelchair and ride from say, Uintah Gardens to Busch and 24th where the New, Improved polling place is. I bet the fascist punk won’t even try.)

  14. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Ooops, wrong button. Even with the Rove Playbook techniques like that the Right Wing Lunatic Fringe got mostly “refudiated” and very few 60-40 type victories… in Fuckin’ Colorado Springs, the supposed Capital City of Right Wing Lunatics in Amerikkka and that also in the face of the “conservatives” which is a synonym for the word “thrifty” if not used in the truly backward Amerikan Politikal lexicon, spent billions of dollars flooding our allegedly public airwaves and our mailboxes and lined our streets with their political attack ads. They couldn’t say a God-damn thing positive about their Klandidates so they poured all that Korporatisch Kash into putting down people who weren’t in lockstep Sieg-Heil compliance with their agenda.
    If the vote is nothing but a symbolic gesture, what then of getting a few hundred or a few thousand or mobilizing a few million Americans across the land a month before Bush launched his Krusade against Iraq?
    If speaking up in any way possible, including not surrendering the entire RealPolitik in America to the Right Wing Lunatics, resisting it with one of the few true non-violent ways to express opposition to their Über Violent fantasy of a permanent TeaBag dictatorship, is a waste, then maybe we should just go quietly into the gas chambers?
    Hell yes the wannabee Mussolinis like Palin and Beck and Ron/Rand Paul and really any person who wants absolute power over The People will try and in some cases succeed in finding new ways to subvert the Expressed Will of the People.

    There are a hundred Senators, 441 Representatives, 6 of whom can’t vote, 9 Supreme Court inJustices and One President.
    The total number of government employees, elected, appointed, enlisted or hired, counting state and local employees, is about 8%.

    All of them combined don’t equal the number who voted against the Bush EXTREMELY Big Government Dictatorship, even when the RepubliKlan party swept the elections.

    The fact that they go to such extreme measures to skew the elections to the Right shows they’re actually concerned about People Power, regardless of how many pundits sneeringly say otherwise. They looked us square in the eye and blinked.
    Even set up a fake-revolution Corporate funded “grassroots” movement of their own to try to counter the expressed will of the People.
    How we can take advantage of their fear of the People, who knows?
    The fact is, it’s the weak point of their defenses and we’d better take advantage of it.

    We have every bit as much ownership of this country and the world as any Korporate Kingpin, in the real sense, because when they destroy the air with their pollution, it’s the same air WE breathe. Same with the soil and the water, the availability of an Iraqi or Afghan person to survive, feed his family, and not have his family blown up by a multi-million dollar U.S. warplane, is directly tied to our own.
    So what’s your plan? They fear US, and I hear a bunch of surrender talk coming from our side of the equation?

    Voting isn’t a guaranteed way to win, protest isn’t a guarantee of victory,
    But capitulation is The Only guaranteed way to lose.

  15. Eric Eric says:

    As you and I have often discussed, the only power people have is to organize. Unions at the grassroots are our only hope.

    If someone in your union, probably beyond the grassroots, is telling you Obama is still our man, you ought to tell them to go fuck themselves. Do they take you for an idiot? Then tell the coworkers you represent that they need to inform the local they don’t want such stooges mucking up their union.

    When Obama lectures you that he has to give nine-digit tax cuts to the rich for two years in exchange for one year’s three-digit unemployment checks, you’ve got to see through his smug condescension.

    Obama is an insult to everyone who hoped their hearts out in 2008. We’ll get nothing out of him until he feels the business end of a pitchfork, if even then. He’s bright, he doesn’t have Dubya’s excuse, he knows precisely when he says what he doesn’t mean, he’s a solid bastard.

  16. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    So Tell me Eric, What do you know about it?
    Which Party do you think will get elected as a result of this post?
    I decided on Obama before the Union ever endorsed him.
    Do you think that a Republican isn’t reading this and licking their chops?
    No one tells me what I have to see through.
    All I am telling you is that if you think that republicans will do any better you are mistaken.
    Did you think this war would be over instantly because Obama was elected?
    I didn’t think so either.
    Grass Roots? You say I am doing what the Union tells me?
    That sounds alot like George Reichel.
    I am telling you that this post will accomplish nothing, but another conflict.
    And if I were you Eric I would leave the Union out of this, this is me you are talking to.

  17. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    If you want to help the republican party get into office, feel free.
    This seems to be the typical Colorado Springs Mentality…Be a Lefty when it is convenient and then help the right when convenient.
    and everyone wonders why any kind of movement suffers in Colorado Springs.

    I have made a video on the subject
    (click here to watch)

  18. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Ed, you have Black and White/ Democratic and Republican vision only. But you act more like a Republican with your own schtick than most Republicans even do… which is really totally sad.

    ‘I guess you like that welfare check pilaerecto, Now I know why you’re pissed off.’

    First off, it is you who is insanely ‘pissed off’, so do not project your own feelings off onto me, Ed. And YOU appear so utterly infantile with this stuff, Ed. Telling people with a different POV that they must be receiving a welfare check???? Good God! Not even Republicans mouth off this old style ’50s reactionary idiotic shit these days.

    Your videos show serious signs of mental illness, Ed. Seriously. Not liking the Democratic Party does not mean one is a Soviet spy… (UH, Sarah Palin agent). All that shines through is your own hatred of anybody who disagrees with you, Ed. That’s very sad.

    I have the same disagreements with Jonah as I do with you yet neither one of us is full of this hatred for each other which you now exhibit towards not just me, but Bill D. and now Eric Verlo, too! This is no longer just a politics thing with you but something bordering on paranoid hatred of others, Ed.

    What got you going off on me was that after listening to your insane attacks for 15 minutes against Bill D. in the store while going through the checkout line, I finally got fed up with your hatred for Bill. YOU were acting crazy about him and I more or less finally told you that. So now you have gone after me and Eric now, too! Congratulations, Ed! You have me defending Bill D. against your insane attacks and Eric defending me some against your insane attacks against me! I got give you credit, Ed. You done the next to the impossible here! You have united Bill D. Eric, and myself (in your head) into the Sarah Palin army to hurt donkeys! FORWARD MARCH, Comrades! Jonah, you want to join up? Ed can put you in with us if you like…

  19. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    This is all I hear from you Tony…Blah Blah Blah…..Blah Blah Blah…..Blah Blah Blah…..Rah Rah Rah…….All you ever do is pick fights with people.
    You have more crap with you than a boat load of turkeys.

  20. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Tony, You just want everyone to kiss your ass.
    Something I won’t do, Go ahead and defend Bill Durland…I could care less.

    It’s only just a matter of time until you are pissed at him again.

    Your attacks against everyone have always been insane, and now the tables have turned.

    In your head no one measures up to your standards, perhaps I will drink a toast to you my commie friend, I suppose a shot of vodka would be appropriate.

  21. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    You’re right Dr. Tony, I am mentally ill, I guess I have to take a pill or something.
    (click here to watch)

  22. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Ed, I disagree with Bill on lots of things, but I am not ever going to act like you do about him… EVER.

  23. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Lest liberal Democrats ever forget…. here is the lead headliner piece for today’s that highlights how the Democratic Party with the RP killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children way back during the Clinton/ Gore Administration…

    Joy Gordon: U.S. (under the Clinton Administration) responsible for human toll of Iraq sanctions

  24. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Tony, One thing I can say is that I can admire both you and Eric for the fact that you don’t cave, and I don’t expect that. Also keep in mind that I don’t cave either, and I think you saw that.
    Of course I am insane I never denied that.
    As far as Durland is Concerned, let him do what he is going to do, you do what you are going to do and let Eric do what he will do.
    I will give you credit for Exposing what the pbj was doing, it was in fact dishonest.
    When you verbally attack me, it is your right to do so, likewise it is my right to rebuttal.
    You can hate Obama or any other public official all you like I don’t give a shit.
    But if you think some right wing nut job isn’t licking their chops by reading this you are mistaken.
    What they do is not use the whole sentence in what is written instead they will click and drag a phrase or two and advertise it elsewhere.
    You can refuse to believe me if you like, I don’t care……for that matter I will give you 50 cents so that you can call someone who does.

  25. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Ed, I like you, Man, and I hope that you have a good New Year and wish the best to you. As to politics, well we can disagree some here now.

    Just because I say that the Democratic Party sucks and that is what Republicans also say does not mean that I am out there helping them out though, in any way. I mean really? You know that, don’t you? I certainly hope so.

    PLUS, the last thing I ever really wanted to do was to attack you. I would like to stop this overheated fight not because you’re beating me in, but simply because it is not something I want for either you or to be engaging in with each other. I hope that you can take this peace offering at face value?

    Once again… Best wishes to you in the New Year, Ed.

  26. Avatar Ed Billings says:


  27. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    I don’t think you’re seriously helping them, but they will try to make it look like it.
    Yes, The fight is over.

  28. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Good, Ed. Like I said I like you personally and have zero interest in having a never ending nasty fight with you, or anybody else for that matter.
    Still, let me please tease you a little bit from time to time, Ed! OK?

    NOW, Since Eric and Marie are going all cultural on us with poems and reviews of things I’m not sure what they are about??? …let me post on NMT for Ed and all, a COMMUNIST Best of Film 2010 list!

    I have seen none of these pics though… All I got is netflicks from the past on the computer. Eventually though…. perhaps I will get to see some of these movies if netflicks picks em up???
    from the last part of this Communist Best Film Commentary..

    ‘The impasse in American films is not unrelated to a more general, social and political impasse. It is worth noting, for example, that 2010 did not offer one major, artistically successful film on the subject of either the Iraq or Afghan war, although the criminal character of these neo-colonial occupations has only deepened, along with the suffering of the peoples in the area. Writers and directors in previous years perhaps felt that their films could serve to protest against and shift government policy, undermining, for instance, support for the Bush administration.

    Those not choosing to be taken in any longer by Barack Obama and the Democrats, and that would exclude a great many Hollywood figures, may have grown discouraged for the moment.

    However, the end of illusions in the usefulness of pressuring existing institutions and parties might herald a change in thinking and a serious radicalization. Time will tell. Much depends on the emergence of open social struggle in America.

    This is a list of what seemed to us to be the best films that played in movie theaters in the US in 2010 (with the collaboration of Joanne Laurier and Hiram Lee):

    The Ghost Writer, Roman Polanski
    Ajami, Scandar Copti, Yaron Shani
    Winter’s Bone, Debra Granik
    Life During Wartime, Todd Solondz
    Conviction, Tony Goldwyn
    Lebanon, Samuel Maoz
    Vincere, Marco Bellocchio
    No One Knows About Persian Cats, Bahman Ghobadi
    It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck
    Another Year, Mike Leigh
    There were also a number of documentaries worthy of note:
    Last Train Home, Lixin Fan
    Inside Job, Charles Ferguson
    The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers, Judith Ehrlich, Rick Goldsmith
    The Tillman Story, Amir Bar-Lev
    The Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould, Michèle Hozer, Peter Raymont

    At various film festivals, we saw some valuable and even beautiful works. This is a list of such films, which have not yet been released in North America:

    The Light Thief (Svet-Ake), Aktan Abdykalykov (Kyrgyzstan)
    Tears of Gaza, Vibeke Løkkeberg (Norway-Palestine)
    Even the Rain (Tambien la lluvia), Icíar Bollaín (Spain-UK)
    The Housemaid (Hanyo), Im Sang-soo (South Korea)
    Susa, Rusudan Pirveli (Georgia)
    Moloch Tropical, Raoul Peck (Haiti-France)
    Inside America, Barbara Eder (Austria-US)
    ANPO: Art X War, Linda Hoaglund (US-Japan)
    Miral, Julian Schnabel (US-Palestine)
    The Hunter (Shekarchi), Rafi Pitts (Iran)
    Outbound (Periferic), Bogdan George Apetri (Romania)
    Cirkus Columbia, Danis Tanovic (Bosnia)
    Essential Killing, Jerzy Skolimowski (Poland-US)
    Route Irish, Ken Loach (UK-Iraq)
    Woman on Fire Looks for Water, Woo Ming-jin (Malaysia)
    Port of Memory, Kamal Aljafari (Palestine)
    * * * * *

    full commie commentary at

    Has anybody seen any of these films? Which ones?

  29. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    This is Eric’s site, and he can do what he wants on it.
    I am known for beimng an idiot and a foul mouth, which is what was said about my videos.
    I just laugh at that shit.
    In Other News an elitist named Lisa Czeladtko is running for Colorado Springs City Council.
    What can I say Tony, Give er hell.
    (click here to watch video portrayal of Lisa Czeladtko)

  30. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Well Gentlemen let the record show one thing despite this arguement.
    This IS Eric’s website and he can post what he wants whether I agree with it or not.
    and yes, I will still assist Eric in other ventures if he asks.
    This was a disagreement in which a truce has been reached between myself and Tony.

  31. Eric Eric says:

    NMT is a collective, it’s OUR website, and you’ll please notice that Jonah has been doing far more of the heavy lifting than I.

  32. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    How Could I not notice

  33. For me, beyond the bottom line, is the notion that:
    a)McCain Palin swore to continue the Bush Doctrine and make it even more extremist and hateful and murderous.
    Therefore, the people who voted for them were voting EXPLICITLY for more murder, hatred and extremism.

    b) Those of us who voted for Obama voted equally EXPLICITLY to reject their Fascist Regime. we didn’t get what was promised, but that’s how the dice roll. It’s repetitive to point out that 70 MILLION voters sent the message as loudly as we could with our ballots.

    Oddly, even though he’s doing their bidding, the Tea Party and Republican Party are still trying to take down Obama. It’s supposedly uncouth and bad manners to point out that many of the loudest voices clamoring for his removal for the crime of being both black and a Democrat have hard ties to the Ku Klux Klan.
    Much the same way it’s considered uncouth to refer to their loud-mouth “leaders” as Chickenhawks even though they used technicalities (usually involving their Daddies/ Trust Funds) to dodge going to War themselves but insist that Other People (those of who aren’t born to privilege) have an absolute duty to go and fight to make money for Them.

    Or, even though a shit-load of Human Babies die as a result of those policies, it’s rude to call them babykillers.

    Screw that. They’re babykilling Chickenhawk Racist Extremists who loudly proclaim their hatred for any American who isn’t one of their clique. That’s what we tried to reject at the polls.
    What percentage of the 70 MILLION who voted against that, do you reckon, were or are Murderous Cowardly Racists?

    Anything less than 100% would make the entire argument of “one is the same as the other” to be a null argument.

    If the TeaBags and other Right Wing Racists want to come out and reject Obama based on his continuance of Bush and Reagan policies, instead of insisting that he has somehow overthrown those policies, that would make a difference. But that’s not their argument.

    And they know damned well that it’s not Obama they have to fear… it’s the 70 MILLION.

  34. Avatar tuxair says:

    Wanted to write a comment about how UCCS sucks and got taken here. Oh well, I went to UCCS and it does suck.
    This thing about Obama sounds like he should’ve done it long ago. Not that I like anything he’s done thus far, especially putting our space program at risk. He has had some (lucky) success on that score with the successful launch and recovery of the SpaceX vehicle, though.
    But really, what do you expect from a politician? A saint or a knight or something? They’re politicians and not that far away from morticians.

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