Tea Partygoers may be embarrassing morons, but they know more than you

Acacia Park, April 15, 2010TEABAG SPRINGS, CO- Acacia Park overfilled with angry white folks for their Tax Day protest, though talk of actual tax resistance was as unlikely as spilled tea. Instead our local teabags espoused Fox talking points about the illegitimacy of our current government, etc. Aside from the socialist herring, how right they are.

The teabags have that over liberals and progressives, they know both parties are irredeemable. Their bucket brigades may be ferrying accelerants, but at least they know the house is on fire.

Acacia Park, April 15, 2010
Following Rush Limbaugh’s tip for preemptive framing of racist-infiltrator provocateurs, these gentlemen prepared a sign, but set it aside when invariably it pointed to naught but the teabagger beside them.

Acacia Park, April 15, 2010
On their lunch hour, a clutch of Palmer High School students decided to march across the park with hastily drawn signs which read “We love Obama.” An angry woman (pictured) immediately blocked their way asking: “How old are you? Are you voters?” When they answered no, the woman told them, “If you’re not voters, you should leave.” But the students marched past her attempts to take their picture and proceeded bravely through the crowd. Their chant of the same refrain “We support Obama” were quickly drowned by the huskier Teabag shouts of “USA, USA.”

Acacia Park, April 15, 2010
As per the usual musical acts which have accompanied past Acacia Park Tea Rallies, the crowd assembles to what sounds like a Doobie Brothers medley, including Neil Diamond’s anthem “They’re coming to America,” chosen it would seem because “America” figures prominently, and not because it’s an homage to immigrants.

8 thoughts on “Tea Partygoers may be embarrassing morons, but they know more than you

  1. Yeah, their “leaders” say they’re worried about Racially Motivated Extremists infiltrating their ranks.


    Care to bet on the number of people complaining about “name calling” because their blatant Klan connections are pointed out?

  2. Do you have any more photos? I am one of the Palmer girls who was holding the sign… people keep talking about how we were so “disrespectful”, I was just wondering if there’s any media on youtube/here about us getting yelled at etc. Please let me know! My school is being judged most unfairly by the actions of a dumb teenage boy. I want the public to see that not all PHS students are so vapid, that we can speak articulately and that it truly is pathetic when a man in his 40’s is screaming in the face of a 15 year old girl, calling her a moron.

  3. Just this next one as you pass the woman in red who tried to block your path. I’m embarrassed for the immature reception you got. You guys rock.

    Acacia Park confrontation

  4. Most people liked what you students did. Don’t ever think that you don’t have your fan club out here!

  5. Amen. And, lest they ever forget again, you’ll be voting soon too.
    When I had turned 15, American involvement in VietNam had just ended. Three and a half years earlier, 18 year olds, the ones who were going to be drafted, got the vote. It’s significant.

    Print up a sign for the Next Time, and you know there’ll be a Next Time, “Mrs. Palin said not to sit down or shut up… unless we disagree with you, right?”

    Because while she was saying for her SUPPORTERS not to sit down or shut up, she was having “hecklers” removed, forcibly, by publicly funded cops. They get to heckle all America, loudly, and with threats of violence, but nobody gets to heckle back? No way.

    And perhaps a really quick action that might do a lot of good is to occupy the band-shell, the one with the closed-by-economy restrooms. It belongs as much to you and I as to the Tea-Bags.

    Do a rally at the bandshell on your lunch period, get one of those Karaoke cd players, ask questions like, “The Tea-Party brought their kids to chant, shout, insult and wave signs, they’re not old enough to vote, what’s the REAL deal?”

    Only people age-restricted from making comments were the Young Dissidents?

    What’s their excuse for those who aren’t under voting age being denied the Right to Dissent?

  6. We just got a letter, from another charity group. Christian Appalachia Project. It’s not to build more churches. You can’t throw a rock in the hills without breaking out a church window.

    It’s because the Federal assistance given to Appalachia starting with the Great Society programs,for the past fifty years. Almost fifty, have been slashed repeatedly since Reagan.

    Some of it sounds familiar, Food Stamps, AFDC, School Nutrition, Federal Matching Funds for Public Education… Because The Peabody and Massey Energy and RJ Reynolds, the Big-Pigs who own the towns and Tobacco Mines and Coal Plantations (just checking to see if you’re paying attention) which depend on an underfed, underpaid and poorly educated people to work as slaves for their corporations. The Big, Bad, Wicked Socialist Yankee Gubmint forced the local governments to accept matching funds, funds for the kids to get nutritious food, Medical Care through Medicaid, shoes to wear so they could actually attend the Public Schools that The Big Boss Man wouldn’t pay to keep open anyway. The Health Clinics which dropped the infant mortality rate to below Third World levels for the first time in Hillbilly History.

    Why I mentioned Massey is because the CEO of Massey, one Mr Blankenship, is one of the major promoters of the Tea-Bags.

    With the steep cuts in funding since Reagan, Appalachia is sliding back toward being one big Dogpatch after another (Kids, that’s from a long-running comic strip, L’il Abner, hard to describe, go to the library and check out the compilation books of it, before the Tea-Bags shut down the libraries)

    Imagine kids being let out from school for the harvests at the Tobacco Plantations, those who could actually go to school in the first place. Getting part of their pay in tobacco products. 8 years old and smoking, courtesy of RJ Reynolds and Liggett Morris, also hugely important in funding the Tea-Bags.

    Imagine kids that young being recruited to work in the coal mines because their small size and relatively fearless nature made them naturals for working in small spaces, like setting blasting charges in new tunnels, the ones most likely to collapse.

    Blankenship takes time away from his grueling job counting his money and slashing Union Contracts at his Philadelphia office suites to attend Tea-bag rallies and exhort the Slave Workers to keep fighting for HIS freedom to take THEIRS away, and to keep the money rolling in.

    And to bring them back into the pre-1965 Dark Ages where kids were reaching the age of 18 with stunted growth, due to not having proper nutrition, scurvy, rickets, and other Nutritional Deficiency orthopaedic problems, not being able to meet the educational requirement (for being drafted or even enlisting in the Military, the one “opportunity” for social and economic advancement open to them) minds and eyes dulled by poor nutrition and no health care. Not enough TEETH left in their very young mouths to pass the Army physical examinations. (The Peabody is another coal company, by the way, just figured I’d interrupt the narrative a little. to continue…)

    Ronald Reagan, what a surprise, said that assistance to the Poor was the end of liberty in America. Just like the Tea-Bags say now.

    Another of their “stars” shining brightly, Glenn Beck, just last Thursday urged the abolition of the Department of Education. The only way to keep his listeners would be to make sure they have no other source of information.

    Kaye Sarah, Sarah… the de-facto President of the TeaBags, says that a Trillion dollars over a decade is too much to pay to save human lives, but a trillion a year for the Military to TAKE human lives, that’s perfectly acceptable.

    Oh, and that’s not counting in the money in Taxpayer-secured bonds that have been issued for the past decade to give George Bush the “little White (house) Lie” that he wasn’t raising taxes. Of course not, the taxes he was raising by proxy wouldn’t take effect until he was out of office.

    I wondered where the TeaBag and DumFox Noise OUTRAGE! was about that, they don’t even bother to disguise their contempt for the intellect of their Loyal Followers. More Subsidies for Coal and Oil exploration, including more Subsidies in the form of Human Blood to take any oil fields in countries that technically don’t belong to U.S.

    Not “us”.

    More subsidies to develop markets for the Oil and Gas Corporations.

    But helping The People, why, that’s Unconstitutional! Outrage! Call out the Tea-Bags, they’re stupid enough to do the fighting for the Big Boss!

    Even in Appalachia. Even in the Churches of Applachia.

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