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Ron Paul, Libertarian Texas-sized Turkey, repeats his mantra that ‘government cannot protect us from all possible harm’ post Aurora theater massacre

…………. I was wondering just what was over on the ronpaul.com web site as the lIbertarian Texas-sized Turkey heads into the Republican convention and just days after the Aurora theater shootings. So what’s he got to say about the gun driven bloodshed that occurred once again here in Colorado? Why it’s his same ol’ mantra as always… ‘Government can't help us …Government Cannot Protect Us From All Possible Harm’! There’s some truth to that, but Ron Paul, aren’t you being a whole lot disingenuous here? Government damn well sure can protect us ALL from lots of damn bad things, and that’s what we all really want government to mainly do, even if you are just too stupid as to actually think that we shouldn’t!

Ron Paul does think that the military and police should be created by the government to supposedly PROTECT us, don’t you, you Republican Texas Turkey? He’s got no problem with that, and fund fund fund the cops and soldiers with their guns guns guns is OK OK OK with Ron Paul here! Not any problem at all for this miserable Libertarian ideologue.

But come the government passing regulations to protect the environment, the elderly, the sick, the unemployed, the destitute, the small children of the USA, Ron Paul gets all indignant and starts his same ol’ Libertarian Turkey mantra all over once again… that ‘Government Cannot Protect Us From All Possible Harm yada yada’. And so that pertains to gun controls, too. If we want to all own nukes at home, we shouldn’t be kept from doing that because the ‘Government Cannot Protect Us From All Possible Harm yada yada’.

OK, that’s enough about this lame brain Ron Paul. Just thinking about what big ZEROs this guy and his Libertarian Movement buddies are gets me ill in the stomach. They ain’t for Freedom and Liberty for common folk. All they care about is the business community when you get down to the nitty gritty of it. Me, I say the business community can go fuck off! Nothing about Liberty and Freedom in the world ahead will be supported by the US small and wanna-be capitalist types. I can even quite easily imagine that Holmes, the Aurora theater shooter, thought of himself somewhat as a ‘Libertarian’ type of guy.

Be aware of when Libertarians go mad! Nothing like A Stupid to really screw things up BIG. Can’t wait to see this Big Stupid Ron Paul endorsing Mitt Romney when push comes to shove. What a clown! What a turkey!

(Note*** The turkey image at the head of this commentary was pulled from a Libertarian site where they had it as they made fun of Obama for being a ‘turkey’. Notice the Afro? hahaha… That’s upper middle class Libertarian ‘humor’ for you… I rather think though that Ron Paul would look better as a turkey with an Afro. So the turkey is here on NMT…)