Kerry 2004 deja vu

Speaking at IWY3 rally
Where are the Democrats on Anti-War? Why are they not standing at the forefront of this issue? The PPJPC held a well-attended Iraq War Year III rally in the park downtown and we saw not one politician in attendance.

Why do Democrats not recognize the visceral strength of the opposition to war? Americans may not vote in their own self interest for the simple matter of pride. Social issues are often too selfish for Americans to see themselves supporting. And the American Dream, if even just the Lotto, keeps Americans thinking about the interests of the priviledged as perhaps someday their own.

But the plight of the Iraqi people, a people we’ve terrorized and decimated, that’s a selfless cause. Americans join the world in their abject remorse for our actions. This is the issue which ignited the American populace in 2004. This is what can motivate the American voter again.

In my humble opinion, knowing nothing about politics, I’d like to suggest that the Democrats have not a chance in hell in the next election unless they differentiate themselves from the reigning asshole party.

It’ll be Kerry all over again. Except this time I don’t think anyone will get too excited at the prospect of electing someone who’ll merely betray us.

Is there any reason to believe that there is any difference between Republicans and Democrats in DC? You can’t get Democrats there to move for impeachment, for censure, to investigate anything, to repudiate the Patriot Act, or to end the illegal war in Iraq. What good would it do necessarily to send Washington more Democrats to supplement the morally retarded ones they have already?

I don’t think you’re likely to entice Americans to support a party of do-nothings, especially when those losers are looking more like cohorts of the Republican kleptocrats.

Did Kerry tip his hand?

Did John Kerry tip his hand by conceding early? Perhaps we are better off knowing he was going to betray us. But what now of efforts to recount the election results?

Here we are forced to spearhead the efforts ourselves, contribute our own dollars when the Democratic party had millions in reserve for this eventuality. So we overturn the election results, with Ralph Nader’s help no less, and what happens if we succeed? Our stand-in Kerry stands in?

Perhaps this is better than if Kerry had won outright, because we never would have know he was a turncoat. Now he has to prove he was a different candidate.

But I’m troubled quite a bit by the millions still held by the Democrats. Is that something of why Kerry turned so early?

And maybe the reluctance many are showing to denouncing Kerry has to do with keeping hope alive for the success of a recount. Specifically a reassessment of the voting irregularities: the paperless electronic voting machines, the bottlenecks created in Democratic precincts, the voter intimidation, the discarding of provisional ballots.