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Racist Jew sweeps Christian America with blackface Borat

Sacha CohenHollywood has a long history of producing and distributing films with antiArab racist themes and imagery. Shall we just say, that they are quite embedded with the Pentagon on this dehumanizing of the current official US ‘enemy’, the Arab Muslim. Standard Hollywood ‘action’ tripe goes where some lower class All ‘Merican Black and White US heroes together, take down shady looking terrorist Middle Eastern types, who are out to kill good wholesome Christian babies to drink their blood. They don’t like our freedoms, it seems, but our buffoon heroes always win after some big bang bang. OK, how many times can you run the same crap before it gets old, right?
Enter racist Zionist Jew, Sacha Baron Cohen. He does the Muslim-face comedy routine of showing Christian Americans just how backward those Jew hating Muslims really are. Ha-Ha-Ha. It’s not the same old Black and White, buddy action figure, GI Joe stuff, at least. So the film, Borat, is sweeping America’s cinema land, including right here in Colorado Springs. ‘Borat’ being the backward Negro, oh sorry… I meant backward Muslim that Cohen portrays.

If this sort of schtick was done by a White actor portraying a Chinese man, or a Latino, or a Black person, we would have a media world in outrage at the blatant racism. But have a Jew portray Muslims as backward, comedic, imbecilic, and anti-woman, well then…. aw shucks, them Jews just can’t be racist, can they? Look what Hitler did to them. So they get a free pass from God for eternity, we Christian folk feel so damn guilty ’bout it we do. Let’s laugh along with the Jew about those Muslim retards in the boonies we are abombing right now. AntiMuslim racism just feels so damn good! We’re America!

Here is the prototypical Cohen routine if you have yet to see it, Throw the Jew down the well.

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Comment from Michael Slivka   (IP:
Time: November 11, 2006, 8:56 am

………So, old Mr. Goldstein goes to the synagogue, in a highly agitated state, and after consulting with the rabbi, enters into the inner temple to pray. “Dear God, you must help me!!! My son, he is bringing shame on the family….he is going to marry a shicksa (a non-Jewish girl)! Please God, help me…what can I do?”

Suddenly, the sky darkens, thunder rumbles, the earth quakes, and a great voice booms out of the sky: “YOUR SON???? YOUR SON????? YOU THINK YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR SON???????

Comment from Tony   (IP:
Time: November 11, 2006, 7:08 pm

I’m sorry, Michael. Neither you nor Sasha Baron Cohen are exactly the caliber of a Lenny Bruce. So i think it goot if we throw you both down the well, shall we? Solve legal and transportation problem, both. Right, Rocky Squirrel?

Comment from Malinda   (IP:
Time: November 13, 2006, 5:32 am

Well hold on, wild west Logan. You are so quick to pull the trigger. Have you seen the movie? I guess whats really dehumanizing is that you did see the movie and still had your agenda.

Why couldn’t Borat be a Russian Orthodox, who has a chip on his shoulder because he feels that Jews just complain way too much… No joke, the movie is racist. That’s beside the point, what stood out to me was how this movie demonstrated how the bulk of Americans are christian right-wing fanatics, homophobe bigots at the rodeo and college kids chauvinist pigs.

Comment from Eric   (IP:
Time: November 13, 2006, 9:15 am

I haven’t see the movie either and I’m delighted to hear it’s better than it looks.

But most Americans will not see the movie. And most, like me, will see only the media barrage that has emphasized a more demeaning interpretation.

Comment from Mosdaf   (IP:
Time: November 21, 2006, 3:58 am

i have not seen the movie but from the shots i have seen, it seems racist and just plain stupid. Why anyone would pay decent money to go watch a movie representing a nation is beyond me. there are some idiots out there who will watch the movie and think it really depicts the Kazakhs, which is truly unfortunate. This is just as unfortunate as most if the Americans I have met thinking we in Africa have Lions and Giraffes roaming down our streets; how about the black guy who always dies first in the movies; or the evil arab who screams ‘allahu akbar’ before his plan to deny americans of their freedom is thwarted? its never the white guy is it?

Hollywood has an agenda, and it is not to promote cultural integration. It promotes them against us stereotype, look how backward they are, look how stupid they are and so on. When the time comes for the great american army to invade Kazakhstan for their oil or something other, no one will feel for them, for they have been potrayed as bumbling and backwards, long live Hollywood!

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