O no he didn’t…. o no he wouldn’t dare!

I was reading through the trash Mr Chimp talked tonight. Stay the course = The New Way Forward… mind numbing but expected…. More at Evolve FishGoing to have voluntary programs to cut gasoline dependency by 20%, yeah right, but don’t we already HAVE those and if I remember they have been shuffled under by the R’s for decades… Social Security, starts getting a little deep…. National Health care, well, it’s still a Commie pinko thing and thennnnn…. after a $15,000 dollar deductible Health Care from work is counted as taxable income…. I stopped reading there…

Under a plan like that, and work with me here, that would include MEDICAID payments for work injuries that are not covered by Workmen’s compensation AND workman’s compensation.

In other words, you get hurt at work, can’t work, have monstrous hospital bills, one surgery alone would run 15 grand, then suddenly the health care you get because the Subsidized Corporate Welfare collecting sons of bitches who got you hurt in the first place were not maintaining their workplace standards, yeah THAT disability insurance… Now if you get laid up and have 50 grand worth of surgery bills, that puts you in a higher tax bracket…. you are being charged for getting hurt and your BOSS gets to skate away free. What in the name of OSHA cutting Free Market Corporate Welfare kind of shit is that? And if, like myself, you are left holding the bag while the Tort Reform movement has let your boss skip state and reorganize his LLC…. and the Government picks up the tab, YOU and not the irresponsible “Free Market Entrepreneur” who caused the accident get punitive damages put on you.

Perhaps our resident Provocateur Michael can explain how bankruptcy laws can make it impossible for Corporate Citizens to default on their bills, and you can’t touch any money the officers of the Corporate Citizens make after they reorganize, BUT if you try to default on your Income Taxes, the IRS can garnishee your wages, for the rest of your life, to pay off taxable income like the emergency medical services, repair surgery, therapy, and being unemployed…. how exactly is that tort “Reform”?

And remember, before you frame an answer, Der Scheisse-meister was an avid supporter of Tort Reform, and apparently, still is.

Let me summarize that: Go to work without protection of the law.
Boss doesn’t have to comply with EPA or OSHA standards because the enforcement from those agencies have been gutted by the Free Market Capitalists… Get hurt on the job… to the point of being disabled for LIFE… have surgery to save your life and/or limb… COSTLY surgery…
Boss man takes advantage of Free Market Capitalist loopholes in Tort Law, defaults on paying anything for his crime…
the Government steps in and charges you, for the rest of your life, out of your disability payments, or whatever measly work you can scrounge afterward, just by making the health care taxable income.

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  1. Avatar jonah says:

    Michael, this one gets put back to the front, just for you.

    Isn’t THAT special?

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