Democracy Now’s adulatory interview with Gen. Wesley Clark, war criminal

America’s ruling elite have split about whether Bush’s decision to expand the War to Steal Iraq’s Oil into the neighboring countries of Syria, Lebanon, and Iran is likely to succeed or not. Wesley Clark, Clinton’s mad war criminal bomber of Yugoslavia, certainly is on the side that fears future failure by the Bush Administration.

He even has his own website dedicated to trying to stop the expansion of US government started warfare into Iran. But in the Amy Goodman interview, it appears that he actually wanted to attack Iran, and not Iraq, first. Now he feels that it is a mistaken strategy to do this attack he previously supported, after 6 years of Bush’s bungling, incompetence, and failure.

Amy Goodman all but begged Wesley Clark to run for president, echoing the incomprehensible stupidity of Michael Moore in the previous election. These liberals seem to be looking for some Dwight Eisenhower type to latch on to? How pathetic, since Wesley Clark is absolutely nothing more than a war criminal who started a war with a sovereign country illegally, and sat quiet as Clinton/ Gore killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi innocents through economic sanctions and continual bombings of Iraq during the 8 years of that Administration. These are the type of imperialist liberals who now talk of helping citizens of Sudan out, when during their time in office they were bombing illegally targets in that country, specifically one of Africa’s largest pharmaceutical factories. Clark, and his Slick Commander Clinton, sat and twiddled their thumbs, while hundreds of thousands of Rwandans were cut down. The US and French could easily have stopped that slaughte, but they were occupied with ‘stopping the Serbs’.

After much of the interview with Clark by Goodman conducted on a chit-chat friendly level, Goodman eventually felt the need to let Clark pretend to respond somewhat adequately to his record of continually bombing Yugoslav civilian infrastructure when he was top general in command of the Clinton war of Aggression Against Yugoslavia. This record includes the deliberate bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, also bombing the Serbian television station in that city killing journalists and and other civilians at work there, and bombing various factories along the Danube River, thereby contaminating that important waterway for years afterwards with toxic chemicals, as well as killing workers and neighborhood residents. The few parts of his miserable terrorist record Clark was asked to account for by Goodman, was predictably blamed on Milosevic and the Serbs themselves. Goodman made no effort to illustrate the dishonesty of his responses.

Further, Clark went on to support the continued US use of nuclear weapons and cluster bombs in US war making. Amy Goodwin let him walk on all of this, absolutely free as a breeze. How very sad to see this desperate desire for allies against the neocons turned into Goodman’s covert prompting of Clark towards a run for US presidency by this war criminal. Shame on you, Amy. I respect your show immensely but felt ashamed for you Friday night. Don’t let these rats off the hook when they try to desert the ship that Bush is trying to run aground. These imperialist just want a better vessel at hand to continue their imperialist aggressions against other countries. Certainly everything about Wesley Clark points towards continued disaster if he were actually to gain the presidency in 2008. Why prompt for more capable imperialists to regain command? Wesley Clark couldn’t even muster up a call for the impeachment of Bush or a description of the invasion and occupation of Iraq as being illegal. I guess not, since that would have been to illustrate how he himself had carried out and commanded an illegal war against Yugoslavia.

2 thoughts on “Democracy Now’s adulatory interview with Gen. Wesley Clark, war criminal

  1. He didn’t say we should have attacked Iran. Never. He said we should have been more concerned about Iran than Iraq.

    He’s been advocating diplomacy as the best way to address those concerns for several years.

    “You will determine whether rage or reason guides the United States in the struggle to come. You will choose whether we are known for revenge or compassion. You will choose whether we, too, will kill in the name of God, or whether in His Name, we can find a higher civilization and a better means of settling our differences.” – General Wesley Clark, Seton Hall University Commencement Address, May 13, 2002

  2. Ted, Wesley Clark supports military action against Iran if the ‘words’ don’t work. In fact, he does not oppose the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and neither does John Kerry who Clark voted for in 2004.

    Clark appears to have earlier differed with the Bush team only with their targetting of Iraq before Iran, plus the personal slights he feels that he got from the neocons, having previously been Clinton/ Albrights mad bomber and not theirs.

    At this point in time Clark heads up a faction of America’s rulers (DP allied) and their technicians who feel that the Bush team is botching the work they favor. Clark caters to this view now, but was fully part of the bipartisan team that promoted the Patriot Act, hundreds of billions in welfare for ‘Homeland Defense’ and Pentagon-White House projects, plus the occupation of Afghanistan.

    If this is the best that the US liberal Left can come up with to tag along behind, then our country is for some very sad times ahead. Wesley Clark is about as pro war as you can find. He, unlike the Bush team though, feels that if you can get what you want through ‘diplomacy’, then don’t just bash the opponents from the word GO.

    The Bush team seems to like the idea of bashing their opponents as a matter of coarse. Not so much difference between the 2 camps really. There is now a split in the ruling elite of America whether to continue the Bush stampede into Iran. Clark has cold feet, whereas Cheney and his ruling class faction do not. A mnor division that helps out the antiwar cause some, but no reason to be so credulous as to support this thug, Wesley Clark. He has not been transformed into a Gandhian pacifist at all, so it’s best to stop looking at this guy through rose colored lenses. Clark is absolutely against withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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