America’s good war against Yugoslavia?

The BBC today has a report that addresses this question some… See Horrors of KLA prison camps revealed ..Remember when all the Democrats helped stamped the American people into a ‘humanitarian’ adventurism to partition Yugoslavia in alliance with Pentagon bombs?

Dead Chetnik discovered in US embassy

Standard of the First Serbian Rebellion against the Ottoman EmpireAngry Serbs stormed the American embassy in Belgrade to protest the US support of Kosovo independence. In the aftermath a charred body was found. Strange detail, don’t you think? Standard news reports would say one killed, or that there had been one casualty. Instead the stories describe “a charred body was discovered in an unoccupied area” of one of the embassy buildings. State Department spokesmen made clear it wasn’t a US national, nor an embassy employee, suggesting this was a protester. Or was it a secret detainee? Was this an interrogation water-boarding victim, left to dry, then to burn to a crisp? Was this a Janet Reno set fire?

The trouble for George’s crew was that the discovery was not in the part of the embassy breached by the rioters. Nor was it where the US diplomats have their offices. For what uses are the “unoccupied” buildings behind the embassy walls?

Otherwise it’s damned convenient to suggest the charred body could be one of the rioters. As a rebellious anti-American Serb, his/her profile would likely coincide with that of a person of interest US agents might have been holding for extraordinary rendition, or working over for intelligence.

Why is the USA a backer of Kosovo independence? Kosovo has long been a province of Serbia, but suffered in WWII when the Germans massacred most of the families who lived there in retaliation for the deeds of the Chetnik partisans. As Albanian refugees moved into the empty houses, the population of Kosovo shifted until today the separatists outnumber the historic inhabitants. Otherwise, what cause has Kosovo to split from its countryside?

America fought a civil war to keep its southern states from seceding from the union. Yet today we cheer when minority regions want to break from their national borders, when those borders are those of our enemy. The soviet member states from the former union for example, or Chechnya from Russia, or Kosovo from Serbia. When it involves our allies, we show less enthusiasm: Kurdistan, Timor, Taiwan.


Many liberals and Leftists support independence for Kosovo just as they have done previously with East Timor. In short, they have supported their own imperialist governments dividing up other countries, and this they call ‘supporting national self determination’!

Let’s face it though. The real reason the Western imperialist powers (NATO) went to war together back then against the government of Milosevic was to destroy the remnants of state socialism in Yugoslavia, and by doing so they split up the old multi-cultural Yugoslavia into many bits and pieces. The last battle was over Kosovo, where the US went to battle alongside allies and proponents of a Greater Albania together against the supporters of a Greater Serbia. Bombs away!

The collateral damage still remains, just as it does in Bosnia and throughout the former Soviet Union. Ethnic manipulation can get rather messy, USA, but of course, this is the preferred method of warfare for the US government, using one ethnic group against the next. We see it again and again and again. We see it in Afghanistan, Somalia, and Iraq.

So Kosovo’s Albanians demand ‘independence’ from Yugoslavia. They demand 2 ethnic Albanias then. Or rather, they demand (indirectly) confederation with Albania instead of with Serb dominated Yugoslavia. Should they get it? If so, will the Serb’s living within Kosovo demand an even smaller ‘state’? Yugoslavia will back that, but then should they, the Kosovar Serbs, get what they want? Is that, too, ‘national self determination’?

Kosovo demonstrates once again that a world where each national group demands an ethnic state of their own all the time will be a messy and continually contentious one. At one time, many American Blacks and groups supporting them against White racism toyed with the idea of demanding that a state like Mississippi or Alabama be made a Black country for ex-slaves to inhabit. In fact, throughout Canada and the US, indigenous groups have something like that already, called the ‘Indian reservations’. Where do we stop in supporting ‘national self determination’ then? Would America and its Black population have been better served by creating an ‘independent’ country back in the ’20s or ’30s in a Southern state? One doesn’t think so today.

Maybe Kosovo is the right place to stop splitting people up further. Instead of wars spent to do this why not support economic plans of peace that would unite Serb and Albanian within Kosovo? Is it really that hard to implement such a program? I thin not but the political will to start such a program is entirely absent, and no more so than in the imperialist countries themselves which continue to prefer to rule by divide and conquer.

NATO out of the Balkans NOW! US out of the Balkans NOW! Monery for economic assistance, not military occupation!

Democracy Now’s adulatory interview with Gen. Wesley Clark, war criminal

America’s ruling elite have split about whether Bush’s decision to expand the War to Steal Iraq’s Oil into the neighboring countries of Syria, Lebanon, and Iran is likely to succeed or not. Wesley Clark, Clinton’s mad war criminal bomber of Yugoslavia, certainly is on the side that fears future failure by the Bush Administration.

He even has his own website dedicated to trying to stop the expansion of US government started warfare into Iran. But in the Amy Goodman interview, it appears that he actually wanted to attack Iran, and not Iraq, first. Now he feels that it is a mistaken strategy to do this attack he previously supported, after 6 years of Bush’s bungling, incompetence, and failure.

Amy Goodman all but begged Wesley Clark to run for president, echoing the incomprehensible stupidity of Michael Moore in the previous election. These liberals seem to be looking for some Dwight Eisenhower type to latch on to? How pathetic, since Wesley Clark is absolutely nothing more than a war criminal who started a war with a sovereign country illegally, and sat quiet as Clinton/ Gore killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi innocents through economic sanctions and continual bombings of Iraq during the 8 years of that Administration. These are the type of imperialist liberals who now talk of helping citizens of Sudan out, when during their time in office they were bombing illegally targets in that country, specifically one of Africa’s largest pharmaceutical factories. Clark, and his Slick Commander Clinton, sat and twiddled their thumbs, while hundreds of thousands of Rwandans were cut down. The US and French could easily have stopped that slaughte, but they were occupied with ‘stopping the Serbs’.

After much of the interview with Clark by Goodman conducted on a chit-chat friendly level, Goodman eventually felt the need to let Clark pretend to respond somewhat adequately to his record of continually bombing Yugoslav civilian infrastructure when he was top general in command of the Clinton war of Aggression Against Yugoslavia. This record includes the deliberate bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, also bombing the Serbian television station in that city killing journalists and and other civilians at work there, and bombing various factories along the Danube River, thereby contaminating that important waterway for years afterwards with toxic chemicals, as well as killing workers and neighborhood residents. The few parts of his miserable terrorist record Clark was asked to account for by Goodman, was predictably blamed on Milosevic and the Serbs themselves. Goodman made no effort to illustrate the dishonesty of his responses.

Further, Clark went on to support the continued US use of nuclear weapons and cluster bombs in US war making. Amy Goodwin let him walk on all of this, absolutely free as a breeze. How very sad to see this desperate desire for allies against the neocons turned into Goodman’s covert prompting of Clark towards a run for US presidency by this war criminal. Shame on you, Amy. I respect your show immensely but felt ashamed for you Friday night. Don’t let these rats off the hook when they try to desert the ship that Bush is trying to run aground. These imperialist just want a better vessel at hand to continue their imperialist aggressions against other countries. Certainly everything about Wesley Clark points towards continued disaster if he were actually to gain the presidency in 2008. Why prompt for more capable imperialists to regain command? Wesley Clark couldn’t even muster up a call for the impeachment of Bush or a description of the invasion and occupation of Iraq as being illegal. I guess not, since that would have been to illustrate how he himself had carried out and commanded an illegal war against Yugoslavia.

Algonquin, Iroquois, Hmong, Montagnard, Pashtun, Kosovars, Bosnian Muslims, Kurds, Timorese

What a tragic list. The list is actually much, much larger than the one I put here as the title of this thread, but the unifying theme is a simple one. It is a list of smaller national groupings that have cooperated in some way with major imperialist powers, usually with tragic results to themselves. It is a list of smaller cultural, racial, national groupings that have gotten historically used and buffeted by much larger powers, that themselves were acting in their own perceived interests within much larger world conflicts.

An interesting and poorly taught history, is the history of the conflicts between the Algonquin vs the Iroquois, French vs the British, then enter the Americans, too with their own internal conflicts. Much easier to teach are the fables of Pocahontas and that of ‘Thanksgiving’. How much brutal warfare for the Algonquin and the Iroquois as they tried to side with one group of Europeans against the other. Their efforts to survive were only minimally successful.

Then are the stories of the Hmong and Montagnards, who cooperated in one degree or another with the French and the US in their imperial efforts to dominate SE Asia. They did so in rebellion against their own domination within their regional societies by the more numerous Vietnamese, Lao, and Khmer peoples. But as a result, they became soon ‘strangers in their own land’, so to speak. Many ended up in far away exiles in the US and elsewhere.

And look what has befallen the Pashtun, used by the US and the US allied Arab dictatorships to battle against the exSoviet Union which backed different Norht Afghan groupings of other national backgrounds. Much more complicated than just blaming it on the Taliban or ‘Muslim extremism’, as the idiot US Right Wing does so.

The Kosovars remain with 60% unemployment years after Clinton/ Gore’s war. What have they gotten by cooperating with US imperial interests against their neighbors, the Serbs? Little, it seems. Would ‘independence’ bring any better? It is doubtful, since Serbia is unlikely to easily forget such an evil alliance between Albanian and American. And the Bosnian Muslim? He faces a backing that now is in a religious war against the very same religion backed just yesterday.

The Kurds? They had certainly legitimate reason to rebel against Saddam Hussein and the his Arab Sunni grouping. But now they are linked irremediably to the CIA and Pentagon, even as those same sinister forces back Kurd oppression next door in Turkey. Iraqi Kurdistan is now the better off section of Iraq, yet what a dangerous situation for the Kurdish people long term.

And the Timorese? Half of Timor remains part of Indonesia, and the other half is now an impotent pseudo state, dependent on the UN, Australia, and the US for its semi-starvation bound existence. Its 1,000,00 people are divided into an incoherent number of language, tribal, ethnic, and cultural groups, whose only field of unity is that most everybody is of Christian religion, legacy of Portuguese imperialism.

US/ Australian imperialism split off a Christian portion of Indonesia and mainly to help control better the oil resources for themselves, and not the people being manipulated. There can be little independent and local economy in such a miniscule and divided half of an island. Meanwhile, Indonesian Timor has more population, more economic activity, and is not a society that is essentially a colony dependent on White racist Australia. It is part of the Indonesian archipelago of 17,000 islands, and not a colonialist split off.

How sad the results most always are, when small national, ethnic, and cultural groupings get picked up and carried along in the power plays by various imperialist world powers. What will happen to the Balkans, will they ever be able to restabilize themselves now that imperialism has reentered into their affairs in such a major way? What will happen to the Kurds, Shia, and the Sunni/ What about all the ethnic groups of Afghanistan and Pakistan? All now victims of US power plays.

Is Kosovo just an accident of war?

Remember when America was torn asunder and went to war for the Albanians? Yeah, the liberals’ war. Clinton and Gore’s war. We cared so much about Albanians then and whether they were getting a fair shake! Makes one laugh in retrospect, does it not?

Care about them now, Liberal? We bombed and invaded another nation, and the cheerleaders for that activity back then, are the liberals innocents so aghast about Dubya’s and Dick’s actions these days. They’re planning to ‘take back America’ for us the Democrats say! What a bunch of sorry ass phonies those donkeys are! But if one day you support invading and tearing apart one ethnic minority out of a multi-ethnic society, then it shouldn’t surprise the Democrats that the Republicans are doing the exact same thing in Iraq today. Oops, didn’t Slick Willy start that off, in fact, by arming the Kurds?

Well what to do about Kosovo? The NATO forces want to move on, yet can’t. They’re too busy guarding Albanians for Western humanists, I guess? So why not have 2 Albanias? The genius who thought that might be a cute trick is Bill Clinton! But how to do it? Even with all the aid and support the Kosovo Albanians have received, the 2,000,000 of them have an unemployment rate of over 50%. Remember those evil Serbs that oppressed these gentle US allies so? Well, Milosevic never allowed such a crime to occur to the people there. It was the American, Brit, European Union imperialists that did them in.

I remember even all the so many European, American, Australian, Canadian socialist and communist groups that said that they were against that war, yet supported the US objectives there. They said that they opposed Milosevic, and opposed NATO in equal part. Heard any of them lately urging that NATO pick up and leave? Shoot, NATO is using the bases they built in Bosnia and Kosovo both, to ‘render’ and torture prisoners from other parts of the globe. Heard the Lefty, anti-Milosevic do-gooders campaign on that issue much? Neither have I.

Is Kosovo an accident of war? examines the issues a bit. Heck, Kosovo as it exists today was no accident, but rather it was an excuse for a crime. It was an excuse for a gang of imperialist countries to further crack up the multiethnic society that was once called Yugoslavia. Your British and American liberals brought that crime on, and by extension they brought the invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq into being.

Let’s take back American from the Democratic Party liberal dummies, too! And the other Kosovo lesson to take home to heart? Just because a group calls itself Left, socialist, or communist even, does not mean that they know much what they are doing or talking about. They may be screaming along with the liberals to supposedly help folk out in boonies, like Darfur, East Timor, Kosovo, etc. But when all is said and done they are mainly helping the imperialists formulate propaganda to convince people that their wars are necessary to help people, when in fact, they are most certainly not.

Shit hits fan writ American War Crime

US servicemen are escaping charges of murder in court because they can claim they were following orders. Actually, their official Rules Of Engagement: “Kill all military age males.”
Kill all military age males?! That’s an actual ROE? That’s a war crime!
pictureWe’re still trying to bring Serbs to justice for that very crime in Srebrenica. That’s a criminal ROE and all soldiers have an obligation to question such a rule. The Nazis claimed they followed orders. Not good enough. Still a crime.

Say you were a teenage Iraqi, or say you were an innocent bystander, or say you were an insurgent with your hands up, or say even you were an insurgent holding a gun, if you decide to give up and raise your hands in surrender, for your opponent to kill you would be an injustice and a war crime. Don’t you agree?

It’s pretty simple, compassionate and humane. It may feel shitty to a bunch of American soldiers who would like a license to shoot every Hadji in sight, but war is not a license to kill, kill, kill. War is hell, it’s not Half-life.

If you’re an American who just shot up a houseful of children, and you raise your hands in surrender, to shoot you would be a crime too. These days American solders now unfortunate to become captured are facing the wrath of the beleagered Iraqis.
We reap what we sow. We must prosecute the bastards sowing war crime.

Mob rule

Not mob rule as in democracy gone awry. Not lynch mob. The mob mob. To borrow what Serbs used to say about their country:

Many countries have their own mobsters. America is the only place where mobsters have their own country.

While the television public is fascinated by the stereotype Italian Mafioso, the real mob is comprised of corporate dons who enforce their capitalist tyranny on anyone worth squeezing, turnups included.

The poor are starving, falling victim to plagues, genocide, war and catastrophe. The middle classes are falling into debt, soon to be poor, meanwhile the rich are hording more and more. Instead of caring for their indentured subjects, the rich build their castle walls ever higher.

Organic, range-fed, non-toxic food? Not for us. Reserved for their progeny. Instead of ameliorating the plight of the serf by sharing the bounty of the land, we get mad-cow infested gruel.