US out to control Iran’s natural gas

Most thinking people in the world now realize that the US invaded and occupies Iraq in order to control the oil underground there. While other oil producing countries were rapidly depleting their major oil fields of the precious natural resource that lay underground, that was not the case with Iraq. The country lagged far behind in developing their oil fields due to its disastrous war with Iran and the economic sanctions that the US later initiated against them. The oil largely stayed in the ground for about a 20 year period of time. But what about Iran? Why is the US government on the move to try to regime change there?

Iran at first seems to be not as worthy of Iraq to fall victim to a US energy grab. Their reserves of oil are in decline, and that is one reason that the government seeks to develop nuclear energy. However, there are 2 other carbon energy forms that are also of vast importance besides oil. Natural gas and coal. Iran has three and one half times the reserves of the US in natural gas, and is only behind one much larger country, Russia, in underground stocks of that commodity.

As we know, much of Europe is dependent on Russia’s natural gas to get their communities heated each Winter. This is an extremely important fuel resource even if it is not as central to the world’s growing energy crisis as oil is. And just like oil, both India and China are looking to increase their imports of natural gas, too. Being Number 2 in reserves of natural gas in the world is no small matter. And world natural gas supplies are due to peak in several decades, all the more to make Iran’s naturla gas a very important target for other’s greed.

It is true, that the American government’s political desire to destroy Iranian influence in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and the Persian Gulf is probably as large a factor to the US drive to engage in war against Iran as just the desire to commit outright theft.. But the drive to rob and control this huge reservoir of natural gas plays almost as prominent a part in the neocon ‘surge’ to fuck Iran over, as does the desire to only politically neutralize/neuter them. Excuse the bad language. But when I discuss the American mafia imperialist strategy, for some reason I begin to talk like Richard Nixon?

Natural Gas. All cause for more war profiteering.

We are weeks, and maybe just days before the US assault on Iran begins. No Blood for Oil! No blood for Natural Gas! This is not the way to begin to deal with the world’s energy crisis. A continued world wide resource war will only make the transition away from the unsustainable excessive misuse of carbon energy forms, even more painful and disastrous than it has to be.

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  1. Uzbekistan leaps to mind. You remember, the ones the Taliban, US oil interests, Halliburton and Bechtel were all wrangling over the details because it’s at the Russian end of the Khyber Pass., The ONLY place from Afghanistan east to the indian ocean where you could possibly put in an oil pipeline from north to south….

    Uzbekistan and its neighbor Turkmenistan. Oil that would otherwise go to China because it wouldn’t be possible to ship it to Russia.

    The President for Life of Uzbekistan is doing a Putsch, his term ended this month, but he has a constitutional ace up his sleeve. (as if 7 consecutive 7 year terms weren’t enough, the last one with an impossible 97 percent majority of the vote) He can wait until december before calling another election. Now what would lead a 78 year old man who has spent so much of his life in Public Disservice want with yet another term?

    Money perhaps? Is he hoping the Bushiites will secure the Khyber pass after nearly 6 years of trying?
    Thus bringing the value of his mountain kingdom up to 3/4th of a bucket of warm spit, doubling the GNP.

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