US threatens Iran with war

Nine US warships are now in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Iran just 2 weeks after Dick Cheney threatened that country with an attack. What does it take to waken the international public to the reality that the US government plans to extend its illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq into new attacks on neighboring countries?

Meanwhile, the US’s allies in Lebanon have been bombarding a refugee camp in their own country of 40,000 people with the Bush Adminstration cheering this on. It looks like we might just be days away from a major escalation of the US-made war on the varying people’s of the Middle East into new countries, like Iran and Syria.

The Democratic Party has refused to act against the plans of the Bush Administration to spread their war throughout the Middle East and it is now up to the world population to act decisively in opposition to this US governmental terrorism. It is absolutely the wrong thing to do to await until after the bombing of Iran begins to show opposition. Unfortunately, that appears to be just exactly what the Peace Movement in the US is doing right now.

Act to end the Endless War now. It just takes a couple of people to do a corner peace vigil and show opposition to continuing the carnage. US Troops Out of the Middle East Now!

Protest is patriotic so what are you waiting on? And contrary to popular cynicism protest does work when done with sufficient numbers. Add yourself to those willing to protest this evil war. It’s not really all that hard to do a peace vigil, even on your own, so don’t sit around acting utterly paralyzed.

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2 Responses to US threatens Iran with war

  1. Avatar Lane says:

    The administration is counting on the congress and the media to keep the actions of the military hush hush so that the American people don’t realize just what’s going on until it’s too late. This is the same thing they did in 2003 regarding Iraq. A report today stated that prewar intelligence was “mostly correct”. I’m sorry, but when it comes to going to war and SPENDING the lives of young Americans (that’s right spending), I’d say that “mostly correct” intelligence is not good enough.

    The public didn’t demand more information then and if I am right, not enough of them will demand the information now. This period of tremendous apathy toward the government by most of the citizens of the US must come to an end. In a democracy it is the individual’s duty know what is going so that when the government tells us something, we aren’t simply left with the choice of whether or not to believe it based on our level of trust in the individual making the statement.

    When the government collects information it claims is “secret” we have to wonder…It’s not good enough to just assume that our elected officials are looking out for our best interests. More and more we see officials in all levels of government breaching the laws and rules and then simply stepping aside to quietly take a position with some other government agency.

    Today’s Independent has one such case of a Teacher’s Union official being blamed for submitting a forged document, resigning and intending to go back to work teaching middle school students. What kind of message does this send to these impressionable young children? I’ll tell you…it says: Do whatever suits YOU regardless of the rules, and don’t worry too much about getting caught because you won’t get punished. Oh. you might have to pay back the money you stole, but there will still be a job waiting for you so that you can make the money back.

    It’s the same kind of message coming at the National level: Go ahead and lie about prewar intelligence to suit yourself and your supporters. You may have to pay back some of your favorability rating points and possibly cost your party the next election, but you can keep your job in the meantime and not face any criminal charges.

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    either war with Iran is going to be one of total destruction or a complete surrender on the part of the bUSh.

    There’s no way to have an invasion, we don’t have the money and there aren’t enough soldiers for Bush Corp to send in even if we had the other resources.

    I say “we’ because technically the money and the equipment bought therewith is actually OURS. A lot of the troops are maching mit der Nazi Salute and siegenz Heil Bush.

    But not all or even most.
    The ones who do, however, are really hard core.

    People in America are voting with the gas pump.

    I saw on the front page of the OhMyGodZette yesterday that high fuel prices aren’t even slowing down the high traffic volume of this weekend.

    But the Bush Regime wants to blow away the Iranian ability to provide oil?

    That’s what’s going to happen in any attack.
    Invasion and exploitation are OUT.

    No way, Jay.

    People say “well, Iran doesn’t supply oil to the US anyway…”


    By other nations (think China, Russia, India, Malaysia and Indonesia)
    scaffing up the Iranian oil it lowers the competition for those oil resources, aka “independent nations with national rights and sovereignty” the U.S. depends on. No available Iranian oil, more demand for the Saudi oil.

    And more pressure on the Iraqis to “privatize” meaning give away their rights to THEIR oil.

    So who wins? The Oil Merchants.

    The producing countries lose, because even with more demand for their product, there’s a huge army within striking distance of every oil field in the Middle East, and THAT’S the true lesson of Iraq and Iran.

    Either the rest of OPEC sells their oil at prices dictated by the oil companies, or the American Military Machine will do to them what they’ve already done to Iraq and now are proposing to do to Iran.

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