Democratic Party-glued liberals are running scared!

Hillary!The Democratic Party-glued liberals are running scared as their worst nightmare is about to begin. I am referring to the remaining primaries that will almost all be held over about a 2 week time frame in the middle of this month, May. What if Hillary, with her super-delegates power, takes the DP convention? It might soon be in the cards?

What will all the Norman Solomons, Michael Moores, Medea Benjamins, and the others of their ilk have to do then? They will have to do an about turn from telling us how despicable Hillary is, to then go on and tell us how necessary and essential she is, and that we all just have to vote for her now! How utterly degrading super glue is to the Party-glued liberals, since their fate is so grim.

We are about to see a political turn that is reminiscent of when the American Communist Party faithful of the 1930s had to follow The Turn, when Stalin made the peace pact with Hitler! Then, all of a sudden, the DP loving commies of the time had to begin to twist and shout, against the dangers of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as opposed to just the Nazis! A couple of years later, they were again waving the American flag, and boasting of being the biggest and greatest US patriots ever!

So wait ’till the show begins as the DP glued liberal salesmen begin to sell their used car, the Clinton! It will be the most pathetic song and dance ever, and a single kick to the tires, will clump the clunker down into the dirt.

Whatever you do, don’t buy the damn thing even if offered it on credit, as we really would have to have the rebirth/ reincarnation of another Margaret Thatcher on this side of the Atlantic? It actually might be better to let the Empire’s ship sink with a John at the helm, than a female driver? You know how they are, Macho Men. And we hearsay that it will be they who will decide our fate? Ho-hum…. Can the future really look this bad? A Hillary vs. a John? We might even want Dick back! ???? /////////////////

3 thoughts on “Democratic Party-glued liberals are running scared!

  1. Yo Dr Tony,
    Tricky Dick! What a winner that was. 1930 Commie party was sure shocked, huh, Tony? Fools should have expected that from that party. Only looking out for party folk. Good old Stalen. For the people person wasn’t he.

    Guess that leaves the good old Rep Party choice. The Leftest liberal Dem Party 2 choices – the mommie or the raceist? What a choice. Where oh where is the peanut farmer carter at? Another sound liveral socialist choice too.

    Come on & vote right Tony, go for McCane. Do not forget Memorial Day, Tony. Hope to see you at one of the events.

  2. George, do you not read anything you comment on? You replied to Nicaragua Nicaraguita where I wrote that I would be out of town in a couple of days for weeks. I will be going to ‘Memorial Day’ perhaps? in Nicaragua, where your US army that you dote on murdered tens of thousands of people to protect the US people from Nicaraguans, I guess? That is certainly the line you will take.

    You just rattle off your spam without any thought at all, don’t you? Do they pay you by the word, instead of any content? I wonder?

    Yes, McCain would certainly be the perfect president for a DittoDeadHead like you. They ought to put both of you in a jailhouse insane asylum, and throw away the key. I’d put my money down that you’d break faster than McCain did with the Cong. Yes you would, ‘Major’. You would.

  3. Yo Tony,
    All this police talk just. Now i see dude. You are the undercover cop you talk about all the time. Sorry to give your cover away but you you did that huh. Shame on you. These peace folks are harmless & do have many good points. have a good day officer.

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