American government’s love affair with bunkers and walls

Birds eye view of our Navy
Check this out! An actual building in San Diego accidentally built by the Pentagon that looks like the Nazi swastika! The Navy is now spending over $600,000 to change the appearance of their building!

Everywhere one looks, American government is building bunkers and walls! All though out Baghdad, the Pentagon is building bunkers and walls. In the West Bank, Israel and the Pentagon together are building bunkers and walls. On our southern border with Mexico, YES you guessed it, America is building bunkers and walls.

Do we think for one split second that the rest of the world hasn’t noticed that America is about bunkers and walls these days? All the sugary sweet talk in the world is not going to hide that fact away from the world. When one drives by an American embassy anywhere in the world one sees bunkers and walls. When one drives down the road in much of America, one sees bunkers and walls (prisons). Oh Sweet Land of Liberty…. Hardly!

Yes, America is now an imprisoning nation, land of bunkers and walls. Do you live in a gated community? Probably not, since you would not be likely to be reading this commentary if you were into that sick mindset. But many, if not in fact the majority of us, live behind bunkers and walls.

Bunkers and walls need regulations, lots of them. They need tickets, passports, and papers to go with this order. They need guns, barbed wire, and tasers. They need dope, lots of it, because bunkers and walls are shall we say it? … they are depressing. Bunkers and walls need uniforms, officials, and lawyers, though not to enforce the law but to break it.

Once it was parking lots, shopping malls, and interstate freeways. Today, it is more bunkers and walls. United We Stand. Divided We Fall. We are falling with bunkers and walls. Bunkers and walls is what brought elites, other than our own, down before, simply because most people hate bunkers and walls.

American government has a love affair with bunkers and walls.

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4 Responses to American government’s love affair with bunkers and walls

  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    Most excellent.

    But the idea that it was accidental doesn’t seem likely.

    They would have had a huge blueprint, many hundred copies of it in fact, before they cleared the lot and started pouring concrete.

    about a quarter of them would involve the aerial perspective.

    What’s probably accidental is that somebody accidentally leaked an aerial photograph (which would be classified) of the complex.

    Probably the price tag was classified too. That’s almost a given.

    Notice, too, the Pentagoons will use weasel words to describe their ‘administration buildings and storage/housing/security facilities” and the opposing terms they use to describe a “dictators” or a “cults” Compound, bunker-complex, whatever.

  2. Avatar jacques says:

    Yeah we spotted that building a few months ago while flying over San Diego. It’s actually very functional and attractive, with large landscaped bays facing the four streets and parking area. Glas that the architect served the occupants with no considerations for plan views that nobody actually sees. Symbolism, logos and shapes are a very secondary consideration. The swastika is nothing but a glorified ‘pinata’ (pintade, in French; I’ll look up the English translation). Maths and geometry over politics, yeah!

  3. Avatar Jonah says:

    Pinwheel. It has a couple meanings in Native American pictoglyphs as well, depending on the left or right orientation of the cross-arms.

    but the Pentagon should know better.They keep putting so much World War 2 glorification movies on because, really, it’s the last war they can claim to have won.

    almost can’t say that I blame them, I mean, if my team had gotten our collective arse beat red so many times I would look for something else to boast about.

    We do have our share of Wannabee Nazis here, ça qui sont beaucoup tonton but they believe they’re the real thing.

    That makes them dangerous on two levels, they’ll commit some extremely sick acts of violence, when they have somebody outnumbered…

    and the other part is people look at them as such clowns that they forget how vicious the rats can get when they’ve got somebody cornered.

  4. Eric Eric says:

    Who could foresee Google Earth? Otherwise aerial views of the Naval base at Coronado Island were hindered by restricted airspace.

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