Colombia- the Pentagon’s South American mafia state

Colombia, quite simply, is the Pentagon’s South American mafia state. It’s government is headed up by a death squad kingpin with multiple connections to the cocaine trafficking trade that Washington, D.C. says it is supposedly fighting. And now, Colombia’s government has begun to act, with Pentagon OK, like Israel acts against Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza, and Turkey against Kurdish regions of Iraq.

In fact, more and more the Pentagon and Washington themselves are acting like international gangsters. Unfortunately, the military-industrial cartel offices in Northern Virginia are much better funded than any other gangsters the world has ever known.

The latest terrorism coming out of our nation’s military warehouse, was the Colombia excursion into Ecuador to shoot down, in their sleep, a political leader opposing the Colombian death squad gang headed by Uribe. This in the midst of negotiations to free prisoners held by the FARC. The Colombian government doesn’t want these prisoners to be released, but wants merely to continue their own death squad activities, sanctioned by the Democrats and Republicans alike, in DC.

Venezuela mobilizes forces to Colombia border (to counter joint Colombian-Pentagon threats)

The Colombian military attack inside Ecuador’s borders was Made in USA.

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