If, as IDF claims, there was a sniper…

Then the mystery sniper they never found, would have been doing exactly what the IDF used as justification, he would have been DEFENDING HIS NATION AND HIS HOMELAND AGAINST ARMED FOREIGN INVADERS INTENT ON CONQUEST, AND WHO WERE MURDERING ANY WHO REFUSED TO BOW TO THEIR ARROGANT CLAIM OF HEGEMONY.

Again, no actual evidence beyond the statement by the IDF that a sniper actually existed.

What, the Gazans were supposed to Instantly Obey their IDF Masters?

We are the Master Race, How DARE you Subhuman Untermenschen resist and refuse to Obey our Imperious Commands?

That brings out another point…

Which of the following were Patriots, and which Traitors?

Those Nazis who blindly followed every command given them by Hitler and his regime…

Or those who resisted, who sabotaged factories and rail lines, refused the Call to Arms, Refused to take part in the Hate Crimes of Adolf Hitler and his minions?

Our Trolls say we have to Blindly Obey and even basically Worship George Bush and Cheney, or we’re Anti-American.

Israeli dissidents, like Netanyahu’s own nephew, who REFUSE to participate in the Murder Spree of their Puppet Dictatorship, are jailed and called “anti-Israeli” and even Anti-Semitic.

Jews in America and Europe who don’t support the Murder Spree are labeled the same way.

Other Jews, like Wolfowicz and Jonah Goldberg, and Bill Kristol(nacht) who sign on to a plan that includes urging Israel to take a nuclear strike in order to give them justification for THEIR plans of conquest, or to have Israel take a hit from Chemical Weapons,

And have signed on to another aspect of the same plan that involves a Biological Warfare agent that’s “tailored to a ‘certain genotype’…”

The SAME genotype that every Jew in the world ALSO shares…

To be unleashed on the Middle East… You remember the Middle East, right?

The one where Israel is physically located?

Yeah, that one.

The brothers of Ex-president Mad King George, his president in charge of vice, his secretary of state, his secretaries of “defense”, “Justice” “truth and the American Way”… his closest advisers, his Team, also signed on to the Project for the New AMERICAN Century, yet we’re supposedly Anti-Israeli and Anti-American when bastards like that attempted to use Our Government, a perverted view of Our Constitution, Our Money and Our Army to take over the world.

The plan hinged on a Quick and Decisive victory in Iraq.

It also hinges on Israel NOT being an independent state.

New “American” century, ring a bell there?
They would either make kowtow to the PNAC imperialists or be destroyed.

Apparently, they chose to make kowtow.

But we’ll be called Anti-Israel and Anti-Semites for saying that.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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4 Responses to If, as IDF claims, there was a sniper…

  1. Avatar Ben says:

    All the Ward Churchill Trial dope: http://wardchurchilltrial.wordpress.com/

    Sorry for the spam. As you were.

  2. Avatar Denise Cohen says:

    Singling out Israel for things like closing its borders with Gaza and ignoring Egypt doing the very same thing, accusing Israel of racism when true racism is practiced by neighboring Arab nations, accusing Israel of genocide when Hamas explicitly calls for genocide against Jews in its Charter and trying to draw a false analogy between Israel and South Africa in making absurd assertions of apartheid when Arab nations truly do have apartheid-like practices in place does constitute anti-Semitism.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Feature: The Story of Yoni Ben-Artzi (Netanyahu’s nephew)

    Thanks for mentioning him, Jonah.

  4. Avatar jonah says:

    Israel cutting off supplies of food to Gaza, supplies of Medicine to Gaza, in a massive temper tantrum because the Gazans refuse to either go away or Die, and based on one of the most minor racial differences in recorded history, they’re even closer related than Japanese and Koreans, that’s racism.

    Killing people, invading their country to do it, is Murder.

    Saying that “Only a FEW babies got killed” is attempting to minimize and rationalize the crime of killing babies.

    George Bush had people killed in Texas based on, well, he likes having people killed, but on a closer note, if the Forensic psychiatrists determined that a killer displayed no remorse, usually because “Well, it was only one or two killings” or any other attempt to avoid and evade responsibility and remorse.

    What none of the above is, would be Loyalty or Patriotism, loyalty either to God or Country.

    Allowing the national leaders to go forth and murder in the name of Israel and of God brings at the very least Shame onto that nation, especially those citizens who blindly obey.

    And also brings retribution onto that nation, and even people who DID resist and defy, just by being of the Jewish Persuasion they now have more enemies.

    Making more enemies for the Jewish people would be a classic, hardcore version of Anti-Semitism.

    George Bush, by going forth and Starting Wars on False Premises, is a classic Anti-American.

    There’s no reason to respect that behavior from him or his Toadies and not a whit more reason to respect that behavior from Likud.

    Since it IS exactly the same kind of behavior which you say brought death and destruction to Iraqis and Palestinians alike.

    I know it hurts your head, but here’s a little mental exercise, try to think about the logical disconnect involved.

    If the same National Behavior that Israel exhibits is, if practiced or is alleged to be practiced by another nation, supposedly worthy of Random and Uncontrolled Death-Dealing, wouldn’t it also be equally Just for Israel to suffer the same fate?

    A famous Rabbi said “by the same measure with which ye mete judgment will judgment be returned to you”

    You can’t have it both ways.

    Your IDF is demanding that the people of Gaza allow regular inspections to make sure that nobody is smuggling in FOOD.

    Not, as would be a recognized Territorial Imperative/National right to self defense demand that things or people be smuggled OUT of Gaza and IN to Israel.

    No, the Arrogant Racially Motivated demand is that FOOD not be allowed in to a country which Does NOT belong to Israel.

    There are other Imperious Demands being made by Likud, but THAT single one sums up the whole invasion, occupation and killing of any who resist the invasion and occupation.

    Sums it up brilliantly.

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