The Surge morphs into The Purge

The US is now attacking the allies of Iran within the Iraqi Shia community, and this new battle in the US War to Re-Colonize the Middle East is now underway. It is an effort by the US to clean up behind the lines before it begins its bombardment of Iran.

All the candidates for the presidency have signed on to this new campaign by merely keeping their silence, as both the corporate political parties have done exactly the same thing. And the antiwar and Peace community seems totally befuddled by it all, while the mass media keeps it silent and news and clues-less as long as possible for the general public.

Yes, The Surge has morphed into The Purge, and nobody seems to have much taken notice. In fact, it looks like we’ll all have yet more nap time until the direct bombardment of Tehran begins. What, us worry? Not a chance!

Bush calls The Purge, a positive moment. Increase in death and fighting always seems to turn Dubya and Dick on. There is almost something Hitler-like in their attitude toward other peoples dying. No sacrifice on other peoples’ parts is too much for them, it seems. America must control the region… America must control the declining world oil supplies.

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4 Responses to The Surge morphs into The Purge

  1. Avatar Ben Keeler says:

    The surge has been working. Even most vocal critics have had to admit as such.

  2. Eric Eric says:

    What exactly is THE SURGE “WORKING” to do? Did we increase our troop level to terrorize more civilians, segregate the neighborhoods, and put Iraq on lock-down?

  3. Avatar tony logan says:

    Ben, you are right about The Surge working. Let’s face it, the US has killed over a million Iraqis at the price of less than even 10,000 US dead. Vietnamization worked, too, didn’t it?

    Though I do wonder how long it will be before foes of our government really do begin to use terrorism inside the US itself in order to fight back? Osama bin Laden only attacked the Pentagon, White House, and World Trade Towers, but real terrorists will actually be much looser and less selective with choosing what their US based targets are.

    US citizens seem to have the advantage over foreign civilians in that it is our own government that is much more the terrorist than the terrorists they say they fight against. Our leaders have no compunction about how they kill, who they kill, and how many they kill. What if our government’s enemies abroad begin to actually function like our government now does? It’s a pretty scary thought, don’t you think?

  4. Actually, the flight that ended in a Pennsylvania cornfield (“let’s Roll!”) would more likely have been aimed at Congress, because Bush was known for a couple of weeks in advance to be scheduled to “pretend to read My Pet Goat with a first grader sitting on his lap in a photo-opportunity”

    So if Mr Bush WERE, as he claimed so many times, the target of that flight, then they wouldn’t have been very efficient as terrorists.

    Sorry, Tony, technical point still goes to you though.

    Ben, you seem to parrot the troll argument very well, had much experience, have we?

    If the Surge worked, there would be no reason for OUR continued presence there, now would there?

    How ’bout that thar Stop-Loss? Even right-wing KRDO is worried about the lack of morale being expressed at Ft Carson by soldiers whose “volunteer” status was suddenly changed as soon as their discharge dates came due, almost concurrently with being ordered back to Iraq “for the duration of the war”…

    Since your coward bitch president and his Anointed Replacement John McSame both have predicated the notion that the war will last for decades if not CENTURIES, that would mean that people dumb enough to enlist could be in the Army Navy Air Force Marines until the end of their lives.

    So, how exactly is the Surge Working?

    It’s pumping the mortal remains of our economy into the greedy hands of the president and his thieving buddies. I guess that’s “working” for the likes of Halliburton and Blackwater.

    I guess the rest of us are morally or legally required to STFU, then, right?

    Your pigs made the mistake last year on St Paddy’s Day to force us to STFU… I don’t think you personally would have much luck, if that was indeed your intention.

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