Capitalist medicine turns to robotics

cyborg nurse
Russian scientists design mechanical nurse and they are also working on designing a robotic surgeon, too! Not to be outdone by Russian mechanical robotic nurses and surgeons, the Japanese apparently are banking more on using cyborgs in the capitalist medical field. Americans are still most heavily into computerized systems, it seems, as the hospitals there are into the use of computers to program and flowchart flesh and blood nursing/ medical staff more and more?.

Maybe you are in need of the Robotic Physiotherapist’ on its way, whose ultrasound behavior you can surely count on? And the Pentagon has already developed the robotic EMT known as Vecna BEAR Robot For Battlefield Extraction And Retrieval. Capitalist medicine is a science and not an art, and a lab rat can get no better care than what is ahead for us.

Are your elderly parents in need of care? Then the u-BOT 5 Robot is there to help them out! Love a caregiver? Don’t get pincered in!

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