How quiet the US media is about Indian Hindu brutality in Kashmir

Oh Yes, the Western corporate media would have us all believe that they are the grand champions of human rights worldwide, yet how quiet they are when it comes to reporting US and Allied atrocities in places like Kashmir. And when they even mention events in places like Kashmir, their reporting is heavily skewed and hides the reality.

For example, in Homes burn as Hindu-Muslim anger grows in Kashmir, the article feigns a neutrality in its coverage that is just plain false and not there. You see, the Indian government is heavily courted by the American government to not line up with Russia and China, but to join in with the US corporate government drive to take over control of all Asian affairs. India is offered the junior partner position. That’s why it is necessary to cover up the fact that the overwhelming majority of violence is really a Hindu one, and to pretend that Hindus might be merely responding to Muslim violence instead.

Further, the reality that Hindu nationalism in India has created pogrom after violent pogrom against Indian Muslims runs counter to the Christian global jihad story line against regions where Islam is the dominant religion. Muslims must need be always cast in the role of being the constant terrorist phantom that the Christian US Crusaders must fight against. The US media tries to keep quiet about its Hindu allies’ slaughters of Muslims in India. It is inconvenient to the militaristic propaganda in the US.

And to make things even sadder, the reality that Hindu nationalism is fascist like and brutal toward its Moslem minority population in India runs against the story line of the Liberal Christian ‘Peace’ pacifists inside the US who seem to worship the new Hindu God Ghandi every bit as much as they do Jesus. They hardly want much to speak up about these matters either. It runs counter to their worship services where they talk about ‘Peace’ a lot, but always quite in the abstract, quiet in the concrete.

Still, but there is new terror being spread by Hindu India in Kashmir these days, quiet as mouses the US media might be about covering it. US nationalism is encouraging fascist HIndu nationalism in India with its own Christian so-called ‘War on Global Terrorism’ which is a propaganda campaign designed to target Muslims. So don’t let the corporate media get away with their cover-up of silence and stay informed about Kashmir and other places victimized in media silence by the US propaganda machine. I am talking about places like Somalia and the Ogaden region of Ethiopia, too, which are also are kept in shrouds of media silence and non-reporting.

The US corporate government and media sources lie to you constantly, and their biggest lies most of the time they pull off by just being silent. Stay informed instead. Don’t be as ignorant as they would have you be. The fighting in Kashmir is another current hot spot, just as the fighting in Georgia is. Be aware of the US government connections to it.

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2 Responses to How quiet the US media is about Indian Hindu brutality in Kashmir

  1. Avatar ohwilleke says:

    The British media reports quite a bit on the goings on in Kashmir, just as the French media actively reports goings on in its former colonies rather well.

    The American media, on the other hand, tends to limit its international reporting beyond the most extreme and perfuncatory coverage of the most significant events abroad, to areas where there is U.S. military involvement (or proposed U.S. military involvement).

    South Asia (aside from Pakistan when the U.S. military goes there) has no monopoly on being ignored. The American media also ignores Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe (especially outside the U.K.). The American media also gives precious little attention to state and local politics.

    I don’t agree that silence amounts to a lie, or that the very shallow reporting of situations like Kashmir in newspapers is deeply biased. The main reason for lack of coverage is that Americans don’t care. Sad, but true.

    It would be nice to see that kind of in depth reporting on world affairs expand beyond the handful of traditional media outlets in the U.S. that do it, and the improved economics of niche marketing may make it possible.

    But, there is no vast conspiracy to hide attrocities half the world away from us. Indeed, if the story were told in a way that average Americans could relate to, every news outlet with an international division would be thrilled to point out Christians being persecuted anywhere.

  2. Avatar tony logan says:

    ‘I don’t agree that silence amounts to a lie, or that the very shallow reporting of situations like Kashmir in newspapers is deeply biased. The main reason for lack of coverage is that Americans don’t care. Sad, but true.’

    Ohwilleke, Americans don’t care because the American media tells them by their silence to not care about what’s going on throughout regions of India. The media always whips up a hysteria when the government wants the American public to focus on some region of the world or other, and I think you know that already.

    After all, we have been told to care about Kosovars, the Fur people of Sudan, Tibetans and Georgians have we not? Kashmir is hardly more isolated than these other folk are and the current public disinterest in Kashmir is strictly because the US government is not making an issue about their plight and American media silence then follows behind US government foreign policy in the US.

    So don’t you ask yourself WHY, Ohwilleke, the US government is silent about Kashmir ? Apparently not… … and that speaks much about your play along willful ignorance in regards to American imperialism and where and how it operates.

    The reason for American media silence is simply that the US government has been courting the Indian government to keep India away from allying with either China, Russia, or both together. It’s as simple as that. The American media then cooperates with the US government and keeps the American public’s focus elsewhere.

    We have a totally subservient media, do we not, Ohwilleke? And a public almost equally so, since they have been trained in the style of Pavlov’s dog to follow the lead of American Empire imperialism at all times. Silence here, clamor there! And so on.

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