Get it right, Georgia!

georgiaA former Georgian ambassador to Russia has caused uproar in Georgia by saying his country, not Russia, started August’s war over South Ossetia. Will the messenger be killed now? Of course, Mr Kitsmarishvili still doesn’t have it right since it was the Republican Party in the US that started this war, not just the Georgian dictator, Saakashvili. That guy is just a US government puppet and not a loose cannon as the US government and media now want to portray him as being.

Now how do we try to stop new war aginst Russia being started from Washington DC, since Barack Obama and the Democratic Party is continuing the Bush foreign policy with Dubya’s Gates at the helm? Something to take up in your local ‘Peace’crat grouplet, perhaps?

4 thoughts on “Get it right, Georgia!

  1. I think your comment was a spam-troll-snipe, but I checked on your site anyway — keep up the great work!

  2. Christopher, you’re not the only person who can locate Georgia on the map and I didn’t actually need your help to do so. Now, if I do happen to write somethng about Mumbai or Turkey, I assure you that it is not plagiarized stuff from your Republican blog though… lol. (… a Republican who links to alternet? That’s a new one for me!)

    I agree with you about one thing for sure though. You belong in Southern California and not here with these cold people. You might consider even moving to Oklahoma or Mississippi since there are a lot of Republicans in those 2 states for you to help ‘radicalize’. Good luck! And Happy Thanksgiving…

  3. I almost fell out of my chair when they came off with the “large nations in the 21st century simply don’t invade smaller weaker nations” bullshit.

    It would have been hysterically funny had it not been for the fact they were perfectly serious in their delusions… and that literally countless people had died from it.

    That kinds of takes the humor off of it.

    Then McInsane talking smack at the end of a debate, going over his time in fact, saying that Obama couldn’t possibly understand, it wasn’t about democracy or supporting friends, it’s because of the Natural Gas pipeline and with a “friendly” (puppet) government in Georgia the pipeline would be controlled by us.

    Us as in that portion of “our” citizenry who think they own the entire Goddamn world.

    My thought was “Well, out of the mouths of Babes… (and senile old Farts)

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