MARCH 27-30 Sixth Cairo Conference

Sixth Cairo ConferenceThis year for the first time the Hands Off Venezuela campaign will be taking part in the Cairo Conference (International Campaign against US and Zionist Occupation, 6th Cairo Conference, 4th Cairo Forum, Press Syndicate, March 27-30, 2008). HOV will be holding a seminar on The Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela and the struggle for socialism.
On March 25, YOUNG LEFT in Sweden passed a motion in support for the HANDS OFF VENEZUELA campaign.

Hands off Venezuela

A revolution against the horrors of neo-liberalism is spreading through Latin-America. The centre for this development is Venezuela. What is happening there is totally different compared to the politics of cuts in the welfare state that politicians, economist and “experts” have said for decades is necessary. In this poor country a redistribution of wealth and power is taking place. Good housing is provided for ordinary people, poor people are getting access to free healthcare and land is handed out to farmers cooperatives.

A discussion about how to construct a socialist society is taking place. The people have begun to build new structures that they control, that can replace the old state. The power of capital is threatened through nationalisation and workers control.

A privileged layer – the owners of the big companies and the highly paid civil servants in the state – are violently against the changes. In 2002, with the support of the USA, there was an attempted military coup which was followed by a lockout. This is a part of a campaign against the revolution that includes slander in the media, violence and economic sabotage.

The development in Venezuela is connected to the future of the international labour movement. The revolution in Venezuela spreads hope – it shows that another world is possible. It is necessary for the defence of the revolution to get solidarity from the international labour movement. With this appeal we want:

* To show our solidarity with the revolution in Venezuela
* Say no to USA and other international forces attacking the people of Venezuela
* Give our support to the Venezuelan trade union federation UNT
* Support the call for a solidarity conference to discuss how to develop the solidarity movement with Venezuela

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