Corrupt Fed wants control

These bastards are brazen thieves and agents of disinformation. Has the entire fricking country gone stupid? We are witnessing the transfer of vast sums of our money… not theirs, ours… to them!! And a Fed who wants to get the SEC out of the way so they can do it! Paulson, Bernake, Greenspan, Volker, Rubin… all wall street thieves and crooks, liars and scum. This is the fascist business model in full head long dive to the bottom with the Fed cleaning up the mess and divvying up the bailout money to their wall street buddies. For the next 6 months.

This had to be planned. No concerned economic professional in their right mind would have let this happen. The Fed is responsible for the housing bubble, the subprime crime, the weak dollar and now for looting the U.S. citizen treasury!! JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Bank America… they’re all going down. They’ve all got the CDO-SIV-Hedge Fund cancer bad. Why is the Fed taking on all this worthless paper and risk? All for show. They create and destroy money all the time.

Regardless, they will bail them all out… on our tab. Bear Stearns was sacrificed to keep JP Morgan on life support. But you can bet the Bear Stearns management got out before the crash of stock price. I think the SEC would investigate that right? And how is it that the Fed can act alone on these things, and the Congress (many of whom voted to repeal the Glass-Steagal act with Clinton) [there’s a question for Hillary] in the aftermath asks their sniveling little questions of how the deal was structured? Because the Fed runs the show. It is a private banking system… not a government agency! We are witnessing the power of the central banking system that was set up in Europe by the Bauers (Rothchilds), the Greens, the Schifts, the Warburgs…all German banking Zionists. Then brought to the U.S. (The Money Masters -dvd). Talmudist Jews by the way. Sold out Germany with the British to bring U.S. into WWI. Even though Germany was offering England a return to peace with no reparations or conditions.

Now, what happened to that 2.4 trillion that went missing from the Pentagon… just before 9-11? Hmmmm Dov Zakhiem might know. Another Zionist and dual Israeli/U.S. citizen who was in charge of the Pentagons budget as comptroller. Funny how that “plane” hit the accounting area of the Pentagon, destroying all evidence and records of misplaced funds. Darn the luck. Who’d have thought?

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5 Responses to Corrupt Fed wants control

  1. Avatar tony logan says:

    I see that my earlier reply about your commentary has been removed (Editor, Why?, I do not know), and that you have done some editing of your piece, JB. Still it remains an incoherent and nonsensical pastiche of antiJewish drivel and conspiracy thought.

    From a kernel of truth you have woven a big pile of speculative and accusatory trash that just does not add up into much of anything. In short, I still think you need to take your meds. There was no grand conspiracy by Jewish bankers to drive the US economy into the ground, and you are a nut to suggest so.

  2. On the other other hand, the Very Wealthy of every “religious” amoral persuasion have been sucking the wealth of the world into their nasty greedy pockets for a long long time.

    Mr Bush can’t claim to be Jewish or really Christian, and if the United Methodist Church had as strict a policy of excommunication as the Assemblies of God do now or the RC Church used to have, he wouldn’t be able to claim being a Methodist.

    I don’t see how an expressed religious or ethnic identity would make one thief more or less of an amoral murdering thief than any other, since ALL religions prohibit theft… and murder…

    I just stopped on to this thread because, today it was announced the Fed would infuse another 50 billion into the banks either the 8th or 17th of April.

    I still don’t get the “jewish” conspiracy from it though, the Bush family have made large amounts in the Banking Industry (to supplement the Slave Trade “earnings”) and even supported Hitler. They’re as WASP as WASP can be, and Hitler remains the Ultimate Anti-Semite at least in recent history.

    even anti-semitic groups and leaders today compare themselves by how much they can emulate him.

  3. Avatar Marie says:

    JB, unfortunately I agree with much of what you´ve said. The economic shit storm we are about to experience is no surprise to the power boys. The current hand-wringing and bail-out chatter is simply buying time for the plan to play itself out. I can´t quite figure out what the game is, and why it´s happening now, but some sort of major change in our financial system will be the result. And it won´t favor we, the people.

  4. Either that or they collectively bought the myth of unlimited growth.

    Kind of even the very rich aren’t immune to mass psychosis.

    Just, they don’t get together as much and even if they did all converge on one location it wouldn’t be as big a mass as the poor.

    Greed is an inherently destructive force. More power, more money, and nothing will satisfy either craving. The Financial “Leaders” have succumbed to Megalomania and they’re in the Terminal stage of the disease. There was a warning given 1925 years ago, approximately.

    There would be one and only One way for them to hold their position now, …and it won’t last.

    Remember in Powell’s book “The Anarchist Cookbook”, in the dedication pages, they ended with “there can only be one leader, ultimately, and when he gets out of prison he’s gonna kick some ass”

    We have met the enemy, and they have beaten us down, taken our lunch money and sent us home crying.

  5. Avatar The 13th says:

    Right on Jonah per Megalomania!

    Can’t we the people launch some sort of “harmful insanity” complaint on these monolithic goliath nutcases?!? Their damage to society has been documented. Their avarice is extreme, dangerous, and obvious. Their cannibalistic profiteering disease infects all of us.

    Sedate the mass populous with anti-depressants? No, lobotomize the head monsters. Send them to the shrink-house until they’re down to reasonable size!

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