NATO, Ukraine’s Orange Counter-Revolution

Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko is a US puppet who wants to push Ukraine into NATO, although less than 30% of the Ukraine public backs the idea. NATO head pledges to forge consensus on Ukraine NATO is an offensive war alliance, led by the US government, whose main current goal in the world is to dominate China and Russia. Why doesn’t the US ‘Peace’ community talk about NATO more and oppose the alliance for war?

The answer is simple. The Democratic Party is thoroughly supportive of NATO, and the leadership of all these liberal church fed ‘peace’ groups is thoroughly tied into Democratic Party dope pushing, so you won’t see them talk about NATO much at all, except perhaps to call on NATO to militarily intervene in Darfur and Kosovo, and even to occupy these areas. Absent is any call for NATO to get out of Afghanistan, too.

The so-called Ukraine ‘Orange Revolution’ is in fact a counter-revolutionary, counter democracy movement largely funded from Western Europe, the US, and Canada. It is an anti-Russian movement, despite the fact that many Russians live in Ukraine itself. We need to watch these scoundrels as they try to get the US to take over Ukraine militarily through NATO. We need to demand that NATO be eliminated, not spread further throughout the world.

The US Antiwar Movement must open its eyes and ears! The time to do so about NATO is upon us.

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