Russia should no longer try to appease US/NATO imperialism

AtrocityRussia and China have been trying to stay out of the line of fire by appeasing the US/NATO drive for perpetual war, but it has not worked, will not work, and cannot work. Russia should not pull its troops out of the Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions, areas considered by the US/NATO to be part of their new country of Georgia, which the US set up at the fall of the former Soviet Union. These regions are actually full of other nationalities other than just Georgians, and have absolutely no reason to be considered Georgian property at all by the rest of the world.

Further, the whole question of what exactly should be considered Georgia territory and what should be considered territory of other peoples is not the central question in this US versus Russia conflict. Much of the area surrounding the borders of Russia, as much of Russian territory itself, is a land where multi nationalities reside. This area of world territory lies far away from American territory and outside of the US, where our corporate dictatorship located in Washington DC now wants to dictate the fates of other peoples of the world.

The Pentagon and the US government that directs it is trying to position itself to win a world nuclear war that they might potentially decide to fight against Russia and/or China, and that’s really what this current flare up of US-Russian hostilities is actually about. The American people need to stop playing stupid about this and begin to more actively oppose the war drive of our government.

Russia should stand firm against this US sponsored aggression that began way before the last round in South Ossetia. It will not serve them or us to give in to the threats of the US government and NATO at this point, since every time in the past they have done so has simply just led to more bloodshed. Our corporate dictatorship in DC does not represent the interests of the American people, nor any peoples of the world today. It threatens us all with a future unlivable planet, and continual warfare on the road to that horrifying future for Planet Earth.

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3 Responses to Russia should no longer try to appease US/NATO imperialism

  1. Avatar GalloRoman says:

    You should be glad that you dont live in Russia. You would never be able to accuse/impugn the Motherland.
    But since you are lucky enough to live in the greatest country on earth, you are allowed to be a treasonist, cowardly douchbag…..and you can “blog” all you like and nobody will come arrest you.
    You wouldn’t last a day anyhwere else on the planet.

  2. Avatar tony logan says:

    Yawn…. GR, you are spamming the site with your foul mouth and it is about time to just turn the spam filter on for yuh.

  3. Avatar Jonah says:

    We had a not Very Pitched battle with the American Wonderful Freedom Loving Police State last year, and now their Brother Cops are gearing up to assault us again in Denver next Wednesday.

    Over Free Speech.

    They insist that Freedom means Freedom to Obey and to lick their Goddamned Pig Jackboots.

    And they have a few, not the majority, but a few, of the Slavery-Loving Obedient, Never Question “authority” Appeasement Monkeys within the population to enable thom.

    So you’ve surrendered, personally, to the Police State Neo-Gestapo, then I pity you.

    as your “love it or leave it” comment above, (writ in larger words) puts it, there are plenty of places in the world, most of them backed by the U.S. Military, where such behavior as yours is not only welcome, it’s Mandatory.

    Those of us who speak out and confront Your Government are the ones responsible for Freedom still being alive.

    Not the Soldier, Not the Gendarmerie… not the Prison Guards nor the Hangmen, or their modern equivalents, who only do the Bidding of His Royal Lowness George Bush.

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