Sadly, Barack Obama will probably get us OUT of Iraq by getting us INTO Iran

barack obama supermanEven as liberals like dumb Michael Moore and even dumber Norman Solomon begin to celebrate their ‘victory’ tonight, any thinking person must be asking themselves if the Obama-Biden team plan to get the US ‘out’ of Iraq by getting us into Iran? Certainly don’t hold your breath thinking that Obama, now that he has the presidency in hand, will suddenly begin to demand a new foreign policy! All that shit about CHANGE is mere hot air blown out the ass of a donkey, for donkeys, and for more WAR.

Obama and Biden have made it totally clear that they plan to win the so-called ‘Global War on Terrorism’, and that their only real gripe with Bush is that he’s no Grand Generalisimo like Obama plans to make himself into. His plan is to begin by moving more US troops into Afghanistan, and whipping up a new forced ‘consensus’ with the European vampire class to continue America’s military industrial complex into perpetuity.

Never have the Democrats had so little to offer the American public as now. People want to believe in them, yet there is really nothing being offered other than vague promises of changing America for the better and blah, blah, blah. That’s not much to deliver and people will wise up to this act real fast as the capitalist economy continues to tail spin worldwide. Black president or not.

It is historic that the US now has a Black man as its president, but Colin Powell was a historic sort of guy, too, as was Condi Rice. Change has not come to America, as Barack is so fond of stating on TV. America is still stuck in the two party con game rut, and this election was as big a fraud pulled over all of us as it comes.

I see more war ahead, and Black-face will not cover it up for long. Colin Powell has now been replaced but the murder goes on. And the sad thing about it, is that the liberals still don’t seem to have even the slightest clue to what is coming their way. Time is now for the construction of a new American Left, because the old one showed its total rot in election year 2008.

7 thoughts on “Sadly, Barack Obama will probably get us OUT of Iraq by getting us INTO Iran

  1. Barack Obama’s victory tonight is not only monumentally significant, it marks a turning point in American political history. Barack has energized a new generation of voters and has been given the congressional seats to push a progressive agenda. Grumpy old men like you received a mandate tonight — shut up and go home. The rest of us are ready to work toward change.

  2. What progressive agenda, Marie? Do you think that the Democratic Party has morphed into a totally different creature than it has been? I wonder really what people like you will have to say when Barack and Biden deliver on what they have already promised people, which is nothing more than yet more war? You people must have some sort of selective hearing problem?

  3. Someone needs a hug! Tony, you may be correct in some of these assertions, but the fact remains; Obama winning over 300 electoral votes speaks volumes to the fact that Americans, and not just liberals, but AMERICANS want change. That’s a start, isn’t it? His potential foreign policies may be something to worry about, but after eight years of dubya, I feel that I can honestly say that it can’t get any worse. At the VERY least, Obama openly stated that he will engage in diplomatic dialogue before we present military action as a means to deal with Iran. The other guy sang the words “Bomb Iran” to the tune of a Beach Boys song when he was posed with the question.

  4. Daniel, it can get worse and will. Dubya is not the end of the line in that regard.

    I do agree that some, but not all, Americans do want some sort of change, and that was reflected in the outcome of the election. Because the US does not truly have any functioning democracy, those who bothered voting did what they thought was the best thing available to them, and they tried to turn the more obvious of the scoundrels out. It was relatively close, too, with only a few million popular votes actually determining the margin of Obama’s victory. While that is true, it also is a fact that of all those not bothering to vote (or being barred from doing so), most of these people, too, still would rather have Obama in than the other guys in instead, so in fact Obama’s victory represents the desires of a much larger majority of Americans than actually represented in the vote totals.

    But let us take measure of some other realities while we are at it, too, Daniel. Americans did not come very far in wanting any real change, and that reality can be clearly seen in any number of several views of the current reality. In the preceding years, Americans have refused to mobilize themselves in opposing the Iraq and Afghanistan Occupations and the gargantuan military/ war spending that is behind it. Most Americans continue to define themselves as being proAmerica and ‘good’ almost exclusively through their support of excessive military and policing spending, bullying of other peoples and nations, and by their imagination that the US is some how culturally superior to all others. There is nothing about the Obama campaign that represents even the slightest reversal of that. To the contrary.

    In short, there is nothing about Bushism itself, now seemingly rejected by the majority of the American people, that alone was any way responsible for the mess we have arrived to. The game of blaming the Republicans for all American sins has now come to a dead end, and at this point, there is about ZERO self examination by those who made their own misery possible by staying hard fast supporters of only participating in ‘two Party politics’ as usual.

    Hope is good, but Hope smashed by reality is not all that good, and that is what is truly going to face Americans soon. What they are in for is the Democratic Party clearly taking over the prime responsibility for bankrupting the US population as a whole through their consistent support for the Pentagon-super rich-corporate welfare program. Shall we call it ‘socialism’ for the super rich perhaps?

    Daniel, if you, Marie, Bother Jonah, or anybody else out there is truly imagining that Obama is going to improve things (CHANGE) while still continuing this corruption of feeding the War Machine trillions upon trillions of deficit dollars then you are living in a delusional world? Ask yourselves, has Obama shown any signs of wanting to halt this total corruption in the corporate American landscape? Or instead, has he shown all indications that he represents nothing more nor less than a total continuation of all of the same? Once again, YES it can get worse than Dubya has set the current standard to, and all indications are that that is just about ready to happen.

  5. There was a talk show on the radio yesterday where a pro Obama supporter and a pro Mccain supporter were debating about income tax. I thought to myself, this is how sold out we our to the idea that our government knows best since we have two groups of people arguing about a tax which by definition is illegal according to the constitution.
    It’s sad to see the lack of thinking in this country.
    And as far as Iran goes, just watch Obama’s hawkish speech in front of AIPAC. Iran is definitely on his “to do” list. It’s scary.

  6. What I would worry about is the notion that W has 3 months in which to act all kinds of UP.

    There’s been rumors for the past 6 years that he went back on the bottle.

    I don’t know.

    The Iranians and the Iraqis have been extra nice in the past 6 months mostly because they were hoping the Dumbass would get tossed out of office.

    Just my thought on the matter.

    Miss Johnnie said last night “Now, I have a chance at getting real Health Care and maybe I won’t have to die of neglect.”

    I hope the Iraqis will be a lot more patient than GW ever was.
    And the Iranians. The last few times, 3 for the Iraqis, that power changed hands it involved large groups of heavily armed individuals invading the Government offices and telling the Former Government that they had just “lost the Election”.

    The Invitation Only crowd in Phoenix were getting ugly.

    I know, I know, they look like that Year Round, but they were making that deep rumbling noise common to a lynch mob.

    I thought they were going to storm the stage and eat their own candidate.

    They’ve been making so much noise with that Obamageddon bullshit that they’ve got a hard core who actually believe it.

    Ms Palin, who whipped it up masterfully, like a female Hitler in my humble opinion, just smiles and babbles about running in 2012.

    After convincing the simple-minded bastards that if Obama won there wouldn’t ever be another election because America would be destroyed.

    For all I know, there’ll be a massive head-pulling-out-event across the Springs when that sinks in and they realize, Their Prophetess of Doom doesn’t actually believe her own hype.

    I hope, too, from a top-down level, that GW doesn’t do what GHW did and launch a “spite war” to saddle his replacement with.

    He’ll be trying to grab as much cash as he can before being forced out.

  7. again the worst of two evils. his foreign policy will please AIPAC and the zionists. he has said jerusalem should be the capital. and not divided. emanuel joining the idf instead of our military speaks volumes. biden saying [you do not need to be jewish to be a zionist.] [i am a zionist.]

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