‘Conspiracy to commit riot in furtherance of terrorism’?

pig cartoonAttorneys for Minnesota Nine call criminal charges ‘outrageous’ and YES they are. The real conspiracy is to extend the US government’s unconstitutional lack of legal norms given to tortured US-held POWs in places like Guantanamo to US citizens in places like Minnesota.

The conspiracy is to use the US legal system now held hostage in the hands of international war criminals lodged in DC, and to us it against ordinary Americans that might actually exercise their rights to Free Speech. The real conspiracy is to defend the undemocratic lock that 2 corporate controlled political parties have on our electoral rights in this country by jailing protesters in illegal manner.

Demand that they drop these criminal charges against these defendants now, and urge that the media begin to cover what’s going on in our country now! They are covering up these criminal actions by government policing agencies with a thick screen of silence. Defend your own freedoms (what’s left of them) NOW!

Wrong place, wrong time, wrong lessons from the RNC This columnist writes for a conservative mainstream daily and had to tone it down quite a bit. Still his writing gives a glimpse of the type of police state mentality that the biggest metropolitan area in Minnesota was put through by the federal government.

Shameful that the local politicians actually were too scared and complicit to object, and instead condoned it largely and covered it up. We have the same type of people in city government right here in Colorado Springs.

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