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Filipina teenage actress allegedly has Botox for role

That’s… taking things a bit far. OK, it’s taking things WAY too far. Teen actress Charice has “anti-aging” treatments including Botox, WHY? The encouraging of young girls as young as toddlers to wear makeup, when makeup is designed specifically to … Continue reading

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Federal HHS say government efforts haven’t decreased Juvenile Obesity

Probably because the Corporate shadow-government have spent thousands of times advertising Over Consumption, sedentary lifestyle choices (commercials which say to the kids “No, don’t turn off the TV and go outside, you’ll miss our Crap Entertainment and most importantly, you … Continue reading

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Who is that on the back of the poor?

Here’s a Christmas gift for your favorite First Worlder. Let them affix their mug behind the face of “Justitia,” the Western Goddess of Justice, carried by the laboring poor as she seeks to right inequity without relinquishing her station of … Continue reading

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“You don’t want the hassle of saving money”

This according to a commercial for some sound system. You’re hit with the double whammy that you’re worth less (worthless?) as a human being if you don’t listen to your Televised Crap in high definition Sound. I have an Idea … Continue reading

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The war on Christmas they worry about

What it’s going to take to revisit 350ppm, to reverse climate change, is not carbon trading, wind turbines, miraculous scientific leaps, or a COP15 conference. The anti-technology has been known to us since sustainable times, when mankind didn’t have to … Continue reading

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The consumer goods Killer App -KILLED

Finally a real KILLER APP. A free iPhone application called the Good Guide lets you scan the barcodes of (eventually) every consumer good to learn immediately its goodness rating on a scale of 0-10. No more Consumer Report printouts, mental … Continue reading

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I knew Black Friday, and You Sir, are no Black Friday

If this year’s “Black Friday” fails to pull retailers out of their red ink, should the dubious protologism retire its presumption to speak for consumer confidence? I think it should. Wasn’t it really just an economist’s “for the Gipper” meme … Continue reading

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The Red-listed fishy

Greenpeace is urging consumers to check whether their grocery stores are carrying red-listed seafood. These are species from fisheries endangered by depletion and susceptible to pirate fishing. Greenpeace’s idea? Report your grocer for stocking contraband. Try as you might to … Continue reading

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The Advent conspiracy

Consumerism allows people to create the illusion of giving without having to sacrifice anything personal. Buying loads of useless or unneeded crap, wrapping it up in mountains of toxic paper and ribbon, presenting it, often by mail, to recipients we … Continue reading

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Walmart trampling is Black Friday PR

“BLACK FRIDAY” BREAKING NEWS- What do you make of the trampling of a Wal-mart worker by crazed bargain hunters at Long Island super center first thing on the day after Thanksgiving? Crazy shoppers, or beguilingly crazy bargains? Which most aroused … Continue reading

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iN line for the iPhone

As one who doesn’t like to leave the house, I am a big fan of the internet. In truth, I can hardly speak a negative word about it. The web has given us unfettered access to news and information, consumer … Continue reading

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Living better at the expense of others

Perhaps you thought it couldn’t get worse. Colorado College hosts speakers who deny global warming, or dismiss the “one or two degrees.” They have speakers who champion imperialism by debt. Coming up, on February 26th at Packard Hall, CC has … Continue reading

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Buy Nothing Day 2004

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