The Conservative Motto: Greed is Good, Greed is God!

The trouble with optimism. I especially love the first quote, by Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, who made billions off the Great Depression.

War with Spain? Palestinians file war crimes charges against Israel. Probably moot, as both US presidential candidates would likely bomb any court that rules against US/Israeli war crimes.

Obama makes clear that he’s
sold his soul to the parasitic state
of Israel.

AntiChrist may endorse McCain, laments “It’s getting harder and harder to determine the greater of two evils in this election.”

Will Cheney have Iraqi PM Maliki killed for backing Obama’s withdrawal plan? “Oops, so sorry. We thought we were just bombing a wedding party!”

Evidence that McCain will pick Cheney as his VP?

Grumpy old man alert! NY Times rejects op-ed written by John McCain. I know what you’re thinking: “McCain can write?” Well, according to the NYT, no.

Best gov’t money can buy. Nevada GOP cancels façade of state convention, will instead just have private conference call, where largest donors will decide the nominees. Delegates, who have been locked out by the move, are suing the Nevada Republican Party. I guess it makes sense, though. The Republicans typically sell their votes to the highest bidder, so why not pick their candidates that way?

As the McCain campaign becomes little more than a joke… A senile old geezer, an angry woman and a charming black guy walk into a bar…

Compassionless Conservatives. Bob Novak isn’t just a traitor, he’s also a hit-and-run driver. He hit a pedestrian, and drove off pretending not to even notice the man splayed across his windshield.

Man ticketed for dying in car.

Will Obama “end the war” but continue the occupation?

Proof that Obama is just another war-mongering Republican.

Dark Knight, indeed! Batman arrested for assaulting his elderly mother.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes July 23,

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