The good news for America’s economy!

good economic news
For the year 2008, the Dow fell 33.8 percent, for its bleakest year since 1931; the S&P skidded 38.5 percent; and the Nasdaq posted its worst year ever, with a 40.5 percent drop. That’s the good news!

Capitalist world stocks as a whole did even worse, falling more than an average across all countries of slightly more than 43% in value. Wall St closes out worst year since Depression Some countries, including China, did yet worse (over $3 trillion in losses) from the paper stock exchange values at the beginning of 2008.

So is there more good news for America’s capitalist economy this year? YES, that would be the election of Barack Obama and Obama’s commitment to carry on the US military-industrial welfare system exactly as before. War is the growth part of the world capitalist economy and Barack is committed to keeping the ball rolling right along! You can transfer economic collapse to foreigners easier with a big military on hand to enforce that! Aren’t you glad you live in America?

Look? If you are a hardworking and fearless man with a gun, there is always military-security-policing work out there, and especially in economic downturns! Hospitals are actually closing down in parts of the US, but the police force merits the best!
Don’t look for their supplies and numbers to go down. Likewise, there is always some place needing occupation, and the Pentagon clearly will have the lobbying power, with operatives like Lockheed backing them up, to get what they need to make their world safe! Corporate Security…

So don’t get down on economic prospects (most good Americans aren’t!). Have faith! Go with the guns is my economic advice for 2009. More growth is expected ahead and bombs are where it’s at! America’s got them, too, so there really is no reason to feel so grim about the near future!

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