The Stiles Unit of Beaumont

The Stiles Unit of Beaumont… I actually worked there once… That’s where I saw torture being done on prisoners INSIDE THE US first hand.

“Cadarell Freeman was to leave prison in September 2000. He had walked into prison, but now he was deathly sick. He had lost 60 pounds. The inmate’s legs were so weak that he slumped in a wheelchair at the Stiles Unit near Beaumont as he waited for the bus that would ferry him to Huntsville and his freedom.

The vehicle came. From his chair, Freeman eyed the steps into the bus. The driver told Freeman that if he wanted out, he could crawl. A nurse eventually helped the dispirited inmate onto the bus. The next day, a guard pushed him through the front door of the prison in Huntsville, where Freeman’s mother was waiting. Luckily, his mother brought a wheelchair. The state kept the one Freeman had been issued by the prison’s medical system.”

Prison officials boast that the clinics in each of the state’s 105 prisons are inspected and licensed by national prison health-care agencies. But even prison system doctors question whether these inspections adequately measure the quality of medical care. After all, in 1996, when two-thirds of the men who died at the Stiles Unit had “improper” care, according to the state audit, the prison clinic earned passing grades from a national accrediting organization. Moreover, even these accreditation reports are kept secret under state law.

NOTE— The Stiles Unit is a concentration camp run buy The State of Texas. Here is what the medical care was like. Actually, it was much, much, much worse than this. Did I emphasize MUCH?

Becoming guinea pigs to avoid poor prison care
Ill inmates urge each other to join experiments

How bad is Stiles, a US torture center run by The State Of Texas?

‘Deadly inadequacies’ plague inmate wards
Gaps in evaluating care let some mistakes go unnoticed

An effort by inmates to tell the truth about the Stiles Unit… (BTW, I remember this sorry ass nurse named Connie)
Gaps in evaluating care let some mistakes go unnoticed

None of this is even a slight beginning to letting you know what this torture camp was really like. We need to stop torture in the US. Instead, our government is spreading this abuse around everywhere. It should be on your conscience as a human being to oppose this terrorism inside the US, and instead, I see little anger about it at all.

Tonight I sat through a meeting of the planning board and executive board of the Colorado Springs Justice and Peace Commission and wasted my time. Where is their anger and where is their energy? I saw nothing.

These are not the people that can stop any sort of injustice in the world, Eric. They are a waste of time and I am ashamed to be associated with them.

I think that we need a new group, and one that has some semblance of democratic functioning within it. It is as simple as that. They think that they are running a small business instead of a poltiical oppositional group, so this is not a group of people that provide any real leadership. They have no experience and will not fight strongly for much of anything.

What does this have to do with the Stiles Unit in Beaumont, Texas? Everything, as far as I am concerned.

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  1. My son is at Stiles unit in Beaumont Huntsville called me and for a.list of allegy meds when he first got in. I told them he was deathly allergic to cerabrex. It’s used to stop seizures well lo and behold that’s what he was given it resulted in a major stroke, left side affected. He was have physical therapy. Not provided he has never not once been taken to utmb in Galveston. He has some blockage in his corroded artery they have done nothing about it. He has mental health issues as well, I’m sure most of them do qnd the abuse is a sad situation. I had to write to the govoner, to get somthing done.and if there is an investigation into the unit we’ll it becomes the offenders fault. Just this year alone there have been over 100 deaths in the unit, a few from natural causes. There has been so many inmates hang themselves or so they say, it stems from the abuse and Noone doing anything to stop it. The ombudsman office is a sick joke. And try to speak to a warden well for get it they want to send u to the ones that are abusing the inmates. A captain or a ultimate. They have threatened to tip my son from his wheel chair, even a nurse said they are putting his life in danger.

  2. I don’t believe they are hanging them my brother supposedly died from suicide in December 2020 I don’t believe it not one bit I just can’t prove it yet!!

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