Tibetans forced to pass Monarchy to son of old King

namgyel wangch‘In a massive, whitewashed fort-cum-monastery, King Jigme Khesar Namgyel had the crown, mounted with a raven and adorned with skulls, placed on his head by his retiring father.’ Coronation in the Dragon Kingdom Yes, those Buddhists sure have grand respect for the dignity of human life (an ALL life, it is said by many), do they not? Nothing else quite like using human skulls in your political ceremonies!

OK, I know that with all of the Hollywood style entertainment, and the liberal State Department enlightenment here in our noble USA, most Americans are absolutely totally unaware of the reality that Tibetans already have their own country, Bhutan, and are not merely a ‘nation’ stolen by China. If you go to the link to the news report of the coronation of the new king their, you will briefly be given some small tidbit of information about the Tibetans, and how they have genocidally acted towards the Nepalese in their feudal country. Not a pretty story, and one that runs counter to the doggerel passed on about Tibet as US disinformation and antiChinese propaganda.

We wish all the peoples there in Tibet, China, Nepal, and Bhutan the best, and the best would be if India, Britain, and the US were kept completely out of their region altogether. Certainly that will not happen with the Dalai Lama, Tibetan God King, misinforming the world population about Tibet by way of the international corporate media. However, with a healthy dose of scepticism, one can get more info than that being spoon-fed to the naive and not so innocent.

6 thoughts on “Tibetans forced to pass Monarchy to son of old King

  1. So, not unlike the red stripes on the U.S. flag, the red in the the French coquette and flag, and the red in Soviet-inspired flags representing human blood…

  2. Don’t monarchies generally pass kingships from father to son?

    The headline sounds a bit like “Americans forced to pass Presidency to election winner.”

  3. Mr. Tony Logan, What rubbish are you rambling on about? First get your facts right. You have the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan’s and Bhutan all mixed up and have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

    First. Dalai Lama is the ruler of Tibet.
    Second. China DID annex Tibet
    Third. Bhutan is not Tibet and therefore Tibetan’s are not Bhutanese, who are what the people who live in Bhutan are called.
    What do you mean “I rather think that Tibetan’s in Bhutan would like to get rid of their monarchy?” Have you even been to Bhutan? or is all your misinformation based on hearsay? This is a truly pathetic attempt on your part to discredit the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans (or are you trying to discredit the Bhutanese?) From your writing it seems like you hate all three but given your confused writing its hard to deduce which party it is you are attempting to slander.

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