Mexico tires of US paid Mexican military abuses

The US is funding a ‘drug war’ campaign by the Mexican military that has gotten increasingly every bit as abusive as the drug traffickers themselves, who often times are ex-Mexican military and police. As a result, the Mexican public is trading in their previous support for this campaign and is pushing for the Mexican military to get out of their towns and cities. The Associate Press reports Mexican military losing drug war support

Meanwhile, the US politicians and press continue their campaign against Mexican immigrant workers, who instead of trafficking drugs, just try to make a living off their own labor. The politicians and press do little talking about the violence that US drug laws and the US ‘drug war’ push of into other peoples’ lands though. That is a rather forbidden subject. Even more forbidden is to report on the US funding for these foreign military atrocities, whether it be in Colombia or Mexico, or points in between.

Instead of hearing about how Mexico is becoming militarized for the worse by US funds for such purpose, we, the American public, are fed disinformation that leads us to think that all is getting much better just South of our border. Actually, the scene so nearby makes Al Capone’s Chicago reign look like a tea party for old ladies.

We need to abolish this pseudo war against drugs just like we need to end all the other wars that are used to justify militarizing our own country even further than it already is. If not, more of this violence will eventually spill over to this side of The Border. We ened to stop our government from torturing Mexicans and from torturing Americans inside US prisons.

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