Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

DC protest against TransCanada Tar Sands Keystone XL Pipeline
Want to protest our corporate government’s determination to foist the catastrophic Keystone XL Pipeline unto our precariously climate? Here’s a great slogan: TAR SANDS = DIRTIEST OIL ON EARTH. More below:

DC protest against TransCanada Tar Sands Keystone XL Pipeline

DC protest against TransCanada Tar Sands Keystone XL Pipeline

Do we need to speak truth to power? The powerful already know the truth. They bank on it.

So that much hasn’t been made clear to you with Occupy Wall Street? Common citizens are coming together across the globe, without need to apprise each other about Capitalism’s ravages. Does anyone still doubt these crimes are fully premeditated? SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER may still be a laudable dare, but let’s not pretend it’s revelatory. Today netizens are being asked to petition congress to stand down its attack on Net Neutrality, because apparently the public’s freedom on the web might be something lawmakers are overlooking. Playing this speak-truth-to-power charade simply renders the public complicit in perpetuating untruth, that the actions of our corporate government, media and capital class are not absolutely, mendaciously callous and deliberate.

Slavoj Zizek Not Gaga for Pop

Slovenian philosopher Slovaj Zizek has a cult following like Lady Gaga, but denied this weekend any romantic connection. I write this with tongue in cheek, Slavoj’s, because of his comic protestations. Zizek was cajoled by Amy Goodman at Saturday’s London Fronline Club event: did he categorically denied the rumor? Zizek said “Absolute denial on everything.” But he wasn’t dissing Gaga or the notoriety of the mischievous meme, even as he protested: “I didn’t even listen to not one of her songs!” The audience ate it up; how total a rejection. Except Zizek continued playfully: “My God, I listen to Schubert and Schumann songs. Sorry, I’m a conservative.” And there you have the reigning academic of pop cultural references, who cannot make a point without recalling a movie scene, rejecting not Lady Gaga, but Pop. Obviously Zizek’s pop culture isn’t yours.

It may escape the notice of average film goers that when themes evoke cinematic moments to Zizek’s memory, they’re not from There’s Something About Mary. Saturday’s discussion brought up Marx Brothers, yes, in the company of Lubitsch and Truffaut, moments of cinema verité, touches of social comment with Zizek’s nuance already scripted. Yes he’s famously evoked Tom & Jerry, and more recently tried to project Hosni Mubarak’s attention to Wiley Coyote’s fatal overrun of the cliff, but I think it’s clear, like Schubert and Schumann, we’re talking about classics. Academia may like to paint Zizek a populist, but his material is not plebeian.

For the curious, from the Marx Brothers: “My client may look like an idiot, and act like an idiot. That shouldn’t distract you, he is an idiot.” (About Rumsfeld being a liar.)

From Night And Day: A young lover finally yields unceremoniously to her suitor’s whining entreaties, to which he puts on the brakes like a reluctant prude. (About the West’s rejection of what it’s always pretended to want, a secular revolution in Egypt.)

From Ninotchka: Customer “May I have a coffee with cream?” Waiter: “We don’t have cream, we have milk. May I offer you a coffee without milk?” (About speaking the unspoken pretense.)

Where Zizek hits low perhaps are his wildly off-color jokes, gleaned from friends over drinks –I like to imagine– as opposed to circulated in morning emails. Zizek was full of sexism-loaded analogies on Saturday, and one joke in particular looks to have fallen between the edits which Democracy Now is re-airing, and even off the published transcript of the full event.

So I’ll retell it, and you tell me if Zizek could have made his point without getting so obscene. He’s addressing human nature’s desire for favorable news, even as by definition it masks atrocity.

A man’s wife is treated in the hospital for a potentially fatal condition. The doctor comes out and tells the husband, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is, we saved your wife, she will live. The bad news is, well, due to circumstances we couldn’t avoid, her rectal muscles no longer function, so she’ll be shitting uncontrollably the rest of her life, and her vagina will be secreting a substance, very unpleasant, and so on, her mouth, her nose, disgusting, and so on. Noticing the husband’s discomfort increasing to an unbearable pitch, the doctor tells him: Relax, I’m kidding, don’t worry, your wife died.

Zizek was illustrating the new Wikileaks state of affairs, our corporate government and its press rejecting the truths which emerged from the leaks, preferring the more palatable, no matter the horrors it perpetuates. Between reality and Zizek’s joke, which was the more obscene?

I also love Zizek’s propensity to drop “and so on” between statements, like verbal checkmarks on the points he’s hit. It’s post-graduate lecture shorthand for “you know the rest.” Chomsky does it too, by fading into mumbles, and it is frustrating to those of us who haven’t covered the assigned reading. But it’s a reminder too, of how much out there we cannot hope to master. That shouldn’t stand in our way of trying to grasp the bigger picture.

Am I right, Slavoj Zizek big picture speaks to us using the vocabulary of the big picture show? It’s the silver screen to be precise, and as yet he’s limited himself to visuals, not lyrics. I think Zizek’s candid revelation about his musical preferences leaves a hint for us that the bigger picture isn’t to be found in today’s compression sculpted pop sound, no matter how politically clever or Gaga the music.

We’re not really pulling US troops out of Iraq, Barack, now are we?

barack obamaPresident Obama, we hear your sense of urgency to ‘reform’ American Healthcare for American business within weeks, but not any sense that you will pull US troops out of Iraq where you plan to keep them there for another 29 months! Hey! In fact we don’t really believe that you will pull them out even then, now will you? You promised all of this though simply to quiet your supporters within the now dead US ‘Peace Movement’, a large group of Democrats now off into a slumber party.

We’re not really pulling US troops out of Iraq, Barack, now are we? You plan to keep them there simply because the US government has destroyed the ability of the Iraqi people to hold their own country together in one cohesive nation. That’s the US government’s big secret they are withholding from the American people. The national cohesiveness of Iraq has been utterly destroyed by American belligerence and incompetence.

Yes, the American people themselves are real good at supporting tearing down government (and the governments of other countries) but real stupidly incompetent about being ever able to CONSTRUCT. That’s the reason that Americans have made a mess of not only their own country, misusing its vast resources and squandering great wealth away, but have also left SE Asia, Korea, Africa, Central America, and now much of the Middle East in chaos and poverty through the US corporate government foreign policy of promoting continual wars. Not a pretty record to look at post WW2. Lots of money made for the Big Guys though.

Barack, you are simply playing a delay game here with Iraq and the American people. The Iraqis know it, but most ordinary Americans seem just too stupid to figure it out.

Obama: U.S. on track for 2011 Iraq pullout
Cites ‘substantial progress’ after meeting with Iraqi prime minister

…Not a lot to be proud about in the USA these days.

The Myth of The Man Barack Jesus Obama

snakehandlers‘Instead we hold our breath in awe of a capable man who will surprise us with his resourcefulness.’ No we don’t, Eric.
In this statement that you made, you are trying to reaffirm here what I would call ‘The Myth of The Man’, a myth that is almost Christian religious in its origins and outlook. Barack Obama and Jesus Christ are two myths of omnipotent men that simply beg out for challenge to the myth, not affirmation of them.

In the reincarnated, Barack Obama version of The Myth of The Man, Obama is expected to act God-like just like Jesus,’Son of God’, was once expected to perform miracles. These miracles include rising from the dead, curing the dead, walking on water, and stopping The Empire’s Wars against the actual interests of The Corporate Empire that just put him into its highest office! We are told, as Eric postulates in his comment, to be expecting surprises from this ‘resourceful’ SuperMan, who is godlike in his perfection, expected to rise up from his death-like corporate government bureaucratic surroundings, and expected to perform miracles for the common folk who he has come to rescue from the sins of Power!

The current Myth of The Man depends on all of us to express FAITH, just like over at New Life Church much the same also is asked of Followers. We are asked to suspend judgement by Church Ladies, too. And our very own Reverend MC Thomas is out there shouting that Satan has now been cast out from The Temple of Power! That Fascist Satan is gone he screams! Burn his dead body!

What does all this FAITH, HOPE, sense of Being God’s Messengers in HISTORIC moments imply about the consistency of the on focus message of ‘Not My Tribe’? That there is Myth of Middle Ground’? All this Hoopla for Jesus… no I meant Barack….. shown here, demonstrates religion to me. Political Religiosity, but religious fervor none the less. Hold the snakes in hand and pray for Obama?

OUCH!!!!! You are going to get bit!

How quiet the US media is about Indian Hindu brutality in Kashmir

Oh Yes, the Western corporate media would have us all believe that they are the grand champions of human rights worldwide, yet how quiet they are when it comes to reporting US and Allied atrocities in places like Kashmir. And when they even mention events in places like Kashmir, their reporting is heavily skewed and hides the reality.

For example, in Homes burn as Hindu-Muslim anger grows in Kashmir, the article feigns a neutrality in its coverage that is just plain false and not there. You see, the Indian government is heavily courted by the American government to not line up with Russia and China, but to join in with the US corporate government drive to take over control of all Asian affairs. India is offered the junior partner position. That’s why it is necessary to cover up the fact that the overwhelming majority of violence is really a Hindu one, and to pretend that Hindus might be merely responding to Muslim violence instead.

Further, the reality that Hindu nationalism in India has created pogrom after violent pogrom against Indian Muslims runs counter to the Christian global jihad story line against regions where Islam is the dominant religion. Muslims must need be always cast in the role of being the constant terrorist phantom that the Christian US Crusaders must fight against. The US media tries to keep quiet about its Hindu allies’ slaughters of Muslims in India. It is inconvenient to the militaristic propaganda in the US.

And to make things even sadder, the reality that Hindu nationalism is fascist like and brutal toward its Moslem minority population in India runs against the story line of the Liberal Christian ‘Peace’ pacifists inside the US who seem to worship the new Hindu God Ghandi every bit as much as they do Jesus. They hardly want much to speak up about these matters either. It runs counter to their worship services where they talk about ‘Peace’ a lot, but always quite in the abstract, quiet in the concrete.

Still, but there is new terror being spread by Hindu India in Kashmir these days, quiet as mouses the US media might be about covering it. US nationalism is encouraging fascist HIndu nationalism in India with its own Christian so-called ‘War on Global Terrorism’ which is a propaganda campaign designed to target Muslims. So don’t let the corporate media get away with their cover-up of silence and stay informed about Kashmir and other places victimized in media silence by the US propaganda machine. I am talking about places like Somalia and the Ogaden region of Ethiopia, too, which are also are kept in shrouds of media silence and non-reporting.

The US corporate government and media sources lie to you constantly, and their biggest lies most of the time they pull off by just being silent. Stay informed instead. Don’t be as ignorant as they would have you be. The fighting in Kashmir is another current hot spot, just as the fighting in Georgia is. Be aware of the US government connections to it.

How the US and Georgia violated the South Ossetia peace plan

map_nato_021120.gifThe Russians have issued a peace plan for Georgia and the US to accept, and SURPRISE!
It’s the same peace plan that was in place before, which the US and Georgia violated by entering and attacking South Ossetia. The peace plan calls for non- aggression in South Ossetia to be monitored by peacekeeping troops. FACTBOX-Peace plan for Georgia: what is it? This peace plan is essentially the same one that the European Union has already proposed and that was already once in place.

However, it is obvious to all that the US and Georgian governments do not feel in the least obligated to abide by this plan since they have already violated it once by unilatrally sending troops into South Ossetia. Further the official US government propaganda mills in the US (the New York Times, Washington Post, George Dubya Bush, Rice, etc.) have made it clear with their continued belligerency that this attack on South Ossetia was only the beginning of the continued US government plan to now constantly attack Russia. They have no desire at all to retreat despite the human suffering their war plans are causing. They want to control the natural resources of Asia for US corporate interests and that is all that counts for them.

It seems clear that this is the new Republican plan to try to advance John McCain’s chances for entering into the White House, too, and since the Democrats share the same foreign policy goals of the Republicans they will not be able to counter the Republican offensive but will instead echo everything the Bush Administration does. The Republican plan is to simply reignite Cold War rhetoric against the nationalist capitalist regime of the country today named Russia, and to attack the Democratic Party for being supposedly weak in this campaign.

Liberal pacifists and academic Left Libertarians in the Peace Movement are also not prepared to do anything against this new neocon propaganda offensive against Russia. They also tag along with the Republicans spewing out constant anti- Chinese and anti- Russia vitriol all on their own. Their mantra has always been merely a call to equally and incessantly blame victims of US aggression alongside the blame they toss out against the US government for causing the chaos and conflict in the world today.

But how can a US Antiwar Movement be built on such a foundation like that? In fact, you hardly see these people active even going through the motions of organizing a US Antiwar Movement. It is all talk and writing for the liberal community that they are engaged in and propagandizing for, and nothing of real organizing an Antiwar Movement. By equalizing responsibility as they do, in fact they expose themselves as being US nationalists themselves despite their criticisms of the US corporate government, simply because who is to blame is not equal at all in the least.

Russia and China are now engaged by the US government in a very real war of worldwide proportions, and yet the public in the US is not even vaguely aware in the least of what their own corporate dictatorship government has planned for us all. Where will the next new fighting be started by the militarists in the White House? How can they be stopped without total disaster occurring? The future indeed does look grim.

One aspect of interest is how the US government used Georgia to muscle out the interests of all the Western European countries besides the United Kingdom This fighting has been a US power government play to mold NATO as it wants it to be molded, the Europeans be damned. See the Wall Street Journal commentary… Splits Emerge Within EU

Russia should not take any US talk of peace seriously, since the US government’s actions since the fall of the exSoviet Union have made it already clear that the US corporations merely want to beat down Russia with a big stick.

American government and business refuse to take any measures to conserve energy

All American businesses are trying to pose themselves as being respecters of the environment, energy efficient, and Green, and so is the Federal Government and Pentagon, too. However, even a cursory examination of policies by these organizations show that American government and businesses, at all levels, simply refuse to take any major measures to reduce energy consumption by our country.

Big Business controls government in our country, which can scarcely be considered a democracy due to this business control. We are a corporate plutocracy instead. So, at this time, it is really in corporate hands to control major government policy regarding energy use. What are the needed measures in this country to reduce energy use? These measures are never mentioned or talked about, simply because Big Business and corporate Big government do not want to implement them.

To reduce energy use in the future, government would have to take major steps to change previous and current urban planning and transportation policies. A federal zoning policy would have to be instituted that would make it impossible to stretch out construction of our cities over huge expanses of land as they are stretched out now. Also, measures would have to be taken to push back our overly extended cities into more manageable arenas of human activity. As we can see, corporate government has no plans to do any of this, even though doing it is necessary to reduce energy use.

Too much energy is used in getting people to work, and allowing them to try to escape our ugly cities. Many of our cities are quite frankly pure hell to live in. There is little escape from noise pollution, few clean public spaces of any real beauty, and a boring monotony in our public space. Our cities are making people ill, and most try to escape the cities as much as they can afford. That uses up a lot of fuel.

Simply investing in a really functioning public transit around our country would take a tremendous federal commitment to change the energy inefficient system of public transport we are presently saddled with. There currently are ZERO signs that any of big business and government agencies at almost all levels see any need to change their behaviors, and hence ours. There is nothing on the books other than continuing to fund huge amounts of pavement stretching into infinity.

This is not the time (nor do I have the time now) to discuss the many ways that energy policy must be redirected. Simply enough to just say that American government and Big Business, contrary to how they project themselves in their propaganda, are not interested in taking any measures to conserve energy use in a real manner. They are lying to us when thy talk about being Green. They are ignoring our needs, and are destroying the word for future generations all because they simply want to keep making money in the same old manners they have grown accustomed to. To reduce energy use, our cities must be made into livable places, which most are not.

US terrorist attack in Somalia attracts little media attention

It is a sign of our times, that not only direct US government advocacy and use of torture on prisoners held by its military attracts little media attention or condemnation, but US government use of direct terrorism doesn’t either. The reason why is quite simple, and is that simply the international media is an integral part of the corporate world and corporate government propaganda system in support for continual militarism and war. Only the BBC seems to even notice this latest act of US terrorism that killed up to 30 people in Somalia. US confirms Somali missile strike

Sure this is terrorism, too. Sending a bomb hundreds of miles across the sky to crash into a civilian neighborhood is just as much a terrorist act as would be walking into a market or transportation hub and setting off a bomb is. What a sad day for Americans, who are largely just sitting by watching as their government engages in these crimes and doing absolutely nothing about it. We are disgraced by such citizen inaction. We are a disgrace as a nation of dimwits.

‘Super Delegates’ make the corporate party super undemocratic

Corporations have one big problem in controlling political expression in that all they have is money, not numbers. Tons of money get spent on fabricating false images, manipulating sentiment, and plastering everything with advertisements for the top dogs the corporate world has running in the arena.

Still, sometimes the rabble voters get out of hand, and that’s where the so-called ‘super delegates’ come in as the ultimate corporate trump card. American ‘elections’ are not a democratic system at all, and its design is just to appear to be democratic without actually being so. ‘Super delegates’ are mere icing on the cake of undemocracy that we suffer with every 4 years.

Go figure, what’s is democratic about the government financing all the primaries for the 2 corporate parties in the first place? Nothing. As if the corporate world is not already buying the elections before hand, the corporate government moves in with hundreds of millions of corporate dollars to show its favoritism to the 2 official corporatized parties. It is one thing for the government to finance the real election, but the primaries are not that at all since they are just party functions. In short, they are a facade of procedure that the 2 corporate parties (with a big push from the corporate media and corporate government) put out to pretend to being democratic, when in reality they are no such thing at all.

To many, electing a Black American will represent ‘change’. To many, electing a White woman will do so. And to many, just getting George out of office will be all that is needed for them to think that the country is moving forward once again. Wrong. Until we establish a political system that has more than the most pathetic pretense of being functionally democratic, we are all on the super-highway to getting screwed yet even more than Bush has already done to the country. Corporate looting of our nation and to the world as a whole cannot stop without us beginning to construct a democratic system where none now stands. We need a democratic America, and that is not an America led by either the Democratic or Republican parties.

The ‘Save Darfur’ PR scam

Alternet today published The Black Agenda Report’s commentary calling the ‘Save Darfur’ a US interventionist PR scam. Ten Reasons to Suspect “Save Darfur” is a PR Scam ‘Humanitarian intervention’ is getting to be a more and more difficult sale for the government to make.

It reminds me even of a new and used car dealership I once ran into. The salesman had this gigantic 3 foot by 2 foot Bible on his desk. Don’t buy it!

And don’t buy that the US government is some how the agent for progressive intervention anywhere around the globe. It just is not. Too bad that it is this way, but it just is.

Want to help the people of the world out? Then fight against giving this country’s government permission to go into other peoples’ territories to run their affairs. The ‘Save Darfur’ campaign is in great part a government funded PR scam that does the complete opposite of that. It wants our government to tell others just what to do, to do it our way, and to punish any of those who get in the way. It is a campaign to provide rationale for military interventionism into important parts of Africa that our corporate government wants to control.

Their ‘Free enterprise’ hellholes for our elderly

When ‘free enterprise’ doesn’t want to provide a social service it melts it down first. In the case of America’s nursing homes…

…the corporate sector uses its control over the federal government to create a regulatory system and funding system completely full of any and all holes possible.

Then it promptly sets out to loot the system it has set in place, all the while blaming the horrors taking place on the legal system and government agencies which are totally guided by them in the first place.

See the New York Times article today More Profit Less Nursing at Many Homes to catch a glimpse of this process at work.

Who loses besides the patients? That list is a long one. It includes family members, tax payers, and the workers caring for the elderly while the government and corporate administrators sabotage their care giving in every way imaginable. All come out losers excerpt the owners of the nursing home chains. They make their money at any rate.

Imagine how it hurts to work in such a hellhole? It breaks your back, your heart, and your soul. You are bossed around by people who don”t care either for you, or the elderly and infirm you are caring for. All the while, the lower level administrative bosses slime false ‘concern’ for your supposed lack of doing the proper job they have sabotaged you from doing. They slime false concern for the sick and infirm, all the while continually ignoring their most basic needs.

No amount of hypocrisy is beyond the government regulatory staff and the corporate hacks that run this business. There must be a special place in Hell for them. They have a total moral vacuum inside themselves. Their paychecks depend on doing less and getting more profit squeezed out for the big wigs by doing as they do.

One thing to remember, too, is simply that the corporate government and their bosses, the corporations themselves don’t want to deliver any care at all. All care given subtracts from their profits since it is expensive. Just like how they often try to squeeze wages and benefits to the point of total disappearance, they do the same to the actual service they contract to provide. In doing so, the ‘free enterprise system’ creates hellholes for America’s elderly, and these hellholes now pockmark our landscape just like the military bases and prisons do. They are dull ugly spots most people try to ignore as they pass by.

Capitalism is not an efficient system. In its production of products it turns out gobs of garbage and scrap. In its production of services, it does even worse. It makes scrap out of live human beings.

You need care for your family member or yourself, but unfortunately you just get a false phony smile and a knife in the back while looking for that care. You want to believe…. Yet you find the elderly going down an assembly line to death, illness, and scrap. Corporations have turned the downward process of aging into a torture of the aged. It doesn’t have to be this way, but this is often what there is.

Faith in UN intervention in Darfur misplaced

Stephen Gowans’, Faith in UN intervention in Darfur Misplaced, explains well why demanding supposedly humanitarian interventions from one’s own imperialist country is a real loser.

Often times the people doing this, do not directly call for their own government to directly intervene but rather for it to use the United Nations to do so. They think that by doing this, it will somehow change the whole character of what is going on when Great Powers boss weaker countries around! They refuse to acknowledge that the United Nations is strictly a tool controlled by the US and the Western European powers to legitimize their own colonial-imperialism.

Activists in World Powers, such as the US is, should not demand that their governments intervene in the affairs of weaker nations, even when the reasons to do so might seem totally compelling. Instead they should be trying to disassemble the militaries used by their own reactionary governments, rather than trying to find reasons to mobilize them.

It is pure pretense to believe that our corporate governments will ever do ‘relief’ projects ‘right’, whether it be in Darfur, or in New Orleans. Surely, calling for one’s own government to rebuild New Orleans ‘right’ should come well before trying to convince our own failed government to take their profit-making mayhem into another spot on the globe. The Army Corps of Engineers couldn’t even build the levee system right in New Orleans, let alone be relied upon to save people in Darfur.

The United Nations is totally an imperial Frankenstein at this point. We should have no faith that it will do anything other than do as its masters will have it do. The UN record at guaranteeing world peace is quite appalling. It is a totally failed institution.

Why Green Party is Dead, Dead, Dead

Four years ago, the US socialist Left was awash in hope for finally finding some cheap breakthrough to out flanking the 2 corporate political parties. They had decided that the Green Party was the road to Nirvana for them, and thought that this sad electoral vehicle might somehow be used to disassemble DP-voting liberals away from their cherished fetish, the Democratic Party.

Their hopes were based solely on their own desires, ignoring the reality that Democratic Party based liberalism still maintained complete ideological and organizational control over the Green Party bureaucracy at the top. Ralph Nader tried his best by refusing to go along with gluing the Green Party to merely helping elect another Democratic Party president. The official Green Party candidate, David Cobb, did the opposite, and ran a non-campaign for US president which completely set back the Greens chances of ever making any political impact at all.

This was what the Democratic Party wanted for the Green Party to do. By that time many card carrying liberals now just wanted The Green Party to just go away entirely, and David Cobb was the man to accomplish that. The Green Party under his wing set out like bulldogs to disappear themselves politically.

This time around, there is now no Green Party doing anything. They don’t even have to run the so called ‘safe states’ non-campaign of David Cobb this presidential race. Nobody takes the Green Party seriously anymore, and the repentant DP-voting liberals are safely back to waiting to cast their votes for a Hillary or a John once again. They chant ‘Anybody but a Republican!’ while voting for Democrats that are no different than the Republicans.

As to the socialists? They, too, are totally out of it. The Labor Movement has been split and socialists have largely ignored activating themselves through focusing on antiwar activism instead. There is not a Green Party vehicle to try to magically reach electoral Nirvana with either. Internationally, the socialist Left is in full retreat, too.

The Socialist Left has put itself in the political dead zone along with the Green Party itself. For almost 35 some odd years they have largely absented themselves from focusing on doing work to stop US militarism, and it shows. Why is the Green Party dead, dead, dead right now? For the same reason that the Socialist Left is. Neither has made opposing US militarism its priority political work. Instead, both went chasing political rainbows instead.

A political movement in this country that doesn’t make opposing the constant war making of the bipartisan US corporate government its central activity, just runs out of life. That’s what happened to The Greens. The fact is, that US militarism and how to go about stopping it is the central question of our time.

See Joshua Frank’s, The End of the Green Party? for more commentary about the Green Party’s disappearance act.

Will world agriculture production collapse?

World agriculture is facing some dire straits ahead. While most scientists have been concentrating their worries about the ability of agriculture to keep up with the growing population consumption needs for some time, they were often worrying most about the spreading scarcity of fresh water, growing desertification of the planet, increasing soil degradation, global warming, peak oil’s effects on fertilizer supplies, etc. They had not been worrying so much about the death of honey bees.

That has now changed, since these bees are necessary for pollination of flowering plants and the bees are disappearing. We need the bees not just for honey, which alone is a relatively minor item, but we need them most for pollination of crops.

There is a lesson to be learned here, and that is simply that consequences of destructive economic activities are often not foreseen in advance. People calculate one thing, but ‘God’, so to speak, calculates another. Nature is not a controlled laboratory in a university lab somewhere, where reductionist thinking can lead only to reductionist results. So it is deadly to just rely on only a micro-management style, ‘environmental impact statement’ sort of plotting of economic planning in the future. That is precisely what our corporate government and the corporations themselves will try to do, and they will call it GREEN to do so. In fact it is not and is a formula for mass human suicide instead.

Let’s hope that the bees can rally and come back next season? But even if they do, we are hardly out of crisis state in the least. We are just beginning to enter into it. The corporate sector alone is not in any way capable of delivering the type of planning of future economic activity that is needed to forestall disaster worldwide. Temporary profit making, which is what the corporate world is all about, can only be destructive to the world environment we all live in. There is not even a seed of real change that can be accomplished when this mindset dominates. A radical shift is totally necessary in how things are done and made.

How cavalierly they have destroyed the peace in Somalia

Americans have one of the most self-centered medias in the world. Our whole corporate media universe revolves around a DisneyLand fairy tale version of ‘ourselves’. One week it is Ann Nicole Smith, and this week it has been the shootings at Virginia Tech. We are to see no interconnections with the rest of the world outside our borders as much as the corporate hacks can make it possible. Their media tears are as shallow as a mall shopping experience is.

Yes, the killings at Virginia Tech were part of our real world, but so is the news of what our attack on Somalia has brought about…. what our occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have brought about. Disgusting but true, the US attack on Somalia, which the corporate media pretends has not happened, now has created over 320,000 refugees fleeing Mogadishu, out of a population of 2,000,000 according to the United Nations. Our government creates neither national security, nor international. Our bipartisan corporate government seems only able to destroy and never to construct.

Bush changed the colors of his tie today, to express supposedly some concern about the shootings at Virgiania Tech! What a shallow phoney the man is. What a shallow display of ‘mourning’ our media engages in. There is neither peace in Virginia, peace in Colorado, nor peace that ‘our government has brought to the people of Africa. That whole continent is a powder keg of suffering, war, poverty, disease, and despair. How cavalierly our rulers have destroyed the peace in Somalia just as they did to Iraq, Colombia, and Afghanistan. How cavalierly they are as they destroy the peace of America, too.

Unfortunately, much of our population has helped bring their own increasing misery about. Sad days lie ahead until apathy asnd playing stupid gets laid aside. Until then, the violence continues everywhere and that’s no DisneyLand world at all. US citizens will not escape this nightmare either.

Jundallah- the newest weapon in the US divide and conquer game

The average American has trouble knowing which of the oceans, Atlantic or Pacific, is east or west of the land mass. But our corporate government is another thing altogether. There, the rulers are always looking to divide and conquer and to pit one ethnic group against another. With such success in Iraq, they are looking for new playgrounds, from the Horn of Africa, to Afghanistan, to Sudan-Chad, to now Pakistan-Iran. Jundallah is the newest weapon in the arsenal.

I don’t understand all this talk about impeachment?

I don’t understand why liberals obsess about impeaching Bush? Just the word ‘impeach’ is something that has strong negative connotations like with the phrase, ‘they tried to impeach his credibility.’ In fact, isn’t that what the Republicans and Kenneth Starr did exactly when they tried to impeach Clinton? They tried to impeach Slick Willy’s credibility, besmirch it. Fancy that from such scoundrels as the Republicans? Besmirching someone’s character rather than honestly challenging their politics is certainly what they do best.

Let’s look at what’s wrong with the impeachment process. When Nixon was impeached, he was removed from the office of the Presidency, and then promptly pardoned for his actual crime of committing burglary! Wouldn’t due process be to actually have given him a criminal trial, convict him of what he did, and only then, remove him from office?

Imagine if other criminals were treated as Nixon was? Imagine if somebody burglarized your house and stole and otherwise trashed all your precious possessions inside. The police get the guy, but the District Attorney and the men in blue, before a criminal trial of any sort, have the guy fired from his job (assuming he has one other than fencing and burglary?). Then, the District Attorney informs you that this criminal who ransacked your castle has been given a pardon, and that there will never be any trial regarding his criminal act! Then the criminal burglar goes and opens up a big library (something presidential) with his name on it, and retires in bliss. While you, the victim, sit in wonder at the whole damn charade of process!

America, supposedly has one set of laws for all. We all know by now that is a total crock of shit, but still? Shouldn’t the public demand enforcement of laws on the books, even when the president, the vice-president, and his high officials break them? Torture, assassination, and robbery are a few of the crimes committed by Bush and his Klan. Shouldn’t we demand that they be criminally prosecuted rather than just timidly asking that Bush be quietly removed from office?

The most popular sign I ever use protesting against the illegal invasion of Iraq and looting of that country states, JAIL BUSH, FREE IRAQ. Can you get any simpler than that?

Does anybody really think that criminals are really afraid of ‘impeachment’? They make jokes about it down in Florence no doubt. ‘Hey, Guards, let me go. Impeach me instead.’ Why such a blatantly double standard of legal process when it comes to high officials?

Impeachment works this way. You first try to smear the character of a person you can’t get to totally go along with your corruption. The impeachment of the character, Slick, began way before the proceedings in the House and Senate. ‘His wife is a lesbian, you know? Slick sells used cars, etc, etc.’ And then came that magic moment! ‘Slick gets blow jobs! Under the table when his lesbian wife is out shopping.’ That’s what an impeachment proceeding is all about.

Any crimes no longer matter. Was it that Dick burglarized the Democratic Party HQ and slaughtered a few million or so? Or was it that he used foul language on tapes that allowed the character of this criminal to be impeached, even as his crimes went none prosecuted? Slick almost fell for ‘lying’ and getting a blow job without permission form the Senate and House, not for his invasion of Yugoslavia. Why are liberals trying to use such a travesty of character assassination against Dubya? Revenge? Because the guy sure has plenty criminal abuses against the People that he needs ot be prosecuted for instead. Impeachment is a shameful avoidance of what really should be done.

Let’s begin to demand that Bush, Cheney, Alberto Gonzalez, Rumsfield, and Rice be investigated for their criminal acts, and convicted of them. Just one example. Authorizing kidnappings and ‘renditions’ is a criminal act. If you are I were to grab somebody off the street, carry him to a basement, and then torture him as the Bush Klan have done with people, we would maybe even get the death penalty. Saddam Hussein certainly did. Shouldn’t we being asking at least for life imprisonment for our own officials that commit these exact same crimes. Aw heck, I’m even going to ask that Rumsfield be hanged by his neck, after the due process of convicting this mass murderer and master thief for his thousand and one crimes.

Asking for impeachment to be applied, and only alone to Bush, is a totally wimpy thing. A cheap revenge for those the liberal community oppose. Why not ask for the full extent of the law to be applied? Last, I am going to link with a speech that George Galloway just gave in Great Britain, and this great statesman does not call for impeachment of Tony Blair, British arch criminal. He calls for prosecution instead. That’s what we need to be doing here in America, too, when our corporate government creeps (pardon me, Tricky Dick) break the law. It’s due process.

George Galloway speech

The US & Britain are profoundly undemocratic forces in the world today

If it is not enough to give Israel the free reign and financial aid to terrorize Palestianians and steal their lands at will, the US and Britain also try to disrupt and tear up the governance the Palestinians try to arrange for themselves.

For years they made demons out of Arafat and Fatah, but today the US & its allies are politically supporting Fatah by trying to force new Palestinian elections early and pumping money into Fatah and its leader Abbas, so that this group will be able to buy the new elections at will and destroy their opposition, Hamas. The US and Britain are profoundly undemocratic forces in the world today, though this in effect is nothing new, and this is just the most recent example of this. Our corporate government leaders no more support democracy in placxes like Palestine and Iraq, than they do in our own workplaces if we try to organize unions.

We can go back to the US’s coup against Allende where Washington DC installed Pinochet into power. We can go also to examine Algeria, where in 1991 the US and Europe supported a military coup after the elections were won by an Islamic coalition. Subsequently, several hundred thousand were slaughtered down, and repression there continues to this day. Hardly an incentive for Muslim groups looking for national independence and liberation to take a peaceful course of action, as opposed to crashing planes into the Pentagon and elsewhere.

We can also see today, the US and its allies pushing to keep an undemocratic and unpopular Lebanese government in power. One that opened the gates to a foreign power (Israel) to wage war once again inside Lebanon against the majority sector of that country’s population. We can see it in the US and European’s support for the fraudulent and unpopular president just installed in Mexico, that provoked the largest demonstrations in the history of that country. And we can see it in the longterm US and Brit support for the Saudi Arabian monarchy, the Musharraf dictatorship in Pakistan, and the repressive Egyptian government, that has merely the sheerest of mirages of having any democratic trappings to it.

Everywhere we look, the US and its allies are supporting tyrants and thugs, but can anybody really claim that this is something new? But this latest example of the US and Britain trying to force new elections on the Palestinians, is a new low of sorts, I think. It is forcing upon the Palestinians the type of factional violence that the US and Britain have already forced upon Afghanistan and Iraq. Could the Nazis themselves have taken this strategy of fomenting inter factional fighting to a form more detrimental to its victims?

We Are a Nation Sunk Under Corporate Legal Bullshit

It is often said that we are a nation of laws? That’s certainly true, but just what kind of laws? Are our American laws there to provide protection and justice for the overwhelming majority of us, or are they to codify the privileges of the much tinier US elite, the corporations and their super rich owners?

If you don’t know the answer to that, then try to bring a law suit against a corporation or the corporate government that rules over us. Or what’s more likely to be the situation, try to defend yourself when the elites come after you. Fact is, justice in the US is sold in dollars and cents and if you don’t have the money, you’re going to do the time. You’re going to have your life messed over, and you will have no recourse if you come into contact with the No Justice System.

The corporations won’t go to jail, you will. You will, or you will go into limbo one way or the other. Quite simply, we are not a nation that benefits from having any real justice, but a nation sunk under corporate legal bullshit where justice is routinely turned on its head. It’s your lawyers versus theirs, is it not? Can’t fight city hall, and can’t fight the corporation. Don’t be stupid to think otherwise if you go into the US courtroom.

Did you think that the police are there to serve you? Think again. You are the centerpiece of nothing, Pal. What ever made you think that the US was about justice? Some fairy tale nonsense you learned in kindergarden? Those squads of cops all over the place, those prisons in every city and county? They’re there to protect property, not you. Most of us are lucky to own the shirt on our backs, or some small shed we live in. That’s not property! The cops are a goon squad to keep your sorry ass in line, so that property can be maintained. Not some trinkets that you might have accumulated, neither. Real property. Property you’ll never know or see.

When you watch these show trials over and over again, it’s about property. Manuel Noriega? He went to jail because he messed with US government property, The Panama Canal. Somebody steal your car? So what? That’s not property. Took your wallet? Big deal. Saddam Hussein going to get the death penalty? That’s because he tried to take property belonging to the US and European oil companies. Stupid low breed Arab he was! And what about that ignorant Slav, Milosevic? Didn’t he know that Slovenia belonged to Italy, and Croatia to Germany? It’s about property. Not about justice. Justice is not for common folk in this world of corporate control and greed.

The scales of justice weighing most evenly? Bullshit! On one side sits the dollars against you, and on the other side sits the cents you have. Result, you’re going to go flying off to jail, Chump. Flying just like the jailbird they’ll make you into if you get caught up within The System, the Injustice one. Here’s about the best summary of some of the more recent corporate legal bullshit that has been piled upon us by the Right Winger whores of the corporations. Gerry Spence’s essay, Kill All Lawyers He especially hits it right on about how the docs and insurers united to screw the rest of us over with their so-called ‘tort reform’ legislation.

Are there any readers out there dumb enough to defend the US system of corporate legal bullshit? How about you, Michael? Care to defend the sea that your profession swims in? A sea of corporate legal bullshit. A sea of nonsense so obviously not justice.