Cutbacks hit Colo. Springs as corporate special interest pigs run the trough

colorado-springs-city-councilI went down to the City Council meeting today to speak out against all their coming proposed property tax increases, service cutbacks, and increases in utility bills and was met by the corporate interests pigs at the trough. I’m talking about the City Council members themselves. Actually the pigs at the trough in Colorado Springs run the trough… and mainly for themselves. For others they want to cutback everything but they hide that agenda in every way they can. Who runs the Colorado Springs City Council? Why is there no appealing to their possible good judgement?

The answer is that special interests run the city and I identified just who they were to the public when I addressed that public meeting for my 3 minutes worth today. It was rather obvious since they always herald and celebrate corporate interests for supposedly ‘helping’ out the city. Today they waxed on about how Walmart had ‘generously’ donated a whole $2,000 to the city’s Fire Department. Like , WOW! How impressive can you get? I asked them if Walmart had some left over change from their union busting campaigns and whether that is where their huge donation came from out of their hundreds of billions of dollars worth of profits? Their answer? I was then described as being ill informed about Walmart! Yeah? Go figure?

I told the public at this public charade of a meeting that they had no recourse to stop all these proposed cutbacks with Mayor Fort Carson Captain Lionel, Vice President Larry Lockheed Small, and Tom ‘Kill the Mouse’ Real Estate Industry Gallagher running the municipal show and trough. Response? Two other city councilmen spoke up saying that they were hurt that I had not correctly added them on as being solid military-industrial complex men in Pentagon pocket! They’re military, too! Case made as the Pentagon-military-industrial welfare guzzling machine self-identified themselves for the public here. Mayor Rivera then went on to claim that there wouldn’t be a Fire Department in the city if it weren’t for the military, so don’t blame any War Machine for cutbacks he implied. Huh? The US government military spending is bankrupting not only the US, but the whole planet as well!

I could go on, but you really have to attend these meetings in Wonderland… I mean Special Interests Land, Alice. They are always bizarre to the max. Until people start getting really angry and start drawing some connections, then we’re going to pay, pay, pay, and pay some more. The corporate interests pigs simply are running City Government in this city and all for themselves. Nobody holds them accountable and that’s a crying shame. Meanwhile Barack is out there occupying 2 whole countries, bombing them and more, and threatening the starving Palestinians with yet more violence. And all the while around the country there is no money to go around? Pretty stupid stuff, America, and you’re still playing along, aren’t you? The special interest pigs are going to bankrupt you but for good.

3 thoughts on “Cutbacks hit Colo. Springs as corporate special interest pigs run the trough

  1. And the point of this missive is … what?

    Really, dude, wait to smoke your weed AFTER you write.

    Of course, I’m being sarcastic. Your point was obviously to point out what a holier-than-thou citizen you were by going to a city council meeting. You mentioned it what, 6 times?

  2. Thomas, have you ever even gone to a city council meeting here in Colorado Springs and if you did, why were you there? What did you see and do?

    I have gone numerous times and asked the city council to act against the US War Machine. I have asked them to pass city council resolutions to condemn Federal use of torture on prisoners. This time I asked for them to write a letter from the city to the US government asking that the money used to occupy 2 countries with US troops be spent on public services for US citizens right here in Colorado Springs.

  3. Corporate giveaways like tax breaks to major corporations to get them to move their Parasite Headquarters to the Springs.

    Without, of course, moving the Jobs to the Springs.

    The rest of us get to subsidize the infrastructure and Public Safety expenses that benefit Them but somehow, the part that “trickles down” to US is the runoff water from their gigantic parking lots, and from the roads that OUR homes and neighborhoods are sacrificed to build for THEIR benefit…

    Runoff water which by itself is Toxic and also overloads the sewage processing system.

    So WE get hit with higher utility bills to settle the lawsuits from people downstream having to drink the toxins in the water.

    Or basically we have to fund their defense of the indefensible, they tell the Good People of Pueblo for instance the same thing they tell us… “buy your own filters”.

    Well, bugger all… we DO buy our own filters.
    Like that huge filter out Las Vegas street halfway to the county jail.

    The one that’s been overwhelmed by the runoff water.
    Intel and HP and WalMart don’t pay a proportional share of what it costs to filter the toxic waste they spew just from their parking lots and toilets.

    Our kids are considered their Future Corporate Property errr underpaid Employees, and WE are supposed to fund the public school system and gear it to THEIR Corporate Greeds err.. Needs… while they get a tax break on that too.

    You know they have two Public Schools right here on the WestSide on the budget chopping block?

    But not the 4 mile long Road To Nowhere project, of which the City and County have a significant Funding stake, which. ends at the Bus Stop in Manitou by the Sinclair Station.

    To benefit Them and not Us.

    And cutting Our bus service.

    It’s pretty obvious that the Corporate Wealth the Corporate Whores at City Council have attracted to the area isn’t going into the local coffers.

    Trickle down, oh yeah.

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