Obama The Sweeper Man

street-sweeperWhat a dirty image the US government now has after 8 years of the Bush Klan in power alongside their sidekick cohorts, the Democratic Party assisting alongside and to the side. But now the sidekick has the reign in the White House at hand once again, or is it just a broom?

Where to hide all Dubya’s dirt? Perhaps Obama can get the European Union to help him out some? That would be so nice… Take some POWs, they are free to all ‘responsible parties’! Closing out sale on POWs held at Gitmo! Show some kindness now!

Meanwhile the US government campaign of terrorism goes on unchecked as Barack bombs Pakistan, Barack moves troops to Afghanistan, Barack talks tough to Iran…. and so on. We will be tough, tough, tough.

Now to the economy where some major sweeping of America’s public image needs to be done but fast. Barack will sale the growing bankruptcy of Federal Treasury to, to the American people. We”ll give you $300, Old Timers on Social Security! We’re going to look for better ways to give you pennies as we give the top corporations tens and hundreds of billions! Get on board and help us out with the Give Out Express! Don’t worry about the National Debt, you can pay for that later! Everybody qualifies for this credit card! Zero down, Zero percent interest! It’s cleanup time!

Sweep, Sweep, Sweep! It’s time to clean the dirt on the stained American image everywhere! The Sweeper Man is now in D.C. and look how clean he plans to make it all? Sparkle and Shine! Drop a bomb here or there, but do it judiciously, not like say?… Israel in Gaza just did. Need a trillion? …Just come and get it! Bombs away, Guys!

Obama The Sweeper Man. We all wish him well to a certain extent, but we know just what and who he is sweeping for. Not the POWs. Not the American working class. Not the Black Community even. He’s sweeping for Them, the guys who paid him to sweep. This place is a mess they say, and we do agree!

Who’s The Sweeper Man sweeping for though? This I think you probably know already…. since it is not for you and me. But is it just the dirt that needs to do? To me, it looks like the furniture and house itself have gone bad? I don’t see how you can clean this mess up by just sweeping the worst of it under the rug? …. a raggedy rug at that.

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