Two Right Wing Talking Points from Shooter von Brunn

Straight from the horses ass, Rush Limbaugh (and Mark Levin) and straight into the obligatory Shooter’s Manifesto. This makes three that failed in their attempts to suicide themselves to Right-Wing-Glory, worshipped by the American Taliban as fallen martyrs… but in the case of Adkinsson, Church Shooter who was aiming to shoot the children on stage when the gun was finally wrestled away from him, and von Brunn, and not a coincidence The Same Shit KVOR talk radio puts out, President Obamas birth certificate and George Bitch’s non-existent service record. First up, Contestant George B.

Seems the Right Wing Cult have been instructed by their High Priests to mock any attempts to prove that George coWard Bush didn’t finish out his Service Obligation. it was in both shooters manifestos.

Trouble is, the disputed discharge papers, “proven” false by none other than George Bush Sr’s Counterfeit Experts, who got their expertise by forging documents for anti-Nazi and anti-Communist groups…

Were the ONLY papers that actually demonstrate George Bush Jr actually serving. At All.

A convenient fire at the National Archives is to blame for that. Or so the Right Wing say.

President Obamas Birth Certificate, an issue pushed by Neo-Nazi group StormFront and their willing mouthpieces Levin, Limbaugh and Jerome Corsi, centers on a document thoroughly investigated by the FBI, DHS, DoJ,I.C.E., CIA and DoD, (Pentagon) amongst other Groovie Initials.

All of whom were under the direct command of “the decider” George Bitch.

None of them found any fault with the documentation.

So that leaves a couple of explanations, three in fact, all of them unpalatable to the Right Wing Para-Religious Cult.
The government investigative teams the Right Wing Cult keeps saying are “keeping us safe” at the expense of a few rights and freedoms that nobody important was using anyway are suddenly incompetent to detect a forged birth document, thus the billions upon billions of dollars spent on them were wasted.


These same government teams were part of a vast Commie Liberal plot to put a Sleeper Agent in power, in which case the same scenario about their usefulness at the expense of Public Funds and those rights which nobody important was using anyway.


More likely

The Birth Certificate is in fact valid and the only possible use the Right Wing Cult has for keeping the shit stirred is to wire up lunatics to attack other Americans

They’ve done a spectacular job of Domestic Terrorism so far.

Yeah, it’s bizarre..

I don’t know for sure if the O-man himself bought the food for us, or his campaign people here in town.

Either way it’s a touch of Class that no way in Hell would the McCain people be able to match.

Because Obama, and the people who are working for his campaign, are people who Give a Damn.

None of the StormFront supplied bull-poo about “palling around with terrorists”, none of the “his middle name is Hussein” like that seriously makes three quarters of a measurable amount of difference…

It comes down to People, which is what America the nation is all about.

McCain and Palin, don’t give a damn and they fly their “Don’t-Give-A-Damn'” flag proudly.

They spread the hatred like the toxic waste it truly is and don’t take any responsibility for the consequences.

I didn’t put anything up on Tribe about just yet, nor did I post here about what’s happening to my foot.

Most of the regular Tribe folks have heard about my right foot, about the work accident and all that.

Now, it turns out, the LEFT foot has a similar problem. I guess it’s natural that it slipped under the Medical Radar, what with Texas having neglected the entire damage for 12 years, other than the initial surgeries…

But a bone called the Talus, in my right foot and now, the left one as well, died, necrosed.

That’s another story.

This is about Miss Johnnie, and the Obama Campaign people and Obama himself.

Some of the Right Wing, when they’re not trying to smear and sneer him with the word that’s an insult only to the Right Wing, “Muslim”, like to scream that he’s a Radical Christian.

Let us pause momentarily and meditate upon that… “Radical Christian”…

ok, time’s up.

Hey, he’s famous for quietly being a Radical Christian and allowing his life to be his witness.

If he’s a shill for “No Change At All” I don’t see it.

I wrote to the alfrankenweb forum about it first.

There’s a lot of good back and forth between them and Tribe.

Miss Johnnie is “just another” victim of the Way Things Are…

We’re not remarkable, and that, you see, is the really frightening part.

Our nation has melted down to where only the most extremist Clown Squad could possibly even try to pretend that we have some kind of Leave it to Beaver Because Father Knows Best, Lucy mythical White Suburban utopia.

Just the events of the last year would make your jaw drop to the floor, and …

To a certain mindset, we’re supposed to Just smile, and pretend that everything is Normal.

To the campaign workers, and to Obama himself, I’d like to say Thank you…

To the ones who want us to Vote Fear, Vote Same, Vote Stay-the-course, I’d like to say —k you.

They’ve had quite enough time ruining our nation.

Now, we have to rebuild.

Seems like they let loose an Elephant into our collective living room and he trashed the place, pooped on the floor, drank out of the toilet and punched holes in all the walls.

The cleaning bill alone is going to be monstrous.

Sarah’s Demented Disciples, at it again…

Today, on the bicycle trail at the 8th St and Cimarron intersection, some Neo-Nazi punk wrote in orange chalk “NUKE OBOMA”.
I know it was one of Sarah and John’s supporters because the stupid coward bastard couldn’t even spell Obama right.

Sarah handiwork.They’re getting their anti-Obama rhetoric, the accusations of “Terrorism” the racist use of “Muslim”, “Arab”, and “Half-rican American” directly from people like Rush Limbaugh and Corsi, people who DO pal around with Terrorists, StormFront to be exact.

Gunny Bob will probably object to that, but hey, Gunny, three words, Semper… Fi… Bitch…

Pal around with anti-American terrorists like StormFront and that’s what it comes down to, bum.

I started to write “Bubba” but typoed it, and Bum comes closer to the truth anyway.

StormFront is a host for the Nazis and the Klan, both parties who tried their damned worst to deliver America into being a tool of Adolf Hitler, and the Klan is the most prolific Domestic Terror Group in America, they’ve bombed America and Americans repeatedly and almost constantly since 1865.

They’ve killed more AMERICANS than the Viet-Cong, the Weathermen, AND al Qa’eiia COLLECTIVELY.

Now Sarah Palin and to a lesser degree her Ineffectual and doddering “Leader” John McCain are using the propaganda supplied from StormFront to condemn Barack Obama as an “Anti-American”.

How do they get away with it? Simply…

Simple Sarah is “Folksy”.

John McCain, despite going to Annapolis on his father’s dime and graduating therefrom on his daddy’s influence, (I previously misstated that McCain was a Communist Flying Ace with five American planes destroyed, but counting the one he ditched in the lake in North Viet-Nam, because he was a lousy pilot, the total is only 4) despite growing up in Georgetown, and unlike his snark in the second debate, his Daddy wasn’t constantly at sea, his daddy was essentially a high-powered Lobbyist for the Department of Defense and their partners in Murder, the so-called Defense Industry…

Yeah, THAT John McCain, who has expressed his contempt for lobbyists but is the Son of a Lobbyist and has over a hundred and forty of them managing his campaign…

Is “Folksy”

They’ll “aw, gee shucks heckfire you betcha” their slimy way out of taking responsibility for their Pathetic Cowardly Domestic Terrorist fan-club all the while egging them on in their “folksy” speeches.

And had the unmitigated gall to claim that they only campaign in parts of “the Real Pro-American America”

John, Sarah, I’ll try to be polite about this…

Screw it… Bitches, telling your Fan Club / Right Wing Lunatic Cult to KILL AMERICANS, well, hon, that’s Anti American.

You either call off your coward little pathetic Chihuahuas or we’ll call them off.

How’s that for “Folksy”?

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) spoke fluent “folksy”.

Held more extremely arduous, strenuous dangerous and every other kind of extremely “ous” jobs than either McCain or Palin have had ANY jobs.

The Right Wing like to adopt his writings as their own, but Tom Sawyer and Innocents Abroad and especially Huckleberry Finn, if they were to read the whole book any of them, would be seen today as they were then, Mocking the pretentiousness of the “Great American Society”.

Nowadays the excuse the Right Wing use to try to ban Huck Finn is because one of the characters is named Nigger Jim.

At the time the precursors of todays Right Wing used the notion that Nigger Jim was probably the smartest person in the whole book.

And was more of a father to young Huck than his own Pap.

Huck’s father was illiterate, and proud of it.

Jim was illiterate but kept there by law.

Huck’s father would put his boot-nails in the shape of a cross so the Devil wouldn’t reach up and grab his ankles.

Huck paid a counterfeit quarter for a counterfeit Psychic Reading where Jim channeled for a hairball from out of a cow’s stomach.

Huck and Tom had a conversation in the prior book where they described the use of a dead cat, a cemetery and a fresh grave as a cure for warts, that Huck had “got the idea from a Nigger, and they know all about superstitions”.

Those who didn’t miss the subtleties of those exchanges and concepts wanted to lynch Mark Twain.

I’m sure McCain and Palin both use the expressing “Pressing the flesh” when referring to their (certainly not elitist) Campaign without completing the phrase, “of the great unwashed”.

I bet they have staff members nearby with Handi-wipes to wash their hands with after shaking hands with Real Working People….

And mouthwash for after they kiss our babies.

That should have been “expression” but was instead a True Error in grammatic structure.

Rather than saying that people who want to go forth and Kill Barack Obama are “Real Americans” and those who don’t are “anti-america”.

That’s not a mistake, it’s a blatant LIE.