Why do the Right Wing Lunatic Fringe hate a Fair Election?

You know, like in Afghanistan and Iraq, having “free” elections where the people are handed a list of people who they’re forbidden to elect as their government representatives.

So we wind up with al Maliki and Hamid “I am NOT a Puppet Dictator” Hamid Karzhai of Iraq and Afghanistan respectively.

So now, the Summer Offensive in Afghanistan is just prior to the next Rigged Election… Surprise Surprise Surprise.

Let’s make that clear for the War Mongers, since they’re kind of simple and slow in their so-called “thought” processes…

If you tell the people who they AREN’T allowed to elect, it’s exactly the same as telling them who they MUST elect.

And you wind up with Terrorist Dictators (but not “puppets” oh no, just because they’re put in place by the American Corporate Military and kept in place by the American Corporate Military, that doesn’t mean they actually have to do what the American Corporate Military tells tho do, does it?) like al-Maliki and Karzhai.

Skipping the bullshit, Karzhai is every bit as much a Meat-Puppet as the Shah of Iran was from the time the CIA engineered a coup against a democratically elected “dictator” in 1953 up till his sorry bitch ass died in exile in 1980.

And for the same reason.

Afghanistan itself doesn’t have Oil.

India does. Iran does. Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan do.Afghanistan just happens to be strategically located, perfect place for a Rapid Strike air base or several, for when those “Sovereign” nations act in their own national interests instead of the Oil Corporation Overlords, the Corporate Military have to put them back in their subservient place.

Mustn’t let those Dark Skinned Types think that Freedom and Sovereignty apply to them, no sir!

Reality check, the ACTUAL mission of the Green Berets isn’t “Freedom for those oppressed” it’s “Keep them thar towel-head Sand-niggers from gittin’ too uppity”.

Nice how the Corporatocracy managed to turn what’s supposedly “OUR” military into a more highly organized version of the Ku Klux Klan.

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