Local TV station KOAA lies for Lamborn fakes support rally for Tar-Baby slur

KOAA photo of alleged rally in support of Congressman Doug LambornToo harsh? OK, “Lies” suited an alliteration. “Fabrication” better describes the photo used by KOAA for their Aug 12 story Supporters of Lamborn rally at local office even though timestamp was hours before scheduled event.

Lest KOAA decide it needs to doctor the aftermath as well, we’ve secured a screenshot of their original story.

When activists organize a protest rally, they send out press releases in hope the local media will cover the event. When an officeholder schedules an event, the media announce it beforehand, which of course helps attendance become self-fulfilling, then the story can air live, and then after the fact. An initial headline using the present-progressive tense instead of the future tense also leaves viewers to infer what will or did or was intended to happen, even if it doesn’t. Fair enough, at least that’s as fair as it gets for citizens fighting against entrenched corporate interests which own the news outlets.

But that’s insufficient advantage apparently for the home team. Colorado Springs local TV station KOAA figured it needed to conjugate the present-progressive tense with a visual.

The purported rally in support of Congressman Doug Lamborn –facing criticism for having called President Obama a “Tar-Baby”– was announced by local and national news outlets beforehand. No less than the AP and Fox News declared nationally that Colorado locals were rallying to their representative’s side. In advance. The media had only Lamborn’s word on it.

KOAA opted to extend the present-progressive conjugation to its visuals, using a blurry image of a gathering. One can’t even read the placards to know if they are Lamborn supporters or critics. Though the image was posted at 11AM, the text declares the Lamborn supporters “are rallying outside of his office this afternoon.” To judge by the shadows this photograph was taken in the morning.

To my mind, using an image as a placeholder might be alright if you place a note underneath identifying it as such. Without a followup, in effect you’ve pretended that the event occurred as depicted, even if it didn’t. If a picture is worth a thousand words, that makes how many lies?

4 thoughts on “Local TV station KOAA lies for Lamborn fakes support rally for Tar-Baby slur

  1. Just like News Corporation (DumFox) paying out boatloads of expensive airtime organizing and coordinating the TeaBag Ass-Roots movement.
    After their week-long OUTRAGE! segment where they shrieked and whined about the New York Times striking a private business deal with MoveOn to run a one-time full page advertisement correctly naming the Bush administration and General David Petraeus as liars whose perjury was, in fact, treason. And murder. And other war crimes.
    Got their crybaby audience to demand that Congress condemn such a business deal, saying that it was a de-facto campaign contribution to the Democratic Party.

    Of course Fascist mouthpieces like KOAA and The Gazette will join in.

  2. Hold on. Let me get my linguistics textbook so I can understand what you’re talking about.

    This is a very interesting subject. Thanks.

    Unfortunately, the author doesn’t know how to write. Sorry. Hope I wasn’t too harsh.

  3. Thank you for trying. But, erik, you failed.
    You know damn well that your Krybaby Klan Komrades are once more bitching and whining because one of your leaders outed himself as a racist and, far worse, that other people were smart enough to notice it.

    “Oh, how dare those lefties speak up when our retarded agenda is exposed for what it truly is?”

    No need to apologize for your ignorance.
    Being proud of your ignorance, now, that would be a reason to be “sorry”.
    You should apologize to Yo Momma for wasting the choice she made so long ago.

  4. Of course it goes along with the Country Club being used as a forum for a Town Hall meeting, with a Republican Party meeting immediately before the “Town Hall”, limited bus service so the Peasants would have a much more difficult time getting to it, and especially those of us most immediately affected by the Health Care Denial Agenda pushed by Mr Lamborn. And the “everybody welcome” Town Hall started after the last bus rolled, so anybody who made it TO the meeting would have to walk home FROM the meeting. Through a wealthy neighborhood, after dark and with the Colorado Springs Police “protecting” them every step of the way.

    Then the Official RNC meeting was adjourned, but the members just stayed in the room, leaving no room for anybody but their carefully chosen disciples. A scripted Rove-olution.

    One of many in the heavily financed, top down coordinated Ass Roots Tea Party tradition.
    You know, if you start off a “movement” with its very existence based on the lie that it was actually organized from the bottom up, to support the richest thieves (and racists, and warmongers) in the world, you kind of pissed in your own canteen, Doug, and Erik, and the rest.

    Start out telling a monstrous set of lies and people have a lot of trouble believing you ever again.

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