Film: Maafa 21, Black Genocide in 21st Century America, a white anti-abortion shockumentary of execrable mendacity

Martin Luther King Jr. was an advocate of birth control, it remains a key tool to escape poverty, but that didn’t stop organizers of MLK tribute festivities at Colorado College from ending today’s program with a screening of MAAFA 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America, a completely contrived shockumentary attempting to incite African American anger toward reproductive rights activists. Both UCCS and Colorado College fell for the propaganda, even though the pseudo-documentary by Life Dynamics Incorporated, a virulent Christian anti-abortion project, has been thoroughly debunked since its debut in 2009. Add Colorado Springs’ higher educators to duped churches nationwide who are diverting the black struggle against the legacy of slavery, economic oppression, racist yahoos like the makers of Maafa, and endemic racism, into animosity for the social workers of Planned Parenthood and their eugenic agenda of genocide via abortion. While the black community, like its indigenous brothers, does face a real genocidal program of forced poverty and violence, these agitators invoke race baiting to divide class war allies, MLK be damned. CC’s clueless invitation read: This movie has been called “stunning,” “breathtaking,” and “jaw-dropping.” You have only to watch the opening minutes on Youtube to add –execrable, mendacious and absurd. You can be against legal abortion without conniving to blame the Black Holocaust on those who disagree with you.

To argue the “facts” offered up in this “documentary” is to give them credence they don’t deserve. And the issue of abortion is so polarizing, there really is no discussing it. Throw in slanderous accusations and you’re arguing with fools. Imagine decrying that the abolitionists were racists because they would deprive the slaves their free lunch. Well okay then.

My solitary concern here is that this video has escaped the bounds of the dogma-skulled religious extremists unto the screens of higher education campuses. By presenting this video in the context of a celebration of Martin Luther King, reveals the absence of a skeptical eye. Of course academics will recognize the logic-dissonance self-evident in Maafa, but a TV-type audience will eat it up like every other hate-mongering offering. Giving the Maafa screening the appearance of a college endorsement is unforgivable. But Colorado College of course has not been shy about promoting similar quacks, neoclassical economists, climate change deniers, Zionists, pro-war imperialists, and free-trade globalists. That’s what you get when you appoint politicians as deans, politicized pro-establishment education.

The video begins with a premise almost too corny to believe: once the slaves were emancipated, America’s ruling elite needed to get rid of them. This might sound like a plausible motive for a Bond villain, but it ignores the demands juggled by real-life capitalist villains who need a steady workforce to exploit. The slaves were freed, but someone still had to shoulder the work. The fields of the South and the industrial centers of the North still needed its laborers. The obscenity of Maafa’s lie is that abusers of labor have always been against birth control because it threatens to shrink their supply of impoverished, desperate people. And we can trace back to ancient times the role religion has always played in keeping the laborers in line.

Again, you can be against abortion, but don’t pretend your interests don’t dovetail with those who want to perpetuate poverty and human suffering. If you are safely in the middle class, by all means discourage your children from limiting your progeny through birth control, but don’t force that choice on those who can’t afford it.

The sad reality of racism is that a disproportion of African Americans are poor. It’s no coincidence that poor black women account for a greater share of abortions. To attribute that reality to creepy, long-shunned writings of eugenicists of a century ago is dishonest.

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9 Responses to Film: Maafa 21, Black Genocide in 21st Century America, a white anti-abortion shockumentary of execrable mendacity

  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    You are SO-o-o-o-o-o wrong. No one, not one media outlet or blog has EVER refuted ONE drop of detailed documentation of Maafa21. People such as yourself like to attack the motives behind the film, without offering any credible rebuttal of the FACTS presented in Maafa21, as is apparent by your blog post ! The proof is clearly outlined in Maafa21. After all- the film’s documentation are from the writings of Planned Parenthood’s founders, supporters, and financiers. Say what you want in your ignorance of history and the facts behind this, but, Maafa21 was NOT an opinion. In fact, if you watch the credits you will see the myriads of original sourced materials the filmmakers used. Planned Parenthood’s founder , who PP calls a hero and names their top award after admitted in her own book that she gave KLAN speeches. Why have you NOT demanded that Planned Parenthood repudiate her? Members of the racist American Eugenics Society were all over the board and in the writings of Planned Parenthood. They even renamed one of the Arkansas Eugenics Offices as a Planned Parenthood office and the Eugenics Courts which did forced sterilizations on black women, referred to Planned Parenthood. Did you watch the emotional interview with the Black eugenics victim in the film? Then there are the MANY black leaders who in the 60’s and 70’s spoke out against Planned Parenthood just as the MANY black leaders in the DVD Maafa21 do now. Leaders like: Samuel Yette, Newsweek’s first Black Journalist who was fired after he wrote a book detailing how birth control and abortion were beings used as black genocide. The pressure was applied to Newsweek by Republican White House- Richard Nixon who was caught on tape stating that the reason people vote for abortion is to “get rid of the “little black basta**ds” – not to be overdone by White Elitist Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg who in 2009, just after Maafa21 was released , admitted that she thought abortion was legalized to “get rid of populations we do not want to have too many of.” Just who are the “populations we do not want to have too many of?” Any guess? So, you can attack and smear, but anyone who watches Maafa21 will hear the audio like that of a former Black Planned Parenthood president who admitted that Planned Parenthood knowingly took donations sent to them for specific racist reasons. Maafa21 shows the documents, like NSSM200, a call for abortion to be used in black third world countries, to keep their populations down….Maafa21 plays the audio, Maafa21 reads from the actual books written by these eugenics and Planned Parenthood founders and Maafa21 proves that racism and eugenics just changed into another form – that of the abortion clinic which are being used to exterminate the black race. More here

  2. Avatar Anonymous says:

    PS- the article you “linked” to “Debunking” as you say- Maafa21, was written by Michelle Goldberg. I find it comical that you state clearly that Life Dynamics is “Anti-abortion ” and therefore cannot be trusted in Maafa21, but you failed to point out that the article you are linking to was written by a “Pro-choice” Planned Parenthood supporter : Michelle Goldberg. This “journalist” receives funding from Planned Parenthood, the very organization which Maafa21 exposes! In fact, Goldberg was a recent featured speaker for Planned Parenthood events and Planned Parenthood has funded Goldberg’s speaking events, where she promotes her books. It is clear that Goldberg has an investment in seeing that Planned Parenthood is NEVER discredited.

    According to media announcements of Goldberg’s speaking arrangements with Planned Parenthood- we also find out that Goldenberg has been involved in Planned Parenthood for many years, originally in Minnesota where she used to live. According to recent media articles, Goldberg had this to say “There is such a need for more education, and Planned Parenthood is good at filling that need. I don’t feel the public understands what Planned Parenthood mission is. It’s primarily an educational organization, definitely not a contraceptive or abortion mill.”

    With that view of Goldberg’s despite the fact that Planned Parenthood’s largest profits come from abortion- we see how biased she really is.

    But the real kicker here is that Michelle Goldberg continues to malign the documentary film: Maafa21, but, has not in full disclosure revealed that she is on the board of Southwest & Central Florida Planned Parenthood.

    Michelle Goldberg , the author of the article you “claim” debunks Maafa21, is a mouthpiece for Planned Parenthood NOT A JOURNALIST !@!!!

  3. Avatar AquaGir says:

    Excuse me, Eric Verlo but your ignorance and bias is showing! I have seen Maafa 21 and it is so well documented that it is just crazy. Also, I am familiar with the organization, Life Dynamics, that produced this documentary. Not once, to my knowledge, has Planned Parenthood ever been able to repudiate anything they have put out. Why? Because they, unlike you, are always sure to get their facts straight before releasing anything.

    To the readers I would say watch Maafa 21 for yourself and decide for yourself. The facts are the facts.

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, right, “biased” like in, if somebody who is not in your camp compiles a website with many rebuttals of the premise of the video, then that person is obviously wrong because, you see, she is The Enemy. Your enemy, that is, not Everybody’s Enemy. So the evidence compiled on that website is entirely false and the reason you know it to be false? Because it opposes your own assumptions. Bravo! Je suis touche! All the research done in, par une riposte brilliante, a carefully timed and skillfully executed “You’re stupid, nanny-nanny boo-boo stick your head in doo-doo”.

    Honored we are, to have such skilled opposition.

    One thing troubles me, though, as a Christian, when confronted by Right To Life which is haunted by many members of the Pro-War movements, in high positions of “authority”…

    I mean, aside from the truly amazingly astonishingly shockingly every-adjective-conveying-surprise-ingly maladroit paradox of being therefore both Pro-life and Pro-Death, aside from that…

    Since more miscarriages, which have the medical term “spontaneous abortion” occur than all deliberately induced abortions combined, probably due to the mothers being unhealthy, due to age, either too young or old, or poor nutrition, also due to poverty, or denial of simple basic health care due to poverty….

    and the mothers’ bodies react desperately to save the life of the mothers’ bodies, in a reaction that’s much more basic than instinct… kind of like the flinching motion ones hand does when touched with flame….

    Would that make God an abortionist?

    Ideally, the Right To Life but not Right To Support Of That Life, (right to life extends only as far as the end of the birth canal, apparen obviously.) groups would refrain from violently and stridently demanding perpetuation of the current Right Wing induced tragedy where they systematically deny any form of Medical Care to the poor.

    The same Not Rich PEOPLE to whom you extend your condescending protection from being able to make choices about their own health. Mustn’t allow those silly Negroes and White Trash and Mexicans and worst of all Irish to make decisions on their own, must we?

    But back to the “debunked” debunking website. Your argument still remains that they’re wrong simply because they disagree with you, because the evidence they gathered conflicts with the evidence you gathered.

    That’s rather shrill and childish.

    And to use your own words, Ignorant. And Stupid. Surely you can do better.

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    There’s a few more things to consider.
    Life Dynamics is a non-profit corporation, which doesn’t mean they don’t get paid a shit-load of bread. It just means they get to keep that shit-load intact without paying any taxes on it.

    Their affiliations with churches are mainly to keep that non-profit status pristine.

    They also don’t give a rats ass about poor people of any skin pigmentation. Wearing a different hat, as TeaBags, they readily endorse the concept that AFDC, Food Assistance and Medicaid are subsidizing the birth rate of Poor people.

    As a code word “Poor” means those of Some Other Pigmentation or Genotype from the group being lied to at the moment. They’ll get in front of a largely Black audience and say that “illegal Aliens” are getting free medical care and rent and food stamps.

    In the late 70s it was VietNamese and Cambodian refugees who were targeted as “getting free room and board and health care courtesy of Uncle Sugar”… unless the Professional Beggars from “non-profits” LIKE Life Dynamics Incorporated or the TeaParty or the Klan happened to be actually speaking to Cambodian or VietNamese people.

    It’s a divide and conquer Three Card Monte where the “Red Lady” (queen of either diamonds or hearts) can be substituted with any group the person running the scam decides. And they’ll change it up in a split heartbeat.

    Don’t believe me? Start a conversation with one of them, away from his/her support group. Turn a card. Pull out AFDC as the Red Lady. Or the Death Penalty. Or War. Or “right to Work Slave wages”. If you can “pass” try to turn it to State’s Rights or the Confederacy. Gay Rights.
    Switch it up a bit, throw in the notion that Autism is genetically tagged through the “fragile X” chromosome, what about Downs, THEN… toss in that homosexuality being genetic.

    I’ve actually heard Preachers of The Gospel say that commanding the CHILDREN of “sodomites” was justified because of genetic predisposition.

    Right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness Unless…

    Ask why it’s justifiable to kill off a “race”, a nation like Haiti, a nation like Iraq, or Palestine, or Iran, with nuclear Hell-fire or just plain starve them to death.
    Or kill them through denial of health care.

    Ask them and see if they give you a valid answer.

  6. Avatar Frank Marotti says:

    You may want to re-examine your idea that whites did not wish to rid themselves African Americans because they still needed a labor force. I am thinking here of the antebellum colonization movement which advocating freeing slaves and shipping them back to Africa as a way to resolve America’s racial problems. The post Civil War South may have addressed its labor needs by bringing in “coolies” from China or India, as was done in the West Indies, Fiji, and Hawaii.

    It is obvious that our society considers poor black unborn babies as potential “security threats.” Moreover, they are “inconvenient.” And, since they cannot talk, buy things, or vote, and since we have the technology and ideology in place to “sacrifice” them, we do it.

    During my career, I witnessed the human potential of “throw away people” and the power of poor young African American women to achieve great things for themselves, their unplanned children, and their descendants.

    One of my best students was the product of a rape and an abusive foster mother. After obtaining her degree, she went on to grad school. Another young black woman lived in a homeless shelter with her toddler. She went on to law school. Yet another young black woman defied her parents, refused to “terminate” her daughter, and went on to med school. Our student body president had been abandoned by his drug-addicted parents.

    All of this led me to wonder how much wonderful talent never made it out of Planned Parenthood clinics. Indeed, vulnerable black women were enticed to give up on themselves, their children, their descendants, and on the power of love in order to “solve social problems” by violence. Thus, the “born” prey upon the “unborn”. History repeats itself as the powerful impose their will on the powerless.

    In our present, we do not see things like slavery or segregation as “complex”. We see them clearly as evil. Those in the past, however, often regarded themselves as humanitarians for “taking care” of their slaves or segregating blacks “for their own good”. Indeed they saw abolitionists and integrationists as “irresponsible.”
    We must examine ourselves deeply. I have the feeling that future generations are going to see us as we now see slave holders and Jim Crow proponents, only they are going to regard us as much worse. Even the enslaved had an outside chance at freedom, unlike our “terminated” unborn children.

    The mothers who “terminated” their children, as I have seen in my life, COULD have triumphed by giving life to their offspring. Yes, it would not have been easy, and they would have needed our love and support. But nothing worthwhile ever is easy. And this is what is especially disturbing about abortion—it is the “easy way out” on the surface, but in reality it is a sure route to national suicide.

  7. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Frank, your preposterous diatribe against the work of Planned Parenthood is nauseating to anybody who actually uses their services. Do you really think that your rhetoric is convincing to anybody who actually goes to their clinics?

    ‘All of this led me to wonder how much wonderful talent never made it out of Planned Parenthood clinics. Indeed, vulnerable black women were enticed to give up on themselves, their children, their descendants, and on the power of love in order to “solve social problems” by violence. Thus, the “born” prey upon the “unborn”.’

    You creep me out, Frank. I would urge all young women to stay as far away form men like you as possible.

  8. Eric Eric says:

    And you gave yourself away Frank when you mentioned “national suicide.” What, nationalism is a living being too?

    Your concern for the mortality of a population grouping echos earlier calls to maintain racial purity.

  9. Avatar T Blakley says:

    I real genocide continues today and is caused by the addition of iron to baby formula and wheat products. The result is a dramatically shortened lifespan. 100%, all, inflammatory diseases are related to iron overload according to Dartmouth Medical School. Including but not limited to cancer, heart disease, MS, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Diabetes, Eclapsia, Arthritis, etc. Black people absorb more iron and die sooner.

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