Peaceful protest movement infiltrators Mark Kennedy, Lyn Watson, cops Karen Sullivan, Daniela Cardenas unmasked

enlargeSocial justice activists across the US are uniting January 25 to protest the infiltration of peaceful protest groups by law enforcement and intelligence agencies. As European environmental organizations reel from the revelation that high-profile activist “Mark Stone,” really PC Mark Kennedy, served undercover for London’s MET for seven years, the Guardian has confirmed another unnamed infiltrator, identified by activist sources as “Lyn Watson.” A longtime Leeds Common Place volunteer, Watson is reportedly serving at another undercover location. enlargeKennedy is in the US evading the blowback of many EU and UK former comrades. As US lawyers fend off grand jury inquiries against chiefly Palestinian-rights advocacy groups, the Minneapolis based Anti-War Committee has obtained confirmation that FBI agent “Karen Sullivan” had been disrupting from their midst since the 2008 RNC. A “Daniela Cardenas” is considered to be her accomplice.

While accounts vary between MET officer Mark Kennedy “going native” and privatizing his surveillance services, there are reports that Kennedy had been sexually intimate with a number of the activists he had been infiltrating. The role of “Lyn Watson” becomes critical because her reports would reflect that the authorities knew of and did not halt officer Kennedy’s improper conduct.

Green activist are debating the merits of releasing details about the infiltrators. Save Iceland made this excellent statement about Kennedy.

To prevent further details from going public, the comments section has been disabled for the original Guardian article which refuses to name, or unscramble to photograph of Officer A, aka Lyn Watson. A subsequent UK Indymedia article has been deleted together with its thread. Discussion persists at another IMC in Sheffield now suffering under a common ISP hobble of sites designed to serve secure pages through HTTPS, having its certificate called into doubt. As a result visitors are warned by their browser that the site cannot be trusted until they finally desist from clicking through. For the benefit of those timid souls we reprint the comment thread, as of 4PM GMT.

Hold on …
13.01.2011 09:54

It says she disappeared in 2008, but someone is quoted saying “she was present at Drax and Heathrow climate camp actions, against Coryton oil refinery and various anti-capitalist gatherings and protests” … but the Coryton blockade was last year. Or was there some other Coryton action I wasn’t aware of?

Shame the Guardian took representations from the cops and no one else. They’ve even decided against a comments section – maybe in case someone decided to put her name up.

I might be missing some key piece of info or argument here, but I really think people have GOT to post her identity up here – people will want to know what info the state now definitely has on them etc.
Her activist name was…
13.01.2011 10:12

Lyn Watson. Haven’t got a photo though.
there was a earlier coryton blockade
13.01.2011 10:26

,,, on fossil fools day. yeah, i don’t see a problem in posting her (false) name… though in general i’m not sure what feeding this story is doing for our movement… though i am perfectly aware their is a wider public interest at stake…but it may cost us dear.
old timer
Media Whores
13.01.2011 11:43

Knew it was only a time before Dr Chatterton got his name in print. Seems to be one rule for the oi polloi and one for the careerists.
No news here
13.01.2011 12:04

She came under suspicion long before Flash Mark did. When he was confronted, hers was the name put to him and he, apparently, said she was part of the “same unit” as he was, but was otherwise not forthcoming. She was long gone by then.
She may not have put it about like Shagger Stone…
13.01.2011 12:09

But Lynn certainly wasn’t averse to a roll in the hay.
To say or not to say
13.01.2011 13:07

I can see both sides of the argument about how much to say about these spies.

On the one hand saying what has been going on will get some sympathy. On the other it reveals the spies who have been spotted, which tells the enemy which spies have not been spotted.

I come down slightly on the side of exposing them to the light of day. Circulate their photograph and brief details widely, together with what they were up to. This will allow those involved with them to realise who they are, even if they used a different name. The police and other forces of darkness will suffer more from the truth than we will.

A N Other
Thanks for the pic
13.01.2011 13:52

Many thanks for putting a pic up. Does anyone have a better one though. I’ve been told that I definitely know this woman, but can’t think who she is/was.
Leeds activist
13.01.2011 14:21

Am I correct in thinking she was involved in our medic collective?
Guardian website
13.01.2011 15:12

I have been keeping an eye on the Guardian web site to see what people had to say.

They opened up coments then suddenly stopped them, including not just saying that some comments had been removed by a moderator but deleting them entirely as if they never were. The entirely deleted comments are the ones that point to Indymedia and this thread in particular.

Possibly after “Officer A” was withdrawn from her unethical activities against campaigners she was pointed towards groups she should have been working against all the time, criminals. Unlike campaigners criminals may not be too kind to her.

If that is the case I have limited sympathy for her. Injury or death is not right, even for a maggot like her, though she deserves any verbal attack she gets for spying on campaigners. Her bosses got her into whatever situation she is now in, they should get her out of it.

Time to make sure information about her is spread widely, so the police can’t attack a single point like Indymedia and suppress the information.

A N Other

8 thoughts on “Peaceful protest movement infiltrators Mark Kennedy, Lyn Watson, cops Karen Sullivan, Daniela Cardenas unmasked

  1. I suppose there is no picture of this Lyn Watson yet. The picture in the London Guardian is censored.

    Lyn Watson is her assumed name. Do we know her real name yet?

    Can anybody from the British environmental movement give an account of the activities of this woman?

  2. These individuals and the agencies they were helping have legitimate reasons for serving society as they have done. The groups they infiltrated advocate arson and violence.

  3. Hi brandon,

    “advocate arson and violence”

    If there is any evidence for what you allege, I think readers would be interested if you posted the links to it.

  4. As to the notion that the groups were “violent arsonists” how would WE know that any arsons or other violence weren’t the actions of Provocateurs? Especially when at rallies often the first stones are cast by people later identified as such…
    BBC posted a picture just two days ago of a man running away from a Molotov Cocktail that had lit on fire nothing but pavement.

    It would make sense that if one wanted to portray the groups one has infiltrated as “violent Arsonists” lighting up a few bricks where it would do exactly no damage but make a nice picture for the newspapers.

    And seemingly ‘justify’ the extreme violence the police would return on the activists… minus the one who allegedly lit the bricks.
    Who for some reason “eluded” capture.

    Their side have used provocateurs so often and so effectively that it draws into question any statements made about the activists being the violent ones.

  5. And, brandon, “secret” information to which the public is not privy is often used as an excuse.
    “we have information that the (person, NGO, government) we’ve targeted for extreme violence has been engaged in very harmful activities, which we of course can’t divulge due to ongoing investigations”.

    Kind of like the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” crap pushed off on us by the Blair/Brown/Bush/Cheney cartel against Iraq and is now being used in a build-up against Iran.

    Goes directly against Habeas Corpus and ‘due process’.

  6. NEWSFLASH: Eric Verlo unmasked as Mark Stone!

    When confronted by reporters at a local Walmart in Colorado Springs with the evidence, his only comment was, “Most people that know me, know that I’m not smart enough to infiltrate anyone – heck, I’m not even sure what infiltrate means.” Apparently, the veracity of his comment has prevented further investigation of the matter.

  7. Now same story:

    Great enemy of the Christians here are organizing infiltrators and suppressed simultaneously Christians in Turkey. First send Islamic countries millions of people out of the country because they are unable them a decent life to offer and then they try fifth column out of it. Look around you, everywhere, in every Muslim-controlled country Christian people barred, harassed and murdered. Particularly in the Middle East, in countries like Lebanon, Turkey, Syria and Egypt suffering Christians are persecuted, terrorized and displaced. Where is our petition group gone? Do you hear something about the brutal persecution of the Christians you will hear nothing of this splinter group over the killings of Iranian women. Do you hear anything from the CDA Turks eg, violation of human rights: discrimination, ethnicity and religion of non-Muslims, Christians, Jews, atheists, women’s oppression, marrying very young children, polygamy – death penalty for apostasy from the faith, blood revenge, the practice or tolerance of radicalization, extremism. CNV and FNV women still have their holy headscarf brigade, while millions of women that vlagje want to throw away their freedom …
    These brigades are the unions have become Muslims. You hear nothing of these brigades on violence against Iranian women. Headscarves brigades have their soul to the devil forces sale. Ramadan dinners, many well-known conversion tactics, these women are totally blind made. Pakistani Muslims in a big trouble: where are all these oil-rich Muslims? What are all these Islamic countries go? Will these poor Muslims help of an Islamic country or an oil-rich baron with billions playing? Their ‘Kaffirs’ “a Ramadan dinner should not now have 16 million collecting! Iranian women sentenced to death by stoning says nothing to the Headscarf unions!. Do you hear what CNV women on the violation of human rights: discrimination, ethnicity and religion do not Muslims, Christians, Jews, atheists, women’s oppression, marrying very young children, polygamy, death for apostasy from the faith, vendetta ….
    This is really fake: CDA is beginning a major target of Turkey had, from Ankara Everything is carefully tracked, who and what possible exposures? Even the churches have become the target.! The CDA, through infiltration or almost snatched the pot or abandoned by God. The effects of infiltration have been disastrous for the Dutch population. This splinter group, product of years of infiltration within the CDA has no respect for the Dutch. The Christian Democratic Party has nothing to undercover officers to search, but the Dutch citizen. A new unholy alliance with the current non-integrated Muslims is disastrous . Ramadan, Muslim prayer houses and boarding etc, these are not real religious activities, you are dealing with a very sophisticated masked satanic work.”Fasting is totally different from what they called Ramadan. Fasting Jesus way is totally different than the Muslim war training! Go and have a look at how they eat, Jesus had only one piece of bread and a little wine …
    Muslim “iftar”looks more like a luxury and most expensive meal in a restaurant. Muslims indicate the values of Dutch culture away. No Western names, never a Christian church or synagogue, no Dutch TV, flag, anthem, no Dutch values! Muslims have no ties with the Dutch culture and legal system, which they simply do not exist. That is more than temporal matters, they must undergo in anticipation of the war and eventual domination. For more than 40 years, there are Netherlands about 640 000 Muslims born and no child has a Western name. Is this what the petition organizers as integration or not polarized society? The power of a movement is determined by the number of followers and their willingness to use that power. The Islam allows a high birth rate for an increasing number of adherents and has the will to make use of it. Inmiddels the Muslims will have continued to rise and we verder dropped.
    The birth rate in Europe falls steadily. Europe has more Muslims who little ophebben with democracy and freedom, which became more and more pressure will be placed. Until then, they try to present moderate and peaceful image. Randomly they will be in all parties. Meanwhile they exploit every means to make a Muslim majority to form by: Action on the rights regarding freedom from discrimination, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of education, freedom of association. These principles and rights recognized if not for others but for themselves claimed a lot of wind. Even child of 7 years says “Morocco is my country”. She was born here. Her grandfather / grandmother have been living 40 years here, do not speak any Dutch, her mother was born here, speak reasonable Dutch but mainly Moroccan and is thick in the clothes, scarf, her sister, 11 begins to wear dresses Moroccan. If she comes scrounge sweets she asks if there is pork in it. She is always talking about what not to Allah. This family feels with Dutch benefit and not Dutch passport (a). Turkey will always be a haven for all Turks, regardless of her / his generation. The involvement of Turkey to allow people anywhere in the world is the power which Turkey has so many people to submit to Islam .. .
    And now the …nature of Islam, you hear the old guard not! Accepts Islam to other religions as totally equivalent? Accepts Islam is a strict separation of mosque and state? Accepts Islam the right of an individual to faith to say goodbye? Does Islam advocate a Western model of democracy? You hear nothing about all those Christians who are persecuted around the world by Muslims. This CDA members want to ensure fundamental rights including freedom of religion for Muslims in the Netherlands. So free operation for a “religious / political ideology” that no other religion beside him tolerate! Moreover, the Islam that every non-Muslim world excludes. They must still repent or else be slain. Conveniently forgetting the signatories of the manifest that Islam is totally inconsistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, not only the fundamental Netherlands Ven …
    Islam is indeed an ideology and religion are ultimately our freedoms will adversely affect. The fanatical followers of this religion abuse the opportunities given freedom to ultimately lack of freedom to proclaim and implement. Islam is a warlike religion that other religions’ with fire and sword “fights. Dutch Christians in about 25 years still freedom of their faith to confess, would So just to be in favor of stopping immigration from Muslim countries. Christian public figures are always talking about “fundamental rights, to love each other, protect minorities, etc..” How did you get to a Muslim minority that arises from the foreign, mostly through illegal immigration, importing brides from nephew / nieces focuses primarily on the fact that abuse of the possibilities of coming to the Netherlands, especially in migration from countries like Turkey, Morocco and Somalia: It’s about artificially increasing the Muslim population , mostly Turks and Moroccans who are isolated blocs will form in their sense of marriage migration and high birth rates rapidly expanding and whole neighborhoods and cities dominate and then out to become a majority, by force or democratic means our country must submit to the Islamic countries. Weather complain about polarization: Unfortunately it is precisely the old guard that Islam supports and finances.
    These ‘personalities’ from a distant and gray, old, past. Not this time. And they want the values of the past, present further indoctrinate. Or to note, this kind of politics is outdated. Times change, even politically! Old Guard in his Utopia is the best polaris earlier. Naive clique dangerous expectations generates no good information. Muslims are inherently polar compared to Europeans and growth has always been apart! They keep polar, this is not new, not caused by a political party, it has since 1400 years has been. In Switzerland there is no anti-Islam Nazi party, but they are no less aggression continue here. As they build their apartheid. In the Netherlands, 640,000 Muslim children are born, and none has a Dutch name yet? Splinter Group, pro-Muslim Christians, corrupt public figures, think in July that Muslims aging problem be solved?
    Cut the demagoguery. You sell your soul to the masked devil for a Ramadan dinner! Muslims do not come to the Netherlands, bringing us one-warm-heart-disposed towards, no change is not there, but the cause of social – and social unrest. The problem of that silly, false mantra is never any real, trust-based “meeting” has been. The deepest wish and allowed Muslims (= subject … just to hate beard No. 1 Muhammad) do not assimilate, together with non kosher Westerners. If they are so their rights are, or should they still hurt how the rights for different groups differently applied? We see self-censorship by museums, journalists, cartoon artists in charge of the so-called sensitivities of Muslims, we see segregated municipal offices for men and women serving Muslims, please note in worship, we see how different and non-believers, women are reviled by Muslims, we see (threat of) violence against the law and the same rights in the name of Islam, Jesus may be offended, but oh woe if you do something about Muhammad have to say. This constitutes an undemocratic action of a set of incredibly naive, all still with a pacifier in the mouth and incredibly stupid.
    The CDA opening to Islamists that greatest enemies of Christianity are ? Islam, which is a political movement that, by definition undemocratic. read the Qur’an only once to post and read and hear the explanations of the Imams and Ayatollah’s only once. Islam seeks explicitly to a dictatorship. The Koran calls for war for the extermination of “infidels” has literally detest Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, agnostics, atheists and especially Jews. Preserving the core values of our democracy is much more valuable than the Moslem countries politics and oil money …
    You have to just stand for the freedoms of all Dutch. The CDA members are busy securing their own interests to state that clearly. bezig because if they were in general than they had land interests of their party’s policy towards for example by external powers supported massive mosque construction, anti-Dutch Islamic schools and evil Islamic brainwashing the youth are convicted. This group should be ashamed. They say they be Christians but really for money and power to a much greater evil . It’s the world upside down and the Islamization of our country has very serious proportions which, unfortunately, a very large proportion of citizens at this time the harmful effects are not overlooked. Granting our next concrete requirements: –
    The Dutch nationality should be deleted before anyone has a different nationality, and no separate laws and regulations for more assistance, housing benefit or child benefit for people without Dutch nationality, the only thing helps against the continued interference of both Turkey and Morocco abolition of dual citizenship.
    – repatriation of hundreds of thousands of hopeless Muslims is inevitable. With the Information Age, they have no chance of employment. Old Guard hazardous expectations generates, this mass is more work to help. Stop all subsidies and investments to make them grow. Invest only in return projects.
    – Less regulation, and the ministries have 400,000 advisors, committee members and administrators away, which only has 300,000 (!) in the Ministry of Education
    – No more TBS but split into one part for a new lunatic mentally impaired and other minimum sentences for example violence, – Ban all Islamic organizations, because Islam sect a dangerous threat to other faiths
    – Reversing all privatizations of public utilities – all refugees no longer cope in the Netherlands but only in the region of origin; UN also of the Netherlands will receive money to with free regions.
    – Collective agreements should not only apply to the lowest wages for all salaries, including bonuses and executive salaries
    – No target group policy or minimabeleid more, because laws and regulations always apply to everyone, restoring our civil rights such as participatory rights and right to protection of privacy, why those requirements? but once you try to imagine our country, if only a few of these requirements were fulfilled.

    Imams, staatsambtenaren en infiltranten uit Turkije en Marokko: Tweedeling van Nederland!

    Tweedeling begon toen de eerste Moslims binnen waren. De samenleving was één maar is door de Islamitische massa-immigratie in tweeën gesplitst. Zolang huidige beleid met grote lijnen intact blijft, zullen de problemen alleen verergeren en blijft de immigratiekraan openstaan waardoor er een bom gelegd wordt onder onze samenleving en de verzorgingsstaat niet te handhaven is.
    Omdat Moslims volgens hun religieuze politiek zich niet mogen mengen met de westerse culturen, is integratie per definitie onmogelijk. Westerse samenleving proberen te combineren met de mohammedaanse doctrine is een onbegonnen werk. Dat het afwijzen van westerse normen en waarden centraal staat in de Islam, heeft grote implicaties. Hiermee wordt het aangegeven dat het Islamitische doctrine de oorzaak is van deze tweedeling! Dit staat vast. Islamitische strijders die gesteund zijn door de corrupte politiek, vechten in feite voor een nieuwe dictatuur. Deze Moslims zullen hun politieke stelsel nooit hervormen. 140 miljoen Christenen en circa 57 miljoen andersdenkenden die in 35 Moslimlanden wonen en de oorspronkelijke bewoners zijn van die landen verwachten hiermee geen veranderingen.

    In Nederland, overal in de wijken zijn er fundamentalistische kolonisten actief: imams, gestuurde infiltranten en andere staatsambtenaren die niks mee te maken met de immigratie, zijn bezig om jonge mannen en vrouwen te islamiseren…

    Ze stellen onomwonden dat Nederland moet worden overgenomen. Sterk georganiseerde Turken en Marokkanen zouden nieuwe instroom te bevorderen via: hun bruiden uit een islamitische land halen, creatie van een gesloten maatschappij waarin uitsluitend via TV schotels gekeken wordt naar eigen staatspropaganda, eigen scholen oprichten, moskeen bouwen. Op die manier wordt er een nieuwe bevolking gevormd die heel snel in aantal toeneemt. Ondertussen is het aantal moslims in Nederland explosief gegroeid. De vele kolonisten uit Marokko, Turkije, noordelijk Afrika en het Midden-Oosten doen ook het aantal illegale moskeeën en korancursussen. De moskee als politieke arena, waarbinnen zich diverse krachten manifesteren. Het is bizar dat gemeentes en centrale overheid de moskee hebben gekozen als gesprekspartner voor hun beleid. Juist daar laat de politieke islam het meest nadrukkelijk van zich horen. Turkije met haar staatsislam, Diyanet, is het gevaarlijke staatsorgaan dat is belast met de zorg voor het Turks-islamitische nationalisme. De Diyanet is dus een omvangrijk staatsorgaan, een religieuze leger, groter dan de Nederlandse leger en politie bij elkaar.
    De activiteiten zijn in principe gericht op de hele bevolking, want de islam wordt gezien als een belangrijk element van de gemeenschappelijke Turkse identiteit. De Diyanet, onder leiding van turkse geheime dienst, is inmiddels werkzaam in landen waar grote aantallen Turken als “immigrant” aanwezig zijn, zoals in Nederland. Deze grote leger zou in Nederland Turkse etniciteit kunnen versterken en assimilatie tegen te gaan…! In Nederland zijn zodoende inmiddels vele duizenden militanten van deze organisatie werkzaam: het totale aantal personeelsleden betreft ca. 98.000.

    De Turkse en Arabische indoctrinatie speelt nu op alle maatschappelijke vlakken en begint met het onderwijs waar de aanpassing aan de Nederlandse cultuur doodgezwegen wordt, gevolgd door de massahysterie van herkomstlanden machthebbers die afwijkende meningen via hun verlengde structuren toch kunnen onderdrukken. Honderden duizenden TV schotels en massa militanten die op de aparte islamscholen, stichtingen en moskeen actief zijn vormen een grote gevaar. Nu nog meer mensen die in Nederland geboren, worden blootgesteld aan de staatspropaganda van allerlei moslim dictators. Bovendien wordt anti-Nederlandse indoctrinatie als eigen cultuur opgedrongen.

    Vraag is waarom kunnen de 140 miljoen Christenen die in 35 Moslimlanden wonen en de oorspronkelijke bewoners zijn van die landen hun eigen geloof niet mogen uitoefenen, hun kinderen geen christelijke namen geven, geen radio en tv uitzendingen in eigen taal volgen, is dit democratie? Turkije, Soedan, Pakistan, Marokko en Egypte moeten stoppen met de Christenen te terroriseren!
    Andersdenkenden zijn in het Midden-Oosten en Noord_Afrika een minderheid, vaak achtergesteld, onderdrukt of zelfs het doelwit van geweld. Veel mensen die niet Moslim zijn, voelen zich niet meer thuis in hun eigen land. Moslims hebben overal meerderheid gekregen en oorspronkelijke bewoners worden in de rol van vreemdeling geduwd, hoewel ze tot de oorspronkelijke bevolking behoren, net als in Nederland. De oorspronkelijke bewoners van huidige Turkije en veel Arabische landen hebben tot op heden geen rechten, terwijl dwaze EU politicus Moslims helpen met de bouw van grote Moskeen, volgen van islam lessen en creatie van Turkse – Arabische enclaves binnen Europa. In Turkije en omtrent Midden-Oosten zijn de afgelopen eeuw wellicht miljoenen christenen vermoord of gedeporteerd. Al die tijd deed de wereld de oogjes dicht. Men mocht hier niets over zeggen. In Moslimlanden worden christenen onderdrukt, dan ook hier in Nederland geen moskeeën. Er zijn nu meer dan genoeg moskeeën. Als wij in islamitische landen geen kerken mogen bouwen, ja als zelfs christenen worden vermoord omdat ze christen zijn, dan mogen jullie hier ook geen nieuwe moskeeën bouwen. We hebben zelfs niet zoveel rechten als de Moslims in Europa! Terwijl wij de oorspronkelijke bewoners zijn. Mensenrechten in moslimlanden bestaan gewoon niet…

    Met de gaande krijgen de moslims steeds meer macht In Nederland. Grote delen van sommige steden zijn al etnisch anti-Nederlands. PVDA leider praat nu over “de boel bij elkaar houden”, hiermee suggereert hij dat er wel degelijk gevaarlijke etnische conflicten aan het ontstaan zijn, maar tegelijkertijd wilt hij geen immigratiestop. De grondslag van deze gevaar, instroom van nog meer Moslims wordt gezien als de “toekomst” van PVDA. “bij elkaar houden…” is geen oplossing. Cohen’s boel bestaat uit grote groepen die etnisch onverenigbare kernelementen hebben, ze groeien steeds uit elkaar. “Het geloof van het zwaard” zei de paus voordat hij dat moest terugnemen onder bedreiging van het zwaard. Iedereen die beweert dat ze gewelddadig zijn…. wordt aangevallen of bedreigt. Hier in het beschaafde NL hadden we deze manier van redeneren na het jaar 1400 niet meer gehoord… tot ca 15 jaar terug. Welkom terug in de middeleeuwen. Straks hebben we hier ook zo maar Libische toestanden, grote onlusten of erger, burgeroorlogen. De kritische grens is voor de moslimbevolking in Nederland bereikt. Kappen met verdere immigratie en mogelijkerwijs het radicale deel terugsturen naar land van oorsprong. Nu kan het nog zonder bloedvergieten.

  8. Yeah, and Christian soldiers are invading lands around the globe, many of them, like Mexico, 80 or 90% CHRISTIAN, and killing people. In the Name of Jesus. They don’t limit their murder spree to Muslim-dominated lands. Saddam Hussein, not the best or most saintly person ever, was Muslim and Iraq is a country with a history of Muslim-on-Muslim crimes, but Tariq Aziz, the Foreign Minister, is Catholic.
    Many would say that HIS behavior has been far less than Christ-like. “Christian” president George W Bush went as far as to break several of the Ten Commandments to have Saddam Hussein killed. And, as it turns out, somewhere between 500,000 and 2 million Iraqi citizens, many of them, like Tariq Aziz, Christian.

    In the more than 1400 years since Islam began, Christians have killed far more Christians than any other group of people have killed, and killed far more Christians than they killed of any other group. So, sir or madam, I’m sure you are sincere in your love for Christians. Except, of course, those of us who don’t join you in your hatred for Muslims.

    And I, on my part, most certainly will not join in that hatred.
    You have shown me no reason to hate Muslim PEOPLE.
    The oldest known church in the world, the Cathedral of St Thomas in India, is in one of the Muslim parts of India. Even the most dictatorial rulers of “the caliphate” allowed the church to remain open for business, it was in existence since the time Caligula was dictator of Rome.

    And there were CHURCHES AND SYNAGOGUES in Jerusalem and Akkra when King Richard Couer de Leon “liberated” the cities.

    That “Christian” king did what Islam didn’t, before or since, a campaign of terror against Christians and Jews in the Holy Land.

    There have been so many terrorist attacks plotted and carried out by “christians” even in the United States, outweighing the carnage done by Muslims against invaders in THEIR homelands by such a wide margin that it’s pointless to describe how big the gap is…

    That by your “reasoning” and that of the Terrorist Dictators George Bush and Richard Cheney and their Terrorist Fanatic Extremists like Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin, I should, what, Hate Christians with all the wild-eyed fanaticism your masters have against Muslim PEOPLE?

    That would be judging them with the same measure you use to judge Muslim PEOPLE, the vast majority of the more than a Billion Muslims in the world have committed no crime against me or against you or against America or against the churches.

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