And the Good News is…

Well, Psych… There isn’t any… Faked you out pretty good, huh?

The Chinese Navy is playing cat and mouse with “our” Navy in the South China Sea.

Two possibilities, one is that they’re doing what I suggested two years ago, “we” owe them our entire national treasury since they bought up all those T-Bills that we had just laying around not doing anything, just, you know, gathering dust and all…
The way CheneyBush Corporation intended to finance the war without raising taxes and all.

So maybe they’re simply foreclosing on our mortgage in Iraq and Afghanistan and are simply evicting us.

That would be good. Sure we wouldn’t have the oil, but hey, there’s no way in Hell we would be able to hold onto our Conquests long enough to collect the oil anyway.

The other option, far more probable, is that they’re anticipating a Red Hot Nuclear Exchange between us and Iran, except that Iran, like Iraq, doesn’t actually have nuclear weapons…

and of course the two Nuclear Powers who border Iran,

India and Pakistan…. Also border China.

Sure, the border consists of the tallest MuFu mountains in the entire MuFu world… But a mushroom cloud laden with all those nice little radioactive particles will go much much higher.

Nuking Iran, as some of “our” Government representatives wish to do, especially our Unofficial Government Officials like Bibi Netanyahu…

Would involve nuking Pakistan, and Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan, and Outer Absurdistan, and India…

…and China.

Naturally, none of these PEOPLE have any desire to die in a nuclear holocaust just to appease the Jackasses in Arlington Virginia.

Glow in the dark Grandchildren are NOT on their agenda.

Good food owes everything to context

The best anything I ever had was a can of soda, thrown to me in the water where I’d been diving for the better part of a day. My mouth was salty from the seawater taste of my mouthpiece and the dry air from my regulator. The cool sweetness of the soda pop was an olfactory relief never to be rivaled. Ask me now, treading water next to an outrigger, negotiating the waves of the South China Sea, and splashing a Sprite over my mouth, nothing better.

I came to understand this context principle later while camping in the Ozarks with my uncle. After a long hike, making chicken and rice soup over the fire, by combining every freeze-dried ingredient we had, made the best meal I’d ever tasted.

This principle explains man’s imbibing of alcohol entirely. Drinking wine is nothing but context. Alone, wine is a tartish experiment. With a meal it’s chemistry. Ice water is irrigation.

I’ve since improved upon the ultimate repast. Spaghetti with olive oil and fresh Parmesan, shoveled into your mouth from a mixing bowl on your chest as you recline watching a film. I foresaw my destiny as a bachelor when I admitted this was my Saturday Night ne plus ultra.

How to improve upon such elevated culinary expectations? I tried that once too. Unfiltered pear juice, in a hot shower, while peeing. Probably it was just too easy to orchestrate.