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Shaken, stirred, totally Fukushima’d

Now Fukushima Daiichi means the same in English as in Japanese. Although now apparently “meltdown” no longer means apocalyptic, “radiation” no longer means toxic, and to “exceed the safety levels” no longer means to pose adverse risk to your health. … Continue reading

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US denies holding Iranian scientist Amiri prisoner, yet sought to swap him?

Contradictions are varied and colorful in the feuding accounts of Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri’s brief stay in the US. He says he was abducted and interrogated, American sources hope to mar Amiri’s homecoming by suggesting he was paid five … Continue reading

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Israeli mushroom cloud smoking gun

What does the Israeli Internet Megaphone look like in the flesh? Take a look at who’s peddling the Weapons of Mass Destruction meme against Iran. It’s the same Smoking Gun Mushroom Cloud scare.

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The international campaign to deny Iran the use of nuclear reactors

Nuclear energy whether we like it or not is seen by many countries as their way of becoming ‘energy independent’. Those countries that have already developed this technology are seen as being the movers and shakers around the world… don’t … Continue reading

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Cutting edge technology of wind power

You gotta love how wind power is the poster child for alternative energy. News segments about energy self-reliance begin with a depiction of wind turbines. Election ads about the imperative to invest in other energies, more wind turbines. Is energy … Continue reading

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Nuclear power versus nuclear powers

Thirty one nations have nuclear power. Three more are building their first nuclear plants. They are Lithuania, Mongolia, and the one we’re worried about, Iran. Of all places, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Armenia and Kazakhstan are able to generate nuclear … Continue reading

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