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FOX to sponsor local anti-suicide picnic

I have a few suggestions, of course their Free Speech Patrol won’t allow the suggestions to be made at their parade. (ahem) Stop G.I. Suicide… First, stop the God-Damned Wars. Second, Stop Brainwashing Soldiers to Temporarily accept murdering people, a process which ends once the former soldiers are no longer in that Heavily Enforced Indoctrination Group.

Nor does the indoctrination work all that damned well when under the stress of killing and being killed.

So the next step, after dismantling the war, Dismantle the War Mongering system that rewards the Scum-sucking Bastard Parasitic Slugs in the War Industries. They produce NOTHING of value to humanity. Colt Arms, Northrop, Bell-Textron, Taser, Smith and Wesson, supplying the tools of the trade.

Halliburton, Wackenhut, Blackwater-Xe, supplying the torture centers, the staff for the torture centers…

FOX NETWORKS who supply the Bullshit Propaganda for the Death Machine with too-cute-for-words Publicity Stunts like the Get Happy About The War, Support the War and Eat Barbecue “stop suicide” picnic.

I mean, if they really give a Damn about Stopping Suicide among veterans, why don’t they for once in their Nasty Misspent Money-Grubbing lives ever stand against the Primary cause of that suicide epidemic?
Well that question pretty much answers itself.

Say, aren’t they among the ones who suggest that anybody who opposes their Huge, Completely Underfunded, Totally Morally Bankrupt Mass Murder Spree is a Campfire Kum-ba-Jah idealistic dreamer?

So they’re selling their own version of that, propagandizing that War and subsidizing the Suicide Epidemic?

They’re a swarm of slugs in search of a bag of salt.

Checkup- get one now, or get one later

The theme of a commercial sponsored by Aventis Pharmaceuticals and played today on Fox between football games. Big Pharma and Fox, the ones who are trying To Make It God-Damned Impossible for uninsured people to be able to Get A Checkup Or Any Other Form Of Health Care.
A Scene: Lady in doctors’ office being questioned about a heart issue..
B Scene: Coroner examining body and saying “Cause of death Myocardial Infarction” (A type of heart attack) into his recording device.

Next… Scene A: Doctor asking same woman about symptoms of Diabetes…

Back to the coroner adding diabetes into the diagnosis.

back to the doctors office, lady being asked about diet and exercise

Blurb about “You can get a Check-up now, or get one later”.

Back to Coroner pulling a sheet over the face of the patient.

Oh, yeah, Fox News, Aventis, GREAT ADVICE… considering how much you bastards are trying to keep Health Care as a privilege of the Wealthy. Even if the poor could get an appointment for a checkup under your Wealthy Elite Regime, they wouldn’t be able to afford the Aventis Patented (and obscenely overpriced) medications.

So what’s the deal, Lucille? What’s the plan, Stan? You rubbing our noses in the fact that you’re Rich and we aren’t?

“Nanny-nanny boo boo, stick your head in doodoo, there’s medicine that could save your life but you can’t have any because we’re Better Than You because we have money and You Don’t Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha and we’ve got a small (extremely small) Army of Redneck Tea Party Idiots conned into pressuring Congress to keep it that way forever. All we have to do is tell the Stupid Goobers that they’re going to lose their Freedom if people get adequate health care, and they’re too freakishly STUPID to realize that they’ll be left out too, we’ll kick their collective STUPID arse back into their Slave Quarters”.

Some people are born out of wedlock. Some others are Self-Made Bastards. They didn’t get the name at birth so they spend their lifetimes earning it.