Fire in a Crowded Theater

This of course is a response to what I have heard NeoCons say many times in response to any claim to free speech.
They whine about “it’s not legal to shout Fire! in a crowded theater”.

In other words, the Riot Act, and it’s theoretical justification. The NeoCons who wish to apply that little bit of rhetorical chanting to our part, the Victim part, of the St Paddy’s Day Massacre, miss the point of the Riot Act all together.

The Riot Act is about speech that is deliberately intended to incite civil disorder. To encourage murder, riots and other crimes against the peace.

Such as the NeoCon agitators in the crowd who were screaming for the pigs to kill Eric and Elizabeth and the rest of us. THAT would be a violation punishable under the Riot Act. Another classic example from the same Right Wing Fanatics would be urging other people, who like us, were Licensed to be in the Parade, to run over us.

The fact that these Right Wing Lunatics were essentially cowards in their own rights, was demonstrated by the fact that I and several others faced them, as individuals and as the screaming mob they were hoping to become, and told them to their fat porky faces what REAL freedom is all about.

When that happened, they kept trying to get OTHERS to attack us, because they of course lacked the physical courage to do it themselves.

They were the ones trying to Start Trouble. Not us. The fact that the onlookers, for the most part, disagreed with them and refused to join in to their madness and blood-lust fanaticism, speaks well for the citizenry of Colorado Springs.

Not, however, for the Police and the parade officials who unjustifiably and with absolutely no provocation attacked their fellow citizens for daring to express a point of view with which the Police and Parade Officials, and their Right Wing Lunatic Fringe Comrades in the audience, disagree.

The soldiers who decided to take a passive stance, broke their oath, the same one I took 28 years ago, to Uphold and Defend The CONSTITUTION of the United States against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC.

Those in the Lunatic Fringe who chanted “freedom isn’t free”, well in this case, they were partly right. The LICENSE we had to express our views in the parade cost money.

To these I say, YOU have shown your children what true contempt for freedom and the laws of America are all about. You might lie to your kids and tell them all kinds of twisted logic sophistries that demonstrate that War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, Big Brother is Always Right,
but your kids will know, by YOUR actions, not mine, not Elizabeth’s, nor Eric’s, YOUR actions, what you truly believe about freedom in American.

That is apparently the same “freedom” you have given the people of Iraq, and what your pathetic little Mad Emperor is now offering to give to the people of Iran as well.

You have once again, with your pipsqueak shrieks that Freedom of Speech is limited to “As long as it doesn’t conflict with the Established Policy of the Dictator Bush”, shown all the world, and most importantly your children, what Low and Loathsome Cowards you truly are.