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The Egyptian equivalent of TeaBags…

Anderson Cooper was attacked in Egypt while reporting by Mubarak supporters.

Anderson Cooper talked to The Huffington Post from Cairo on Wednesday night, and described what happened to him this morning, when he and his crew were attacked by a group of supporters of President Hosni Mubarak.

Amazing, isn’t it? Reporters attacked not by the “out of control Anti-American mob” but by the right wing…

“A man jumped out of the crowd and tried to push us around,” he said. “It sort of allowed other people in the crowd to focus on us. Other people came out of the crowd. Somebody punched me in the head, and from there things escalated quickly.”
The crew decided they had to turn around, he said. They tried to walk away “as calmly as possible,” but this did not calm the crowd around them.
“They were following us, screaming at us, ripping at our clothes,” he said. This lasted for five minutes. The mob threw bottles and water at the crew, and kept kicking and punching people. A few people tried to assist them, but they were overwhelmed by the pro-Mubarak group. Meanwhile, Egyptian soldiers watched the whole thing.

Of course they did. Much like many in Krowd in Kentucky attacking Lauren Valle were Kops. The U.S. Army stood by while we were attacked at St Paddy’s.

Cooper said he received four distinct blows to the head. “I’ve never been punched in the head before,” he said. “So they left an impression.”

He said it was the first time that he’d been directly attacked in a crowd while reporting a story. For now, he is staying away from Tahrir Square. It is not safe, he said, for any journalist to report from there.

Doug Bruce v. Dogbert

See, this guy is an archetype of So-Called “Conservative” ethos. He milks his position as a pig, Former prosecutor that is, first with the “Back the Badge” morons who actually believe that “The Policeman is always right”, made God-damn sure that no Colorado Springs Gestapo Agent was ever actually prosecuted for Police Brutality. This doesn’t mean, to a Rational and Sane Person, that no acts of Police Brutality ever occurred in the Springs, just that the perpetrators, prosecutors and Judges acted in collusion to protect their Fellow PIGS. But we’re not talking Rational and Sane people here, we’re talking-Back the Badge Conservative Morons.

Doug Bruce and the other Morons (readers will note that I don’t differentiate-much-between the “Leaders” and their mindless dupes, the only difference is that assholes like Bruce and Tancredo and Malkin KNOW that they’re lying, they know for whom they lie, and they’re too stupid to give a damn that they’re committing acts of pure evil) backed every assault on Peaceable Assembly, including a recent B-S-D rally at a mall, the infamous St Paddy’s Day Massacre, the persecution of the poorest members of OUR town through the “Homeless Camping Ordinance” and every time his Fellow Pigs beat up on a handcuffed prisoner or Murdered errrr “Suicide by Cop”ed anybody either in the jails or with a bullet in the back, on the street, anywhere in America. For instance, when the Cambridge Police lured a REAL Man out of his own home in order to violently suppress his right to free speech, and when Oscar Grant was forced to the pavement and shot in the back while PIGS were holding him down, you could always count on Good Ol’ Doug Bruce to support his Fellow Murdering PIG scum.

They repaid him, tit-for-tat, by backing up his Bogus Petition Demagoguery when store managers at an Albertson’s grocery story told him not to violate THEIR property rights, unlike when they arrested the B-S-D group recently.

Right to Free Speech and Assembly is only accorded to the Servants of the Very Rich, at least in the eyes of the Colorado Springs Gestapo.

He apparently took lessons from a fictional character created by cartoonist Scott Adams in his Dilbert syndicated strip.

Dec 31 1993 – Dogbert – petition Dogbert used the petition-gathering scam to “end world hunger” bait-and-switch which Doug Bruce subsequently copied, successfully, too, with his

Sep 28 1992 – Dogbert – Demagogue demagoguery about eliminating taxes simply by refusing to pay for the services that benefit all of society. “A rising tide lifts all boats” is just another Capitalist Lie designed to keep Stupid People voting for their own slavery and supporting their slave-owners.

Feb 24-26 1992 Dogbert – “Conservative” Liar

…other than the parts about being a Pure Evil and Cowardly Corporate Suck. That his Momma taught him.

Had to edit the Tags because I typed in “1993” so many times searching through the dilbert.com archives that I kind of got carried away. I was supposed to write 2003 beat-down and extremist abuse of demontrators at the CS part of the nationwide rallies against the unlawful invasion, occupation and ongoing pillage of the now-vassal state of Iraq.

Something even the Freakin’ DALLAS police wouldn’t attempt. Probably because we had the entire constabulary of Dallas and the Dallas Co Sheriff Dept outnumbered about 50 to 1.

By the way, this ain’t whining

It’s a direct challenge and answer to those who say that they, their “troops” and the Police actually fight for freedom of speech when they quite clearly do not. It’s ME calling each and every one who says that a LIAR, directly. It’s ME pointing out that YOU, personally, have no courage, no honor, no dignity and it’s an in-your-fat-piggy-lying-face “Whatcha gonna do about it Byotch?”
Well, it’s really obvious what you’ll do, stand back and sic the Gestapo Goon-squad Stormtroopers on me or anybody else who actually uses Free Speech for something other than praising the Dictatorship.
You’re free to praise the Dictatorship and the Babykilling War, I’m not in any way trying to force you into silence.
But when you have your “freedom fighters” do what they do best, fight freedom everywhere and everytime it rears its head, you really make yourselves look not only like the Cowardly Liars you truly are, but stupid as well, by chanting Retarded slogans like “they’re fighting for your freedom”.
Challenging any one of you to a one-on-one demonstration, that’s futility. But, it’s out there, and every time you spout off about it, at least a few, and then a few more, and a few more… every time, are going to realize that when you hide behind the slogan-chanting about “standing for free speech” you coward sons of crack-whores already proved yourselves wrong, that you have no objection whatsoever to your Pigs beating people or otherwise punishing them for free speech. No moral or legal objections, you proved that many times over and said as much on an equal number of occasions. So it must be YOU not being able to back your shit up so you try to make yourselves look good while you’re backing your shit DOWN.
Long enough to call for reinforcements. Or for somebody to do all your fighting for you while you stand on the sidelines and cheer. Like you bitches did at the parade 3 years ago.

I also make a point of telling you that where your nasty little piglets can hear or read it, so they can see for themselves what kind of cowards Mommy and Daddy REALLY are.