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See stills from the TV spotThe local NBC affiliate 5/30 did an excellent story involving Camp Casey. See the video clip here.
They covered our Sunday morning send-off of IVAW members who were leaving to join the March 14 peace march along the Gulf Coast. And they also gave our banners some visibility.

THERE IS NO WAR ON TERROR flies in the face of the Media worldview. Let’s dispell a couple of other media reported fallacies, too verbose for banners.

Dubai port scandal
The problem with a port takeover by a Dubai owned company has nothing to do with U.S. security, not as concerns terrorists. The takeover is part of the larger globalization move to privatize world infrastructure and enforce “free trade” subjugation.

The only tie-in with terrorism has to do with Dubai’s involvement with the 9/11 hijackers. Whoever let 9/11 happen, under the nose of the FBI, could make something happen again, out of reach of American security agencies, facilitated with Dubai’s complicity.

Samarra mosque bombing
Who is it that wants a civil war in Iraq? The quick and mutually diffused tensions following the mosque bombing suggests that Iraqis do not want a civil war.

Evidence is pointing to U.S. involvement in the destruction of the Golden Dome Shrine in Samarra. Residents are fighting US and UK efforts to begin rebuilding the dome before the forensic evidence can be analyzed to determine the real culprits behind the explosives.

Experts doubt that Sunnis were behind the destruction of a mosque which is revered by both Shia ad Sunni alike. Pious peoples do not behave that way. Even the troubles in Ireland never devolved to exploding each other’s churches.

Where in the world are there peoples so uncultured, so spiritually callous, so uneducated, insentitive and irreverant that they destroy their brother’s places of worship?

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2 Responses to Banners make the news

  1. Avatar Me says:

    I think that what you guys are doing is disgrasful to everything that are troops are doing you think you know what you are talking about when in fact all you do is whine about how your rights are being violated. If i had the oppertunity i would piss on all of you. please get your libral hippie shit out of this town you insensitve fuck holes. Go die or live in canada, fags!

  2. Avatar Eric says:

    Thank you for your interesting comments. I appreciate hearing your opinion although we hold a different view. What our American soldiers are being forced to do in Iraq is the real disgrace. It is illegal and immoral. Someday this will become clear to you.

    In the meantime count yourself lucky that we liberal types stand by our principals and hasten this war to an end. We do this despite the hateful, uneducated and damn silly words of yours. We are all going to be held accountable for the crimes our country is committing. You as well as us. We want the world, other Americans and our God to know that we do not condone this illegal war.

    Good luck with your potty mouth insults. We thank you to please keep your pissing activities to yourself.

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