Somalia and the Pentagon Pirates of the Indian Ocean

pirateIt is a clear indication of how iron clad government controlled is the US corporate press that news reporting about Somalia in the last couple of weeks has been centered on the stoning to death of a young girl and ‘pirates’. Never mind those millions of starving refugees in the country that the Pentagon has created, it’s ‘Indiana Jones’ time here for the American media! And pirates are always fun to play with! But who are the real pirates off the coast of Somali in the Indian Ocean? Asia Times Online gives us some insight into just that question… NATO reaches into the Indian Ocean

India was once a neutral player in the old Cold War, but not anymore these days and times. The US has captured another satellite government to use in its geopolitical warfare against China and Russia… and that country is India. That old ally of the US, Pakistan?… well let’s just say that their new role is to be turned into a battlefield zone in Southern Asia for the Pentagon. The US based military industrial complex needs to get the Pentagon firmly into that region for more sales for them to be funded from US taxpayers. How better to keep the welfare system for them going? They need Federal ‘bailout’!

As to the Somali ‘pirates’ seizing ships inside their coastal waters? Look at it from their viewpoint? Nobody complained much about the US/ Ethiopian piracy in their homeland, now did they? How about those $300,000,000 of fish annually pirated from their coastal waters by international fisheries based in other countries? Who cares about fish piracy stealing from the starving Somalians? Did you even hear about it? Then why not Somali ‘pirates’ getting into the big game?

The US government is into a big geopolitical play to corner the world’s last remaining natural resources away from China and Russia. Southern Asia is the new zone of combat and the Indian Ocean sits strategically placed between Asia and Africa and most of all, the Middle East. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is now into piracy in the Indian Ocean in a big way, all under the direction of the USA, and that wonderful little building in Northern Virginia, the Pentagon! Peace Now, Y’all. I’m sure that Obama plans to deliver ‘PEACE’… lol. He’s going to fight the Big Bad ‘pirates’ in Africa!

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2 Responses to Somalia and the Pentagon Pirates of the Indian Ocean

  1. Avatar denk says:

    yes tony ,
    for yrs uncle sham has been trying to muscle into malacca straits, ostensibly to “help fight piracy”.
    anyone who isnt born yesterday knows that uncle never poke his nose in some place unless there’s oil or a big fat military contract lying around. so why such unseemly haste to patrol the malacca straits with us warships., when not a drop of its oil pass thru there ?
    well it it turn out that malacca straits is the “choke point” of chinese oil supply !!
    just like “the Gulf of Aden is a major strategic choke point in the Indian Ocean ”

    all these wot and wop [war on pirates] craps are just more fig leaves for uncle to control the world isnt it ?

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I agree, Denk. The US corporate government always thinks in geopolitical terms even as the smoke in their eyes Peacecrats talk of other things. The essential viewpoint of DC is a racist, ethnocentric one that divides the world up into a US directed European bloc, an isolated, limited, and dependent Russian bloc, and a Chinese bloc, that must remain subordinate or else. The rest of the world must continue to remain under the domination of the US and its European allies to avoid war and Armageddon.

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