Putin- ‘nations are witnessing the almost uncontained (US) hyper use of force’

Russia’s Putin has given notice that though the US government is the bull running amok in the world china shop, there are also other bulls inside, too. Don’t forget. Message to American people? If you don’t want to run into another mad bull, you’d better get your government under control soon.

Yes, and there are also more capitalist bulls in the world china shop today, than just the US and Russia. China also is aware of the raging US hyper use of force to rob the shop, so to speak. Americans learn litle from history, since they know little even of where places are on the map let alone other nuances of world society. China and Russia are not just going to sit by idle forever while US capitalist imperialism runs amok in the world stealing world resources for themselves.

WW1 and WW2 were begun because capitalist imperialist countries started to butt heads with each other over world resources and who would control them. Now that China and the exSoviet Union have been de-socialized, their governments see themselves strictly as nationalist entities whose national interests must be defended strictly through military and economic might. Same as how our corporate US ruling class is acting.

Time to get our government to pull out of rampaging through the Muslim countries like they own the place. Russian and China are not going to just sit it out forever passively watching from the sidelines, as they too have world interests to defend. Our national security is not served by starting WW3.

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