The underwhelming Barack Obama

The media is already pushing the delusion to liberal Democratic Party voters, that Barack Obama is their Great Black Hope in 2008. And today he announced he was a candidate for President. They are trying to pass him off as the antiwar candidate, same as Howard Dean was similarly imaged in that manner in 2004.

Not only is he not that, but his positions on almost everything are not liberal, neither. As Colin and Condo are to Dubya and Dick, Barack and Jesse are to Bill and Hillary. Yuck.

I encourage everybody to go to Obama’s website to get a glimpse of his mealy mouthed political approach. He is for education, but not a mention of supporting public schools versus privatization. He is for health care, but nothing about keeping abortion legal, nor anything about supporting a single payer comprehensive national health care system, where all are covered. He speaks out on immigration, but says not a word in opposition to the Border Wall being built. He says not a word about maintaining Social Security, but talks of ‘modernizing’ it. Hell with him. We know what ‘modernizing’ really means. It means cutting SS, that’s what.

Similarly, he blabs on about National Defense, supporting the police, being against sex offenders, crime, and meth. Bullshit is what it is. Pure bullshit. He is for a ‘phased withdrawal’ from Iraq, but not a word about Afghanistan. And what is a ‘phased withdrawal’ to this sort? Over 3 months, or over 10 years? Or over forever? Not a word about cutting our excessive military spending. Why not? This is no liberal speaking, but a mealy mouthed duplicitous worm. Yet another one the Democratic party has spun out.

In the weeks and months ahead, all of America will be encouraged to put their hopes in this man. He was already being touted as the only genuine antiwar candidate tonight on the national news. Lies, lies, lies/ liars, liars, liars. About all the Democrats are hashing up with Barack Obama, is a man to help neutralize the possibility of Condoleeza Rice starting a run for the presidency. That’s about all.

Obama at best would be a return to Clintonism, but this time with a black face in office playing the role of the Slick Willie. Liberals need a better vision than that to offer America, otherwise the slide down hill will continue. And most of all, liberals need a better political party than the Democratic Party. Stuck in that Yu-don’t-go of a vehicle, we will get a wreck of America.

What a demoralized America we have now, minus a genuine third, and anti-corporate, party.

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8 Responses to The underwhelming Barack Obama

  1. Jonah Jonah says:

    They were pushing for a while the idea of him and Colin Powell teaming up for a run. Just to galvanize the voters, I suppose.

    Maybe like Geraldine Ferraro and Mondale in 84. The Stupid One’s daddy got called in by Big Boss Ronnie and spanked in the Oval Office because he made the really stupid comment about a woman not being capable of running a country. Neglecting his old comrade Golda Meir of Israel and his then current comrade Maggie and her boss Queen Bess Second.

    Now that will come back to bite him because in the next election cycle he popped off with the anti Italian idea about Mario Cuomo and America just wasn’t ready for a fellow with his name ending in vowels being president. Wonder how our favorite America’s Mayor Mr G. would spin that. One thing about it, it ain’t gonna be boring.

  2. Jonah Jonah says:

    Oh yeah, the Far Right would really hate the idea of Colin running for anything, when the Invasion/liberation/regime change/terror bombing of Afghanistan was just getting started, he urged a more cautious approach, and Rush Limbaugh, who we all know just lubs dem Negroes called him a traitor for not throwing up the hand and maching mit der Sieg Heil fast enough. And urged that he be brought up on charges of treason.

    In other words, prosecuted for a CAPITAL offense for not being sincere enough with his Tomming. The way Mr Powell was acting sickened me and I’m not even black. (that I can actually find out anyway, the south is like that, but don’t tell anybody because it’s a secret)

    I was half expecting him to fetch in a load of wood, and then offer to tongue wash Georgie-boys boots while getting his head rubbed. But they said THIS was disloyalty? Jesus what does that freak Rush expect?

  3. Avatar Tim says:

    What could he say that wouldn’t meet with your disdain? Do you just dislike him as a person? And actually Obama is against the Iraq war, he made speeches against the war before he joined the US Senate.

    Also, Condoleeza Rice would fail completely because she’s been such a shill for the Bush Administration and their failed policies.

  4. Avatar Jonah says:

    My only thought on it so far is that he (Obama) istrying to work within the system.

    Which has so many traps and loopholes set up by the Masters of the system specifically so they themselves don’t have to follow a Rule of Law. They have been steadily downgrading the protections for the poor and now have the Constitution almost wholely gone over to their self perpetuating power trip.

    It took the Nazis less than 10 years to take the Weimar constitution and bend it to their liking, which is remarkably similar to the way our Constitution is interpreted today.

    If Obama thinks the system can be fixed, good on him, but I will always be in doubt.
    The only way to come close to getting a real representative of the people in the White House would be to find somebody who actually doesn’t want the job and draft him to it.
    And then you would set up a system of power trippers who are adept at seeming unwilling to take the job. Circles within circles.

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    All these youtube videos of Obama you posted from Oba-malicious linked with your name are so depressing, Tim. All they show is repeated empty posturing from a young career politician jockeying to be the newest Clintonite player.

    He is well within the corporatized, Democratic Party mainstream. As empty a poli as there ever was, especially with all the nonsense about him having supposedly opposed the Bush oil wars from the very beginning.. Oh really? How did we miss that? All I hear is his constant jabber about fighting ‘terrorism’ better, when what is really needed is to just denounce the whole sick sham.

    ‘Ive had enough…’, ‘We believe’, ‘We’re the party of FDR, Kennedy, & Jefferson.’ Blah, blah, blah. All the usual trappings of liberal DP politician fluff, down to the Hollywood appearance on Conan O’Brien’s talk show. Another Slick Willie blowing his sax, and then he’ll be in for 8 years to continue to bomb Iraqi civilian infrastructure to shreds, plus destroying other countries, too, no doubt. All nothing more than a set up link, to the next Republican neo-Klanner to take presidential office yet again.

    Obama doesn’t represent progress. He represents more of the same old bipartisan corprorate driven drivel. And most of all, he represents more Military-Industrial Complex sponsored war. A peace candidate he most certainly isn’t. He’s nothing more than another oil industry wolf, playing the role of a sheep. Another Oxy-Gore. Another bloody bore.

    He would be about as weak a president as Ann Richardson was as Texas governor. Nothing but a set up. Don’t liberal DP voters ever learn? Fools.

    Even Tony Blair and his cursed British Labor Party look good in comparison to Baraka Obama’s con game. And certainly Dennis Kucinich is a better bet than this oaf is shaping up to be. Oba-Delicious? You got to be kidding! I see dead end alley. And that’s even if he were to be put in.

  6. Avatar Tim says:

    Tony, where’s your evidence that he’s the same as every other Democrat? You haven’t mentioned anything concrete. And no one has ever said Obama is a “peace candidate” like you’re claiming. So I’m not sure where you got that from. In what ways does Tony Blair and his party look better than Obama? And even if they did look better – who cares?? They’re British! Not American.

  7. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Tim, my evidence is from his Senator’s web page, his own words, and his own lack of doing anything other than positioning himself politically for being elected. He is the same as every other Democratic Party politician in the biggest essential, too. The Democrats are an exclusively electoral formation, and all politics starts there and ends there for the top dogs who run the show.

    Have you ever seen the official brass of the DP call for street demonstrations to support any issue, work to build a labor organization, or build a boycott to oppose some noxious corporation? Well why not, Tim? If I and you can do those things, well why not the Hillarys, the Barakas, or the Dennis Kuciniches and John Deans? Imagine if only a couple of them were out building a national demonstration against the Republican’s sorry governance? But not a one does that. Pathetic.

    Once upon a time a long time ago, several Democrats did try to mobilize in the streets, too. They were not the professional polis that run the party though. Those mobilize only for the corporations.

    MLK got assassinated, and Jessie Jackson, last mobilization I saw for him, was mobilizing his Chicago people for the accounting firm that was pardners with Enron! That’s right, Operation Push mobilized folk to protest in the streets, in support of that Chicago based accounting firm, Arthur Andersen!

    Why did I mention the Labor Party of Britain? Well it is simply because they are the political formation of the trade movement there. Obama and the Democratic Party don’t have that much of a real spine for their reformism and are a corporate funded jellyfish instead, whose attempts at reformiism are even more limp than the British Labor party’s. A big difference between the two.

    Tim, instead of looking for individual poli saviours to keep us from all going to HELL, liberal voters would really do much better in serving our causes if more would just break away from the corporate controlled Democratic Party. Though, I think that the Green Party’s last presidential campaign really destroyed them as much of a credible alternative. Since then, they certainly have hardly recouped from that wretched Cobb affair to push for Kerry.

    I don’t know from where the next effort will come to build a non-corporate political party, but without it, America will continue to rot away. It has to be something that is not exclusively an electoral operation, too. Because as The System is rigged now, we don’t really have any democracy in our country’s electoral arrangements.

  8. Avatar Jonah says:

    My friend Jane Doe aka Underling writing Sanity Claws on has some particularly funny takes on The Obama Crisis.

    I still say Obama and Powell should run as independent. Neither one of them has a chance in Hell of getting on the ticket of either the Ds or the Rs.

    I would hope that one day it will be different. But now I think one day ain’t gonna come . For any of us. Sure tomorrow will come, we just ain’t gonna be here to see it. Maybe if we cut a deal with the rats and roaches, they will let the survivors work for them when they inherit everything.

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