Obama hugs Dick Cheney and says torture works!

Obama doesn’t want to prosecute criminal torturers and rallies CIA dogs at rally! Obama says torture works and says Banned Techniques Yielded ‘High Value Information’ Barack Obama hugs Dick Cheney, and says, ‘You did well! We just need to step back some for a while and change (HINT, HINT… code word for do nothing). You understand, don’t you?’

Thanks liberals! You really solved the problem with your votes. Good work. No need to do anything else. Problem solved.

No seriously? Isn’t Barack Obama enough to turn your stomach? Black Man talk with forked tongue. White Man in Black Face talk with forked tongue.

Boy is this a sick country! We’re going nowhere but fast! With liberals like these, who needs Dick Cheney?

Eric Holder, ‘First Black’ or just another reactionary appointee by Barack Obama?

Another Black Face to cover up the reactionary government of Barack Obama, Eric Holder has just been appointed US Attorney General. He was Clinton’s Deputy Attorney General after Clinton picked him up from Ronald Reagan’s team where he was one of Ronnie’s appointed judges. He also was part of the George Bush Senior team as well.

According to the Washington Post, Holder obtained his ‘critical support from a broad base of federal and state law enforcement groups as well as a bipartisan coalition of former Justice Department leaders, including one time deputy attorney general James B. Comey, former FBI director Louis J. Freeh and President George W. Bush’s terrorism and homeland security adviser Frances Fragos Townsend.’

Here he is talking in an interview 12 years ago in an interview with BNET Business Network…

Insight: What did you do to change the wave of violence that has overwhelmed the nation’s capital?

Eric Holder: I have taken a lot of grief for my attempt to make selling marijuana a felony in the district (Wash D.C.), not just a misdemeanor. I introduced the legislation in December that would make distribution and possession with the intent to distribute marijuana a five-year felony. I’ve been criticized for it by reporters in various publications, saying things like I have “reefer madness.” But what we found was that in 1991 about 11 percent of all juveniles who were arrested in the district tested positive for drugs. In 1996, we found that 62 percent of those who were arrested were now testing positive for drug use and that it was largely marijuana. And that is something we can change. Hearings are scheduled for April and I am hoping that we have enough support to push it through. (from A new sheriff at Justice)

As current Steering Committee member of The George Washington University’s Homeland Security Policy Institute, Holder’s Black face will be seen as a key component of the effort by Barack Obama to convince the world that the illegality of the Bush Klan has come to a halt. But look at the policy statements, the links, and the structure of the Homeland Security Policy Institute (HSPI) and you see clearly that Holder will be nothing more nor less than a continuation by Obama of ex-President George Dubya Bush’s so-called ‘Global War on Terrorism’ (GWOT) agenda. Minus Guantanamo perhaps?, but still with injustice for all. Eric Holder is nothing more than just another reactionary appointee by Barack Obama and a corporate lawyer (Covington & Burling LLP) whose presence will change very little.

The world’s first lesbian head of state

Johanna SigurdardottirIceland’s PM marks gay milestone Yes, this is truly historic just like Barack Obama’s arrival into power was for the US. But Iceland, like the US, is now under a collapsing capitalist economy directed by total Big Business control of their country. The pain and suffering that Iceland is now undergoing with its national economic collapse will only in the most slightest manner ever be alleviated just because a Lesbian now heads up their government.

It is the same with us in the US. Seeing Barack’s Black face in the White House will not in any way change the fact that his economic policie, and those of the Democratic Party he heads up now, are essentially the same economic policies the Bush Administration delivered to us previously. Sure, Barack’s ugly mug is certainly now better to look at than Bush’s, Cheney’s, Rumsfeld’s, Rice’s even uglier mugs that have become so to us, after 8 years of having to stomach them all the time. But so? That will hardly help the growing ranks of unemployed, under housed, and under cared for people in this country.

Congratulations, Johanna. However Iceland needs much more leadership than your Social Democratic caretaker government will ever deliver. It will take more than that to truly change the world from a road of total collapse, Iceland included. And in America, we will need more than Barack Obama’s face to look at in DC to protect us from Big Business as usual.

Obama is pushing Nuclear Industry ahead in Black Face with Ron Kirk

ron kirkFormer Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk, Obama’s nominee for U.S. trade representative, is awaiting Senate confirmation. He is also a nuclear power industry lobbyist for Energy Future Holdings Corporation or formerly TXU , and one of their big ones, too. Oh, and did I mention that he is Black?

Energy Future Holdings Corporation owns Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant just right outside of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, as the local Chamber of Commerce likes to bill itself to the public.

BOOM! Obama is off to an explosive start as President! He is opposed to Iran’s nuclear power industry though… (Oh, and did I mention that Ron Kirk is a Democrat?) Oh, YES! Obama is for change, atomic change, too!

Barack the Magic Terrorist

blackfaceBarack the Magic Terrorist, will live in D.C., and all his fans act like the man just cannot talk or even see. (at least before he is inaugurated) Yes, that’s right. Shame on them, too! The real scandal is not that a Republican top shit is playing around again with that Puff the Magic Dragon parody of Obama made by some KKK type defect, but that the whole Democratic Party leadership assembled around Barack Obama have just sat back and not said one damn word as Israel has been doing the US State Terrorism act for them in Gaza. They are clones of Dubya and Dick when it comes to foreign policy, and domestic as well.

Barack is The Magic Terrorist since he is BLACK. Oh! That excuses everything, does it not?

Pardon me, but am I missing something here? The Republicans tried that Black face schtick with Rice, Thomas, and Powell, but hey! …those Democratic Party voters are just too damn smart and saw through it all! FAILURE But change the party label and throw in Barack The Magic Terrorist’s favorite magic word, CHANGE, and hey! …you got an American public trying to play stupid once again.

Come on, Boys and Girls! Barack and His Klan… Oh, I’m sorry… I meant His Homies… can do some wrong now, by simply staying utterly silent as they are doing completely. Is that change?

Is silence in the defense of Israeli terrorism something new? Am I missing something? Barack can’t open his mouth and voice disagreement with the Bush Administration because it is too early in January to do so? He hasn’t taken office yet and blah, blah, blah?

Can Barack the Magic Terrorist get away with this shit because, you the American people still want to play stupid some more? I’ll be damned! Don’t you get tired of doing that? Don’t you ever get tired of war and bloodshed? Don’t you ever get tired of being moral cretins? Don’t you ever get tired of being yanked around? It’s a new year and no change is yet to be seen… Americans just have not changed.

What comes after the donkey eats the carrot?

donkeyNo doubt about it, the American ruling class has decided to rewire the circuits once again. But what comes after? What comes after the big CHANGE?

Certainly a Black man and his relatively young Black wife in the White House are going to look pretty world wide. What better way to promote The Empire than this? Especially when one considers that the other possibility was having Sarah Palin in there with her Clod… I meant Todd. The entire world is going to breathe a big sigh of relief…. at least initially. However…

We have to ask ourselves how long will this relief actually last? We might ask ourselves, just how long did Colin Powell’s and Ricardo Sanchez’s presence provide relief for American image in Iraq? A couple of years maybe? But then those alarming breakdowns in US image began to occur, Black and Brown faces not withstanding. For example, who is moaning about losing the pretty little Black face of Condaleeza Rice from the international scene? Not too many.

Yes, the Republican Elephant already had a whole lot of dark skin covering for the US imperialists’ image worldwide. Now it is the Donkey’s time. They’ll have White donkeys out there, too (like Joe Biden for one) but the Black ones are the ones that certainly will stand out. Everybody will be asking themselves, just what will the Black donkey bray out next? There’ll be a lot of curiosity at first, but then folk will notice that this donkey is about the same as the White donkeys.

Obama is most likely to begin with a blast of rhetoric and action about ‘winning’ the ‘Global War on Terrorism’ and by that, he will mean that he will be advancing the frontlines against the Chinese and Russians’ national interests. He will send more US troops into Afghanistan, and, Joseph Biden, Zionist leader and African ‘specialist’ on ‘Darfur’ will be mobilizing those US troops under AFRICOM command to save people (just like the Iraqis and Afghans were supposedly saved from themselves previously) in the exotic lands of Fureigners (foreign Fur-people of the Dar-land). Joe is a great humanitarian and no doubt about it, that Barack Hussein is, too. They will be ‘saving’ people almost everywhere, just like the Republicans did before them. And like the Republicans they will claim that this is what makes America so great!

On the home front it will be like a Hollywood cop movie, where Black cop and White cop move together in gunfire and action! Evil racist creeps (US Right Wingers) will snarl and growl in response, and it’ll all look good and bang-bang at first, but then it will begin to be noticed by some that the movie has no plot. The real plot will be that the no plot script beyond superficial ‘action’ will be the plot… the DP plot as usual. Cover for the big while pretending to be for the little. Hey! That’s the same script of the Republicans, too! The economy will continue its slide down hill and the only question will be at what velocity it goes?

Liberal wimps and the sensitive people will be held up to be esteemed once more again in our American Eden. Thugs, cons, and conmen will seemingly be on vacation at first. Then, all of a sudden, some astute Americans will begin to notice that the Donkeys and Elephants are still cooperating in that so heralded ‘bipartisan’ American manner still. They will notice that the US military is even growing bigger and more all encompassing than it was before. They will notice that there is still a war with out end still going on. And they will notice that Blacks are still more held in jails than in public government offices or universities or business boardrooms. And they will notice that despite all the announced change, it is merely that the American ruling class has only rewired the circuits of their control over the rest of us once again. Most won’t notice much at all. Some will begin to holler out for the Elephant to return once again to the White House on the hill.

Barack Obama and the globalization of American racism

Clinton blackface
Barack Obama is about to be put into the White House to try to save America’s business community from its own rampant incompetence and greed. The American ruling class has turned to a Black man to play the role of their modern Super Man, so does that mean that racism has been overcome in the US at long last?

First all, Barack Obama is not a new phenomena at all. American racism has become globalized and that has allowed many Latinos and Blacks to become integrated parts of The System here in our country. We have Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, Colin Powel, and Ricardo Sanchez as examples of that process, among many others. Before we saw, too, the thorough integration of the Jewish community into US elites, but that did not necessarily mean the end of American racism or even the weakening of it. America’s racism has been merely transformed into a racism based on hating foreigners of color instead of so much hating the traditional internal victims of America’s White fetish with its own self congratulatory idea of racial-cultural purity.

Here in Colorado, our little school kids are taught all about ‘Colorado Indians’, they are lectured about MLK, and here Cesar Chavez repeated to them over and over. The mantra is not to hate others of color that have US citizenship. The real message has morphed into hating others of color outside our national boundaries instead. They haven’t been Americanized, you see? You wouldn’t want them to be seen over at the food court or other stores at the local Mall, now would you? So we now have a new type of globalized racism that is now much more acceptable in High Society for White racial hatred to concentrate on, rather than concentrating on the internal ‘Darkies’ amongst our clean and sweet and superior White society.

Look to Barack Obama’s team to try to get away with world wide image renewal of American capitalism, as well as national ‘Black face’ to be applied further on racist imperialist America, even as the racism gets even further globalized through the Pentagon. Gooks to ragheads to the backward followers of pedophile Muhammad, the Pentagon always leads the way in this globalization of American White racial hatred of the others. Barack will keep that going for sure! Indians, Niggers, and Spicks have become a big NO! No! No! now. We can’t think of ourselves this way any more. We have become an enlightened society through our globalization of hatred. It has been removed to the outside of our gated American borders! Don’t you feel better now? Electing Barack Obama will make us all feel so much more civilized!

The trouble with all this supported (by the racial and economic elites) narrative is that it is merely a con to cover up the game…. the American elite game plan to rule over ‘the others’ worldwide. The trouble is that their is no sincerity to the pretended denouement of racial prejudice, but merely a way to pass our own US internal racial atrocities to other places… places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia, where millions die to make White America feel great and superior. American racism has become globalized and outsourced. How sick! The fact that the great Gook Killer, John McCain will not be at the head of this Empire is small consolation at all, as the White Empire sails on through Barack Obama at the helm.

Death spiral economy

The fascist business model in full view, unapologetic. Unaccountable. The Democrats have no intention of changing it. They have to protect their major donors. Obama is fully backed by Wall Street capitalists. He talks the talk of reform but he cannot and won’t walk the walk. He won’t tell you the real problem is the FED who created this mess. He’s just another black face in a high place. Powerless. Selling the illusion of hope. No substance.

USB bank today declaring more massive losses/write-offs. Muni-bonds and huge retirement funds will soon be reporting major losses. Member of PERA? Watch out! And of course when states start hurting bad, the taxes on these criminals who created this won’t be raised, nor fees increased on the oil companies who’ve raked in massive profits over the last 5 years… rather services and state education funding will be cut dramatically. Adding to the death spiral. Don’t you just love American capitalism? It’s a war/service cheap imports, low wages race to the bottom economy. And the vultures are coming out picking the bones of the unemployed and devalued real estate. Predators and scavengers. That’s the real U.S. economy.

We’ve lost all the gains from our productivity, we could have enjoyed, to these corporations and bankers/financial firms and war arms mfgrs. in their increased profits and paper schemes. Then by job loss, then poverty, our few possessions are lost-sold to the bottom feeders and other desperate folk.

A new American Socialism is needed that will stop war, take back the control of the currency from the Fed, abolish the IRS, abolish the corporate structure, abolish Wall Street and its speculators and commodities traders, and make the banks use social credit with low or no interest loans. Only low admin fees allowed. Then fully fund education through college, provide a national dividend to all citizens, fund a natl. health insurance program and return the means and ownership of production to the workers so that no non-productive parasitical outsider (stockholder) can make a profit from that company. Then turn our economy inward to the benefit of our people first with few exceptions in limited import and exports. And a radical energy transformation to zero point sources and hydrogen. Of course non of this will ever happen. As a famous autistic said: “I’m not a stupid person… Jenny.”

“Not surprisingly, neither in Paulson’s remarks nor in the 214 pages of the plan he released is there any suggestion that Wall Street firms or their top executives be called to account and held legally culpable for the economic and social disaster that has resulted from their reckless and often deceptive, if not outright illegal, policies and actions. US Treasury plan shields Wall Street speculators” -wsws.org

April Fools: The Fox To Guard The Banking Henhouse
– by Dr. Ellen Brown – 2008-03-31

U.S. Treasury Regulatory Reform Proposals: Hapless, Helpless, Hopeless
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Derivatives – A Potential Financial Tsunami?
– by Daniel Apple, Rick Baugnon -2008-03-21

A New President Should Seize Control of the U.S. Monetary System
– by Richard C. Cook – 2008-03-20

The Early Warriors in the Fight for Racial Equality

Since Martin Luther King Day is coming up shortly, it behooves us to post some material about who really got the Civil Rights Movement moving in the beginning. It wasn’t just tie wearing preachers spouting something vaguely connected to Jesus’s teachings that made this a Movement that had to be dealt with by America’s ruling White elites.

Today, it has gotten even worse. MLK has been turned into a lifeless corporate icon, and today’s supposed civil rights heroes are pretended to be people like Condi Rice, Barack Obama, and General Colin Powell!

Open the most wretched media rags (The Gazette? lol…etc.) and you will see hacks like Thomas Sowell promoted endlessly with photo of his Black face prominently displayed over his columns. And Oprah brings us out to the ‘Far Left’ of these corporate media sponsored ‘rights warriors’! Judge Joe Hill the ‘Center’.

In reality, even the Black Congressional Congress has lost any punch they once had. They have been mainly neutered by the Democratic Party power establishment. So where did the radicals come from that made things happen in the past? Some were Christian inspired radicals, some were Muslim inspired, and many were inspired by ‘The Reds’.

See the published New York Times review of

The Radical Roots of Civil Rights, 1919-1950
By Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore

Rush Limbaugh needs to get the can for Hate Speech, too

Here is a video of Rush Limbaugh’s promotion of ‘black face’ in the wake of Imus’s getting his papers from his sponsors for his own racist hate speech. Barack the magic negro The timing was deliberate, too. It is Limbaugh’s defense of Hate Speech in general, of which he is one of the biggest practitioners of.

These hypocrites call for the firing of any even mildly liberal professor they can dig up, and then try to wrap themselves in the mantle of ‘Free Speech’ when it comes to themselves and their constant spreading of Hate Speech across the airways. But there is a big difference between the two types of speech. Let me give my own experience at an antiwar vigil yesterday to illustrate.

Yesterday me and another antiwar protester were practicing our right to Free Speech by appearing with signs at a busy intersection. They said ‘PEACE’ and ‘NO WAR’. Some hecklers who disagreed with our message started shouting ‘Bush, Bush, Bush’ from their cars. They, too, were practicing their right to Free Speech, but then it turned nasty.

It turned into an example of them practicing Hate Speech. These young and belligerent men parked their cars and started to menace us. One of them told me to ‘Suck his Dick’, as they threateningly seemed to be building up to a physical assault on us, even though hundreds of driver-byers would have been watching! They made it clear that they would have assaulted us physically, except for the fact that so many onlookers would have witnessing their attack if they did.

As they left, one of them who had worked himself up full of hatred for us, angrily backed his vehicle into the tall lamp post in the parking lot of the Fast Food ‘restaurant’ he was at. Comical and sad. That’s what practicing Hate Speech usually comes down to, but it does have the danger of potentially causing others deep harm, and usually in an effort to stop others from their right to exercise their Free Speech.

Let’s face it. Much of the work of people like Ann Coulter Imus and Rush Limbaugh is nothing more than the most flimsily camouflaged Hate Speech. It’s basically not much more than telling others to ‘suck their dicks’, and it’s usually directed at people of other races, other sexual orientation, and those from other cultures. Oh, and against others practicing their Free Speech to openly disagree with government policies.

It is not being against hate mongers’ Free Speech to demand of their sponsors that these practitioners of Hate Speech either clear up tehri acts and eliminate their Hate Speech routines, or just hit the road. There are plenty of ways to express one’s disagreement with ‘liberals’ than in using Hate Speech, so let the message be sent out that we are tired of this constant hate mongering on the airways.

Some like Rush Limbaugh and Imus will never engage in civil exercise of Free Speech, but rather will continue to principally engage in Hate Speech if continually allowed to. So let’s hope that Rush will get the can, too, like Imus did. That would be a big victory against Hate Speech, and a big victory in favor of Free Speech. Similarly, me and my fellow antiwar protesters of yesterday will continue to engage in our right to Free Speech, no matter how many middle fingers come our way along with the threats to possibly physically attack us.

We will meet soon with the city police to discuss how to keep them from physically attacking us for practicing Free Speech in this city. I don’t expect much, or anything for that matter. The police, just like the Bush Adminstration, are totally in favor of Hate Speech and totally incapable of defending the public’s right to engage in Free Speech. I’d have to see a miracle from God before I would ever think otherwise.

The underwhelming Barack Obama

The media is already pushing the delusion to liberal Democratic Party voters, that Barack Obama is their Great Black Hope in 2008. And today he announced he was a candidate for President. They are trying to pass him off as the antiwar candidate, same as Howard Dean was similarly imaged in that manner in 2004.

Not only is he not that, but his positions on almost everything are not liberal, neither. As Colin and Condo are to Dubya and Dick, Barack and Jesse are to Bill and Hillary. Yuck.

I encourage everybody to go to Obama’s website to get a glimpse of his mealy mouthed political approach. He is for education, but not a mention of supporting public schools versus privatization. He is for health care, but nothing about keeping abortion legal, nor anything about supporting a single payer comprehensive national health care system, where all are covered. He speaks out on immigration, but says not a word in opposition to the Border Wall being built. He says not a word about maintaining Social Security, but talks of ‘modernizing’ it. Hell with him. We know what ‘modernizing’ really means. It means cutting SS, that’s what.

Similarly, he blabs on about National Defense, supporting the police, being against sex offenders, crime, and meth. Bullshit is what it is. Pure bullshit. He is for a ‘phased withdrawal’ from Iraq, but not a word about Afghanistan. And what is a ‘phased withdrawal’ to this sort? Over 3 months, or over 10 years? Or over forever? Not a word about cutting our excessive military spending. Why not? This is no liberal speaking, but a mealy mouthed duplicitous worm. Yet another one the Democratic party has spun out.

In the weeks and months ahead, all of America will be encouraged to put their hopes in this man. He was already being touted as the only genuine antiwar candidate tonight on the national news. Lies, lies, lies/ liars, liars, liars. About all the Democrats are hashing up with Barack Obama, is a man to help neutralize the possibility of Condoleeza Rice starting a run for the presidency. That’s about all.

Obama at best would be a return to Clintonism, but this time with a black face in office playing the role of the Slick Willie. Liberals need a better vision than that to offer America, otherwise the slide down hill will continue. And most of all, liberals need a better political party than the Democratic Party. Stuck in that Yu-don’t-go of a vehicle, we will get a wreck of America.

What a demoralized America we have now, minus a genuine third, and anti-corporate, party.

White Mountain

Hitch your horse to this manservantWhite Mountain met its match last night, at their homecoming football game. The idea usually is to pick an opponent to beat at your homecoming festivities. Later you might visit a fellow school on their homecoming weekend and lose to them in return. But “South,” the underprivileged shoe-in with half the athletic department and budget, would not play ball. And that was the good news.

There was a distinct home advantage, the bigger, better lit bleachers, the multiple cheerleading squads, the band, the fireworks, everything uphill and upwind from the diminutive visitors stands. But the Indians got whooped by the visiting Pueblo South Colts, and maybe expected it. It felt like a surprise to most, and it was pretty dark out there. Add to that the anonymity of shiny football helmets under high school stadium lights, but if you looked closely you could tell it was darker on the south side of the field. The Pueblo South High School players were black and hispanic.

White Mountain gets its name because there are no children of color there. Well, there are the occasional adopted black children, and the whitish black children of privilege, but few others. Cheyenne Mountain is very very white. Nothing wrong with that, it’s an affluent neighborhood and welcomes all who can afford to be there.

But at the base of Cheyenne Mountain is a racism more overt and the children of White Mountain pass it everyday. Cheyenne Mountain Resort is a terribly exclusive country club with amazingly expensive membership fees and golf tee fees. And all the attendants there are black. It’s the Pullman porter valet concept with plantation era uniforms. They look like lawn jockey figurines. Thin black people in pure white clothes. Smiling black faces, happy to be there. Nothing illegal about the hiring standard, here’s how it works:

Cheyenne Mountain Resorts applies for an immigration waiver to hire international workers. They claim the jobs which resorts offer cannot be filled by the local labor force. The pay’s not enough, the career prospects are not enough, and true enough, the local populace is not enough either. Too fat maybe, poor work ethic, have social problems perhaps, and locals have their own transport to bring or fetch complications for the resort. Locals bring too much financial baggage to the table.

On the other hand, imported laborers are housed at company apartments. They’re shuttled to and from work. When they’ve finished their three month stint they are sent home. Deliriously uncomplicated and cheap. Cheyenne Mountain Resorts does its hiring in Jamaica. Know any white people in Jamaica? Well, they don’t appear to sign up to work across the sea, away from their home and family, on a rich man’s plantation.

The Broadmoor takes advantage of the same immigrant labor waiver to staff its hotel and restaurant, except they hire exclusively in Eastern Europe. I’m not sure that’s not racist to another extreme. The slavic labor force is the least expensive in the world, in the world of white people. There are no colored peoples there.

The immigrant labor waiver is an unfair means for local employers to escape contributing to a sustainable and healthy local community. It’s a foreign aid program of sorts, but at the expense of what could be local jobs. And when it’s racially segregated, it’s ugly. I plan to ask around if White Mountain prefers its golf jockeys all black. If they can’t say it with a straight face, they should stop it.

This isn’t about racism, it’s about economic justice. If we want to believe in the notion that the American dream is available to people of all shades and heritage, we must not teach our children that racial differences dictate social status.