US gov’t says they had nothing to do

With the execution of Saddam, the timing or the way it is carried out.

Also the independent and sovereign Iraqi government, which of course takes absolutely no instruction from Washington, announced today that they had arrested a couple of the guards/witnesses at the hanging, charging them with being agitators who infiltrated the lynching party, started the Shiite-oriented harassment of Mr Hussein, the comments which are triggering the latest round of “civil” war, and taking the cell-phone videos of the whole charade.
There was also a statement from the officer in charge of the American jail detail which handed Mr Hussein over to the executioners, that the execution IF IT HAD BEEN CARRIED OUT BY AMERICANS would have been more respectful and professionally handled. This all, of course, from Yahoo news, courtesy of the Associated Press syndicate.

The officer also noted that Hussein, until the Iraqis took control of him from the Americans at the door of the execution chamber, was polite and courteous to the Americans. And that he was ALWAYS polite to them.
You know, I haven’t seen so much B.S. in one place since living on the ranch when I was 8.

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