Salvation Army lives off government funding and pushes crazy religion too

Salvation Army kettleThe Salvation Army has steadfastly promoted itself as being a rather saintly organization and is out there every Christmas asking for your donations. Did you know that you already donate to them? That’s right! The Salvation Army, a religious charity, has received millions upon millions of government dollars to help spread their Far Right Wing brand of Christianity far and wide, but most surely off onto the homeless and more dependent populations of our country.

The Salvation Army has gotten much government money obtained through your taxes from all levels of government; local, state, and federal. It has gotten quite a bit of money from the government in Canada, too. Plus, many private corporations give special privilege to the Salvation Army, allowing them into areas with public access that they normally close off to almost all others. Every time you donate free items to the Salvation Army, the government is helping out their religious program by making the donation tax free. So there is a lot of government and major corporate assistance to this Right Wing Christian charity.

The Salvation Army no longer appears to be overtly turning away those who refuse to participate in the religious services at their shelters, but….. The need for Homeless service is nationally very poorly met, so there is still much pressure if you are in need of assistance to appear to fit in with any religious proselytizing done, simply to get any personal favoritism being dished out. And the Salvation Army is an rabidly anti-Gay, anti-Spanish speaking, and pro religious discrimination in their hiring practices. How bad can these Right Wing Christians get with their prejudices? MSNBC reports Salvation Army leader to lose job over marriage
Rules (which) require officers to only marry a person within the organization
Pretty bad, it would seem.

Why are the various government bodies helping promote this sort of stuff with tax monies pulled in from people with multiple religious and nonreligious points of view? By not providing adequate services run by government agencies for The Needy, government is promoting a need to go to these Right Wing Christian run shelters, too. The Christian lobbyists are always out to try to erase any separation of Church and State, and as a result, the Salvation Army keeps on kicking, though most people totally disagree with their brand of aggressive Religious nuttiness. Time to take these outfits off the government dole! There are simply many, many other ways to help The Needy out, and government should be forced to do their job, rather than you just dropping a buck or two into the kettle and going on your merry way.

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8 Responses to Salvation Army lives off government funding and pushes crazy religion too

  1. Avatar Janet says:

    I’m not sure where you get your information, but I can attest to the fact that it is biased and misleading. I am a Catholic and have worked with the Salvation Army many times throughout the last 45 years. I am a Democrat and certainly do not espouse any right wing Christian (a misnomer – right wingers are NOT Christian!) practices or policies. NEVER have I found them to be anything but helpful and compassionate. As you can see from my last name I am also Hispanic. Why you would say the things you do is a mystery to me, but it sounds like you have an agenda that we should beware of, or at least examine closely.

  2. Avatar donna mencer says:

    the salvation army will undoutedly charge the residents that stay there sixty dollars a week to stay in there shelters and thusfar that totals two hundred fourty dollars a month as well as they will even kick a disabled person in a wheelchair out on the streets how do i know this i just so happen to be a former resedent of the salvation army in montgomery alabama and belive me this is downright in humane to do to a person and while all of these churches donate things to then they just dont know what kind of people they are helping people that claim to be christians but dont even practice what they preach straigt up hipocrites so next time you think of donating to them think of where your things are going or even where your hard earnned money is going it isnt going to help the needy it is going straight to the staffs pockets as there paychecks and there supossed to be a non-profit orginisation yeah right there makeing a profit of of your donated items and the people that live in there shelters.

  3. Avatar K says:

    Janet: All of this information IS TRUE! i have a family member who joined and was extremely shocked and horrified by what happened on her first day. everything matches this article.

  4. Avatar Xandor; JJM says:

    Separation of church and state, I had believed to be key in providing viable governing techniques for most to all effectively; as it gets entirely too murky and mucky when soliciting pseudo-humanitarian institutions or pseudo-corporations use indoctrination as their tact to “reach” the people and “help” the people; and all it, these corporate army institutions, will feed off of government and the people who unknowingly pay into many factions and affiliations of prodigious uncertainty. Plus their is always the direct tithing to churches and direct donations to such organizations (Although, I am somewhat uncertain of the full and actual stories behind such funding from said government to said religious/refuges).

    I’ve stayed at SA before, once upon a time, for a brief laconic stay; and I still, even now, attend their lunch times every so often to soak up and saturate the feel of the people who attend them and where and what they feel on the nature of the city with many respects, and additionally once or twice a week I, like a few others, utilize the shower facilities to get freshened up as not to permeate an odious foul and fettered sickening stench (as some refer to us as being based on simply that we are known to the upper crust as homeless) as to assauge olefactories of local city denizens; and thus, being classified as homeless, having not much refuge or haven to turn to, as like many residents of the streets or current guests of SA; I find myself, like many others at the mercy of monopolized organizations and the like of many ziggurots, these monolithic miasmas that seemingly strangle-hold the very surface area of many lots of the city, these giant buildings, these congregated clustered together churches, akin and like SA, and the plethora of people, and other western-world, western-hemisphere thinking, these gargartuan towering buildings and the mentality devoted itself and thierselves soley to religion to the people (as the main message) being the harbinger of people’s necessities, rather than food first or simple shelter.

    Being humanitarian, and one in my opinion, should never even have to admit aloud that they are humanitarian; this state of being involves giving freely of one’s own volition with “no strings attached”. This does not seem to exist in my sector, my city (based on personal perception; chronicling tales of self and others with respect to one another and said city); though perhaps, as I keep finding out, this is not my city, and perhaps no one’s city…to share, to have community…should not be at a far remotely removed ideals. I at moment will not relinquish name of said city that I speak (of), or rather write of; but be beware and test these things out for yourself in your local habitat, if you have not done so already. If you want and wish to have first hand knowledge, or wish for it like as much as others just pray for things with no action, no actual account, which finding, true diligence of seeking, to be ultimately more vital than all the riches of “pluto.” Go for a night, (if they even let you into Salvation Army), and see what it is like…record your findings, and talk to people about it. Also, go to the churches for meals mostly, listen mostly to the people that frequent morning breakfasts, lunches, and evening dinners, and the said volunteers and those in charge, the said supposed authorities of those said institutions. Be aware of the community; check to see if that truly can be said…community…and all the notions tied to the idea of community…honor, unity, cohesive-connectiveness, self-sacrifice to give of one’s own volition, freedom for all, ect, ect, ect. See if it or any of those simple, yet sacred, principles and values even truly exist. Do they?

    Oh, and they at my city’s Salvation Army, (referred to as “the Sal” by those who have survived it or are currently surviving in it), hats are to be removed and kept off at lunch time in honor to serve their image of respect for their image of some said such deity that they seem to know first hand as if they were said such deity, themselves…and even so, while the employees who say this to us who have hats on; they, ironically the cooks are also the one’s who do not yet remove their own hair-net, their own plastic caps even after they bark at us, the guests, the needy, the homeless, the impoverished, the ect, ect, ect, to remove our own. Blasphemy; of course. :), funny; but yet serious stuff…this I find to be all said, is all true to me, and ture to many others who have given accounts while around me or to me and I of and to them; have attested many a stories of cantankerous corruption a city’s caporeal outer and inner essenses entails, and as per their actual personal tales, I can only do a literal and figurative poor man’s version of justice in relating what is or may be truly going on.

    The people need champions; and the people need necessities first…shelter and food of their very own…not owned by any other faction. Start their, as such like every entity, every person should have the inalienable right to not be possessed by another and then be able to share the land equally amongst all said brothers and said sisters; by negating creed and by seeing and nulling-out the inequities of color of inner and outer skin(s); and then to be not owned by the dictating whims of a select few (the oligarchy, the supposed elite upper echelon), perhaps progress of freedom can begin a new; or perhaps be born nasciently for the first time in most people.

    So sorry, siloque of mine is officially winding down and should be retired and in repose, shortly. Thank you for reading and/or listening to my terms of being and or not being, in thru this writing expression; as such I believe that the thanks of the many, “unum et pluribus”, is upon all; and that one is definitely meant to read these signs and take to mind these kind of happenings for themselves on a physical, personal level, first and foremost…even before taking my words as ultimate law.

    And if you are aware of these things that which have been said; all the more better; you then, I would assume then are more caught up to speed on the local roots of corruption and the said dregs, the said outliers of so called simple society.

    Thank you for reading thus far, I do realize at times can be conceptually wordy (some find it to be confusing and tiring; so, much and many apologies, all around for the headaches or tiredness); but if you made it this far; a myriad of much thanks, of a never ceasing continuous perpetualness…thank you…thank you…thank you…for hearing the words of the many homeless and even the ever nigher needy (obviously, it could be said that I am and have been paraphrasing, when speaking on what already happened in a once upon a time, real-time; but verily and truly, about my own personal witnessing accounts)…thank you…thank you…thank you, , an infinite times over and over, (if that could be said).
    -Xandor; JJM

  5. Avatar nathaniel says:

    I am currently homeless I am Houston Texas a d I rather live in my car than deal with the prejudice ways and rules of the Salvation. They take everyone who is in need freedom and self respect away. It is like being a prisoner in a prison with bar.

    You can’t use your private cell phone. They say no pillows or bags in the dorm I actually got reprimanded for my pillow. (my Linus pillow). But I see pillows and bags everywhere as I write this comment. Being here makes me feel more depressed.

    They got the whole country fooled. They run out of food and give the homeless transients what is left. I day I had to eat 1 heel of bread and beans with rice. The drinking water is room temperature tap water and the tea and lemonade are sugarless with no sugar available. I was given a dish towel to shower with, a torn tied up sheet to cover a mattress with holes from the springs protruding thru.

    No outside communications such as news, weather, television. It just another corporate giant just wanting to make a profit using the church as a cloaking device

  6. Avatar mIKE says:

    The Salvation Army Is In League With The Fed’s To Be Sure!

    As A Resident At One Their Shelters In So. California, I Will Attest To The PRISON LIKE MANDATES AND PETTY RULES1

  7. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    That and they have the blessing of the State of Texas in that Texas prison and parole “authorities” actually have contracts with Salvation Army. To shelter newly paroled persons. Like an official yet unofficial halfway house. Probably every other state as well. I would call that subsidizing them, but they would sue me for libel so i won’t.

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